What is addiction?

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Addictions are most commonly associated with drug and alcohol addiction, however the truth is millions of people suffer from all kinds of addictions.

Some of these addictions are related to some form of chemical dependency such as alcohol, controlled substances and even prescription medicines. Other addictions are related to compulsive types of behavior such as gambling, shopping, food disorders an even the Internet.

One of the most important things to recognize about any type of addiction, regardless of whether it is a chemical addiction or a behavioral addiction; is that it is not a matter of choice. Individuals who are addicts do not have the ability to simply decide to stop abusing their 'drug' of choice. Addictions affect not only the user, but also their family and friends as well.

There are so many in the world today that is trying to hide the fact that they have an addiction. It makes no difference what type of addiction it is or how bad it is, someone is always going to find out.

There are different types of addictions and some are worse than others in the sense that they can cause harm to a person. However, an addiction is going to be a problem that has to be fixed at some point.

Just what is addiction? Addiction is a physiological dependence on something, and is both physical and psychological in nature. When a person is addicted they literally need to feed that addiction constantly. Addiction is a traitor it sneaks up on you.

People who are addicted often do not recognize that they have a problem, they think that the problem is with everyone. Addiction is different from abuse, a person can abuse drugs and not be addicted. The two most vital factors in determining addiction are tolerance and physical dependency.

Addiction is very destructive, and most of the time people who are suffering from it end up hurting themselves and their love ones. It is hard to overcome but once the person began to see addiction as a problem in their life they can immediately seek alcoholism treatment or addiction treatment.

Signs & Symptoms of an addiction

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There are signs of addiction for many that do try and hide the fact. It is important for the people around an addictive person to be aware of the signs and try and find out what the problems are.

If a person has a problem with drugs or alcohol, a bystander needs to pay close attention to them and watch for the signs. There are so many signs that may lead for suspicious behavior.

A few of the signs that a person has an addiction to something are weight gain, weight loss; mood changes, eating problems or depression. These are all very possible signs that someone is having a problem in their life and may need to have help overcoming it.

There are many emotional signs of addiction that many have to watch out for in people that they think might be having a problem.

* Withdrawal or keeping secret from family and friends.
* Loss of interest in activities that once were interesting.
* Problems in school or at work.
* Losing friendships or gaining a bad group of new friends.
* Stealing or getting in trouble.
* Worried or anxious all the time.
* Noticeable mood swings

The physical signs of an addiction are the following:
* Changing in sleeping habits.
* Feeling sick or shaky
* Needing to take more pills or some of the addiction before relaxing.
* Changes in eating and weight.

Any time that a person is dealing with an addiction and a friend or family member notices it, they should try and get help for them. This is something that is very important to do because it is going to help them find their way to a better life. You do not want your friend or family member sick and helpless to an addiction of any kind. You need to help them find their way and make them want to get help. This will make all the difference to them and also make you feel good about what you have done.

For most addicts, it can be extremely difficult to recognize that what they have associated as simply a habit is actually an addiction. While every individual is different there are some symptoms that are prevalent among most addicts and addictions:

Symptom # 1
Unable to meet responsibilities at home, school or office.

Symptom # 2
Continues to use substances or engage in behavior even when it is dangerous.

Symptom # 3
The need increases to engage in behavior or use more of a substance to achieve the same effect or feeling.

Symptom # 4
Has tried but failed to stop using the substance or end the behavior.

Symptom # 5
Continues to engage in the behavior or use the substances even when they are aware of the dangers.

Answering yes to three or more of the above symptoms during a 12 month period may show that you or a loved one has an addiction. The first step to treating an addiction is recognizing that it exists.

What Causes addiction?

How does it begin and when does a pattern of behavior become an addiction? Some individuals seem to have the ability to use a substance or engage in a behavior periodically over a period of years without becoming 'hooked.' Others; however are not capable of stopping and become addicted.

Addictions affect all social and educational groups. There is no typical addict.

The causes of addiction have been studied for several years. In many ways, addiction is caused by the emotion the substance or behavior brings about in the user. The body and mind become dependent on that feeling and seeks to maintain it.

There are some alarming facts to consider regarding addictive disorders. For instance, a recent report in the National Drug Addiction Recovery Month Kit showed the cost of alcohol and illicit drug use in the workplace, including lost productivity, accidents and medical claims to be an estimated $140 billion per year.

Another fact: every eight seconds, a person dies due to a tobacco-related illness, according to the World Health Organization.

Also, an estimated 28 percent to 30 percent of people in the U.S.A. alone have an addictive substance abuse disorder, a mental health disorder or both, according to a 2002 report by the National Mental Health Association.

And alcohol abuse and dependence occurs four times as much among men over the age of 65 than women in the same age group, according to the Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health, 1999.

Many researchers believe that addiction is a behavior that can be controlled to some extent and also a brain disease. And since some testing with functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) found that all addictions tend to cause nearly the same reactions inside the brain, there could be one type of control model for addiction health-related issues. In other words, just as there is one disorder or disease labeled asthma, there would be one for addiction, covering all addictions; gambling, smoking, overeating, drugs, etc. Then one main treatment strategy or plan could be used to treat all addictions.

How addiction works in a nutshell is like this. The brain, the center of the body’s nervous system, handles addiction by increasing Dopamine levels in response to increased reactions from behaviors, also referred to as compulsions, like gambling or over eating, and / or in response to increased repeated substance abuse, like from cocaine or alcohol. And this addiction affects the three functioning processes of the nervous system; sensing, perceiving and reacting. How? Let’s take a quick peak…

Dopamine, the chemical transmitter to the “pleasure center,” the place where survival instincts like eating and reproduction focus in the brain, activates cells individually or energizes them. Each energized cell in turn energizes another cell, and so on down the line, resulting in a spontaneous or systematic process of ecstasy or elation.

The problem is the brain doesn’t realize what it is that is causing the ecstasy reaction. So when this flutter of activity increases the creation of dopamine for the negative behaviors and substances like drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc., it neglects the natural survival instinct reaction mechanisms, replacing them with the ecstasy instead.

Note that also, depending upon the addiction, nervous system functions are altered. So sensing, perceiving and reacting functions of individuals are impeded. For example, alcohol is a depressant and slows down all of these functions. So a drunk driver facing an immediate collision will in all likelihood react slower than a healthy, alert driver. And whether or not the addictive substances are inhaled, going into the lung system; or injected, traveling via the blood system; or swallowed, entering the digestive system, also affects different bodily reactions, responses and overall health.

One long-term effect is an increased tolerance level with dopamine reaching out into other brain areas that cloud judgment and behavioral considerations and choices. And ultimately depression results, even amidst opposing or negative stimuli, like the negative effects of narcotics on behaviors and on the body / mind and like trying to withdrawal or discontinue use.

Note: other long-term effects can include changing of the brain’s shape and possible permanent brain damage, depending upon the addiction and length of compulsive activity. And other health problems like cancer from cigarette smoking can result.

Addiction summed up is: “compulsive behavior despite negative consequences.”

Risk Factors:

There are addiction risk factors that make some people more likely than others to become addicts. Studies show that sometimes addictions can be hereditary. The child of an alcoholic may not grow up to be an alcoholic, however, they may become addicted to gambling or some other type of compulsive behavior as an adult.

Besides hereditary, individuals who grow up in families with abuse, neglect and who are impoverished are more likely to become addicts.

Teens partying late at night and imbibing drugs and alcohol for added fun, often dominated the silver screen. Quite a pretty picture isn't it? Oftentimes teens see it as an epitome.

Although Hollywood does its part to show a different side of alcohol and drug addiction with movies like "Trainspotting" and "Girl Interrupted", the character still ended up being glamorous and ideal in nature and often overshadows the dark side of addiction.

It is important to look at this depiction with a cynic eye. Movies are after all for entertainment purposes only, and there is nothing remotely entertaining about the reality of alcohol abuse and drug addiction. Addiction can be hell on earth and life in an Alcohol rehab and Drug Rehab can be a nightmare.

Illegal drugs and alcohol are addicting. Records show that the younger you are when you experiment with illegal drugs or alcohol you are more prone to become an addict in the future. Addiction often runs in families; you do not choose addiction, addiction chooses you. Experimenting with drugs and alcohol is a gamble, and the stake is your life, your personality, and your future.

Individuals often hide their drinking or deny that the fact that they have a problem. Signs of a possible alcoholism include having friends or relatives express concern, being irritated when people comment on their drinking, feeling guilty about their excessive alcohol consumption and thinking that they should moderate it but finds themselves unable to do so, or needs a morning drink to steady their nerves or relieve a hangover.

On the other hand, drug dependence often begins with the misuse of legal drugs like prescription drugs and inhalants. Inhalants are legal substances that becomes illegal when use in a manner that causes a person to get high.

These also include aerosol cleaners, gasoline, cleaning fluids, butane, and acetone. These things are legal to sell or buy however, they are not controlled substances and they are relatively cheap when compared with drugs.

Types of addictions - Alcohol addiction

Having an alcohol addiction is a very serious problem. It can be a very hard thing to deal with for anyone. It will take a lot of strength and will power to get through a difficult addiction like this for everyone that is involved. Many times people do not understand addiction. They do not realize that it is a serious problem that could happen to anyone at any time. There is nothing shameful with admitting that you have a problem and getting the right treatment for it.

Having an alcohol addiction can happen to anyone of any age. There is no certain person that has to be cursed with this type of problem. Many young and older men and women have an alcohol addiction. This is something that is easy to fall under and it may take a lot of help to get out from beneath the heaviness of it. Many carry this burden on them without their friends and family members ever really knowing about it. There are some that do know what is going on and they try each day to find help for the alcoholic in their life.

Having an alcohol addiction is a very dangerous addiction to have. It can be very scary when a person is under the influence of alcohol and driving a vehicle. This is a deadly combination and one that can make some very serious problems for people. When a person is driving drunk and consuming alcohol all of the time, they are going to find that they can get in a lot of trouble or worse, they may even kill someone.

Being around people with an alcohol addiction can be very tormenting. It is hard to know what is going on in that person's life and when is a good day for them. Some people that drink too much get mean and take their aggression out on their friends and family members. This can be very scary and hard for people to deal with. Sometimes a person will have to find ways to stay away from a person with an alcohol addiction because it can mean a lot of heartache for them.

Alcohol addictions are a comfort for many people because they use it as their crutch throughout life. They may use this as something that makes them feel better and gives them the power that they need to get through hard times. Without the alcohol some people may not know how to function on a regular basis in life. An alcohol addiction needs to be addressed as soon as possible so that a person can live the life that was intended for them.

Types of addictions - Caffeine addiction

Do you know that many people are addicted to caffeine? This is something that is very popular and many do not even realize that it is a problem. They may not have any idea that they have to have the coffee or the soda in their life for them to feel good. This is some thing that is very common and it may not be so good for the body.

Caffeine is in a lot of things. It is found in our drinks and in the food that we eat. It is not unusual for someone to have a lot of caffeine in a day and not even realize it. However some people do know it and they want more of it. This is an addiction that is going to need to be addressed at some point in the person's life. They have to find a way to make the caffeine addiction get under control.

Caffeine is a substance that occurs naturally in some plants. It is used in so many things that we eat and drink in our daily lives. Most important it is found in coffee and chocolate to name a few of the favorites in our life. Caffeine is also sometimes added to medicines to help make people feel better. How can something like this be bad for us then? The problem is that too much of it can be harmful to our bodies and make us sick without even knowing it for sure.

Caffeine is often known as the most common drug in the world. Many rely on it to keep the alert when they are feeling tired and they absolutely have to stay awake. The stimulation effect that it has on the body is amazing and many feel that they cannot live without the caffeine that their body loves so much. However, once a person has used the caffeine so much, their body does rely on it and it is harder to break the cycle so that it does not need it anymore.

Caffeine blocks our relaxation skills that are put into our brain. It causes the body to secrete more hormones like adrenaline and makes us more active. It gets us in the mood for the things that we know that we have to do. Some people drink caffeine non-stop all day long and this is why they cannot relax and even sleep at night.

The bad part about a caffeine addiction is that it is not good for our body. Our health may suffer because of the caffeine that we put into our bodies. This is something that we have to deal with and learn to do without so that we are able to make the most of our life and get healthy once again.

Types of addictions - Cybersex additions

Cybersex is an Internet addiction. At least one out of five Internet addicts have sex online on a regular basis. They may engage in cybersex or view porn online. There are studies that claim that men are more likely to download a porn site and then there are studies that claim women are more likely to have cybersex. People who engage in cybersex suffer from low self-esteem and image.

They do not see themselves as attractive and they may even have an untreated sexual dysfunction. People who become addicted to cybersex also are more likely to develop further sex addictions. Sex addicts view the Internet as a safe haven because they do not have sex physically. They are also able to show their compulsive need for sex.

Most people who go online for sex are people who you would not normally expect it from. They are very shy about sex. These are people, who could not even go, to a strip club, or watch a porno. Online is the perfect place to let go of all your insecurities because you can be who ever you want to be. It is also a place where you can hide your true self. You can hide your gender, race, appearance, marital status, and age. It also allows you to not be seen, which encourages you do to things that you normally would not do.

Addicts will go to chat rooms and download porn in privacy of their home, office, or bedroom. Being online you are still considered a sexual beings and predator. People who use the internet for cybersex have repressed sexual fantasies that they feel like they need to express. It may go from harmless talk and then into something more. People are talking dirty online and then taking it offline.

Many shows on TV show the Internet as a place for predators to pry on the young. Many of the Datelines have viewed shows where both men and women try to get with young boys and girls. On these shows, they end up being arrested. If going to jail doesn't cure your sex addiction what will? However, why take it that far? There are so many things that you can do to get over your addiction.

Talking things out to a therapist is one way that you can get a hold of yourself and your desires. To get to the bottom of your sex addiction you have to see a therapist because there is more to the story. There are emotional and psychological ties to the addiction. Once you can solve the emotional factors and relieve yourself of all the stress and other things that are going on, you are able to kick the addiction.

Types of addictions - Drug addiction

When you have a drug addiction, you are compromising your entire life. You are putting yourself at risk and making things hard for you and everyone around you. However, some times it is not easy to just walk away from drugs and you may need a little bit of help to find your way out. Drug addictions can be a devastating thing to anyone's life.

If you are addicted to any kind of drugs, you are going to know that there are dangers that you are putting yourself at risk for. You are not only putting your health at risk, you are also putting your emotional being at risk as well. This is something that is going to be hard on you and your family and friends. When you have a problem with drugs, you should take the opportunity to find help and get yourself straightened out.

Getting back on track is something that will take some time. It is not always easy to get your life straightened out. You may find that you have to work hard and get help from other places before you can land back on your feet again. You have to be able to make yourself the number one reason for getting help. You need to realize that you are someone that is worth the trouble and get treatment.

When you are looking for treatment for a drug addiction, you should take the opportunity to check out different centers. There are plenty of treatment facilities that are going to be able to care for a problem of this intensity. You can get treatment even if you do not have insurance to pay for it. There are plenty of treatment centers that are there to help so that a person can get back on track no matter how long it takes.

Getting hooked on drugs is something that is becoming more and more popular. There are plenty of people that have to deal with the pressures of the day-to-day life and this is something that is not always easy. It is difficult to get on the right path and to get problems all worked out. When you have stress, it is important to find an alternative route so that you can stay away from the dangers of drug addiction and other problems as well.

Taking on a drug addiction is something that can be a very long battle and it is going to be road that can take many paths. When you veer off the good road, you can have more problems than what you think. A drug addiction is going to be something that you need to over come both inside and out.

Types of addictions - Food addiction

Having a problem with food is very common. There are some people that simply just cannot get control of the things that they eat. They may have a problem that takes them over the edge and food is the only thing that can comfort them and keep them happy. Having a food addiction is going to be just as serious as any other type of addiction.

A food addiction can be something that takes over a person's life. It is hard to deal with any type of addiction alone. Food addictions can require a person to seek treatment from alternative resources. Some people that do have a food addiction do not even realize it. They may think that they are just over eating and need to stop. Some however, do not even realize that they are overeating. They may not think that there is anything wrong with the eating habits that they have been accustomed to.

Having a food addiction is something that a person needs to work on. It is not always easy to get through life with all the stress and pressures that go on in the world. Stress is a very dangerous thing. It can be hard to deal with the day-to-day issues that come our way. We need to find ways to make our body and mind feel better. Some use addiction for this method. There are some people that smoke or drink and others that use food as their comfort or method of relaxation.

Overeating and having a food addiction can become dangerous. It is something that is gong to affect your life and the way that you live it. You have to make sure that your body is healthy and that you are doing all the right things for it. You need to make sure that you are not putting your health at risk because of the way that you over eat. If you think that you are doing this, you need to find treatment and get help. You have to learn how to deal with problems and not to rely on food to make things better.

Having a food addiction may mean that you hide food or eat food when others are not around. Some however do not care whom they eat in front of and just do what they want. They may eat large portions and eat all the time with no feeling that something is wrong. However there are some people that feel ashamed of their food addiction and only do it when others are not around.

Types of addictions - Gambling addiction

One type of addiction is the gambling addiction. This is a very serious addiction and it can be a costly one if it is left out of hand. You should not let someone you know go through with this type of addiction if you can help it. You need to find them a way to realize that they are doing harm to their life and they have to find a way out of it.

A gambling addiction is something that can ruin a person financially and emotionally. They can completely lose everything that they have ever worked for and this can be something that will take a very big toll on their life as far as health goes. It is not easy to have to deal with losing everything that you have worked so hard to create and that is exactly what will happen if a gambling addiction is left go.

When a person has a gambling addiction, they will start to find themselves wanting to gamble all the time. It makes no difference what type of gambling it is as long as they are betting on something. The rush of the feeling they get when they are winning is like no other. It cannot be replaced with anything for the person. However, when they hit the bottom and start to lose their money, they may feel like they have to keep going until they win it back. This can be devastating to a person and their finances.

A gambling addiction can make a person do things that they would not normally do. They may start to lie to their loved ones and even steal from them. This is something that has to be taken care of. Once a person is lying and stealing from their friends and family, they have to get treatment. They can seriously damage their life if they are not careful with the choices that they make. It can be something that will take over their body and their mind. A gambling addiction can lead to many serious issues beyond money.

There are treatment centers for people that have a gambling addiction. These centers are there to help a person get what they need. They will show them that they do not have to gamble in order to feel high. They can live in a normal world and have a very productive life when they use their resources and set their mind to it. It can be some thing that they learn to live with for the rest of their life and are able to control it.

Types of addictions - Internet addiction

Many have to work on some controlling issues that they have in their life. Some have addictions to many things that are harmful for their bodies. However, you do not have to take a drug or eat too much to be addicted to something that is not good for you. You can have other addictions that may not seem so bad, but in the end have a very negative effect on your life and the people around you.

One type of addiction in this category is an Internet addiction. This very serious addiction can cause many problems in a person's life. It is a very serious problem that can make a person have many issues that are going to need worked through. This is something that is going to need to be done so that the person can work past their problems and the addiction to the Internet.

Having an addiction to the Internet can be in many different ways. Some have an addiction to just being online. They may have to check their email all the time or check out different websites that they really have no use for. Some people just have the urge to constantly be on the Internet and to be doing something that requires them to be online. This can be harmless, however it also may take over your life in the way that you are no longer doing some of the things that you once did socially. Others may also notice that you are not spending time with your family and friends like you once did in the past.

Another type of Internet addiction is, as a person is constantly talking to strangers online. This is something that can turn dangerous. Many people have come to low points in their life and start a relationship online. This can lead to cheating on spouses and even to meeting dangerous strangers that may be out to do harm to you. You have to get help with this addiction because it can become something that takes over your life.

Shopping on the Internet is another addiction. Many people find that shopping online is very easy and fun to do. They can shop at anytime of the day or night and can get just about anything that they could think of. This is something that needs to be addressed before it gets too far. A person has to find help so that they can get treatment for this type of problem before they face a financial disaster.

The Internet is a wonderful tool when a person knows how to use it in the right way. It is something that can be addictive if not used in the right way and if it gets in the wrong hands.

Types of addictions - Love addiction

There is no such thing as too much love. Or is there? Some people do not know that they are hurting themselves and others because they love someone too much. If a person wants attention and affection from someone that they know and doing anything to get it, they may have a love addiction. This is sometimes harmless, however it will depend on how far the problem is going.

Having a love addiction is going to be a hard thing to get over. Many people fall in love with someone only they do not return the favor. The person that we are in love with may not feel the same way and it is impossible to change their mind. In some of these cases, people go a little farther than what they should and do things that can hurt others and even their own well being.

If a relationship ends and you are not willing to let it go, you may find that you go to certain extremes. You have to learn to withhold these feelings and let them go. You do not want to make a fool out of yourself by loving someone that does not have the same emotions. This is a very difficult thing, but something that you have to learn to live with.

Getting out of a love addiction is not something that is anticipated. We do not want to realize and come to the terms that the person we love does not feel the same way. This can be a hard thing to overcome and for some, they may never get over it. This is when treatment may be necessary to get a person to move on past their relationship and start thinking about what the future holds for them.

A love addiction is going to be tough. Many do not understand how you can love someone too much. You may end up sounding a little bit creepy in the end, but if you think that you are taking it a little too far and you are not sure what to do, you may need to seek treatment or counseling for it. The counseling that you receive will simply be set in place to help you find out who you are and what you want in life. You will be able to question the reasons why you are dealing with a love addiction and what you can do to move on.

A love addiction does not seem or sound so bad sometimes, however it is when things start to move out of hand that gets people nervous. Getting out of hand for your love addiction can be something that ends up tearing you down both physically and emotionally. You owe yourself more than that and you need to get back out there and get what you deserve, someone that loves you!

Types of addictions - Nicotine addiction

There are plenty of people that smoke. Many of them have to in order to function on a regular basis. They have to have the nicotine in their body for them to do just about anything. Some people smoke a pack or more a day. This is not a healthy situation and one that needs to be evaluated. When a person has a nicotine addiction, they need to find help and fast.

Nicotine is an ingredient found in cigarettes. Many today use cigarettes as a backbone for their life. They have to smoke in order to deal with the stress that is in place today. Many do not even realize how much they smoke and how much nicotine they consume in one day. They do not know that they are putting their body at risk for major problems and may even lead to death for them one day.

Having a nicotine addiction is very common. Many have this same problem and need to find a way to move on past it. Cigarettes have been around for many years and over the years they have killed many people. They have taken lives from regular people and ended them way too early. This is a sad reality and yet, more and more people are picking up cigarettes as their way out of day-to-day problems.

Getting past a nicotine addiction can be done. There are many people that use the patch and other helpful tools to keep them from smoking. There are different things that have been introduced to the public to keep them from smoking. One of the most popular items is indeed the patch, however there is now gum and even pills that people can take to keep the nicotine out of their life.

If a person is a heavy smoker, they may have to have counseling for their nicotine addiction. It is also not unusual for a person to just quit on their own. Many have accomplished their goal of quitting cold turkey and not looking back. This is something that deserves a great honor because it is very hard to do. It is something that a person should feel proud of and will give them back years that they otherwise may have lost.

It is very common to see younger people smoking these days. This is a huge problem and one that needs to be taken care of. When a person has an addiction to nicotine early on, they may find that they have a harder time quitting and can continue use for many years to come. Getting rid of the smoking is going to be a major life decision and one that is going to possibly save it too.

Types of addictions - Pain Pill addiction

Today there are so many people that have addictions to something. Some of them are harmless and go unnoticed. They may even get teased because of an addiction that they have with certain things. These things are juvenile and have no potential of harming a person. Like washing their hands or having an addiction to a certain television show. These are things that many people do and some consider to be addicting.

However there is one type of addiction that is becoming more and more common and that is the pain pill addiction. Many people in the world today have some sort of pain in their body that they have to deal with. It can be a pain that is associated with an injury or due to aging or a certain disease. No matter what the problem is, doctors today have grown accustomed to prescribing pain pills for treatment.

Once a person has been taking these pain pills for so long, they can become addicted to them. This can create a very large problem for some people. Having a pain pill addiction is dangerous and can cause many other problems in a person's life. Pains pills can make you feel good at the time, however they are not going to make the pain disappear forever. There is going to be that point when the pain pills wear off and the pain do return. You have to learn how to manage your pain and not rely on the pills and medication to make life better.

Getting a pain pill addiction to stop is not easy. If you have a problem or you know someone that does, you have to find treatment that will give support and help. No one deserves to go through the anxiety of dealing with these problems. Pain pills are hard to get away from. They are not easy because of the way that people feel when they are using them. Things can get out of hand and many people start to lie and cheat or steal to get the pills. This is when things can really get out of control and people can start to fall apart. Lying and stealing to get pain pills is going to only get you into trouble and make things harder. Breaking the law to get pain pills is a very serious crime and can be severely punishable.

Pain pill addictions have to be dealt with so that a person can live a happy and healthy life. Getting off of the pills and getting back on the right road is something that a person has to do so that they can see that what life has to offer them without their addiction.

Types of addictions - Porn addiction

There are plenty of different types of addictions in the world today. One very serious addiction is a porn addiction. This is something that can ruin a person's life completely without them even noticing it. There are more than thousands of people that are dealing with a porn addiction in their daily lives.

There are different types of porn addictions. Some people are addicted to porn over the Internet and some are addicted in other ways. They may want to see it live and up front or on television. There are some that travel to strip clubs to see porn as much as they can and this is something that consumes their life.

If a person has a porn addiction, they are usually fighting other problems in their lives as well. They may have trouble with certain relationships and dealing with certain things. They might not be able to take on the stress of daily functions and may need to have something that gives them a lot of joy and happiness. This is going to be something that a person that is addicted to porn has to deal with.

A porn addiction is going to be something that is not morel. This is going to be very controversial and it can create a lot of heartache and pain in a person's life. Porn is when a person has a strong desire to have it and look at it as much as they can. It can be a very dangerous time and some people may have to have help getting over this problem. It is something that can make people very uncomfortable in their life and it can also be shameful too.

Being a porn addict means that you will do anything that you can do get closer to porn of any kind. You want to see it first hand and make it a part of your life. This is very dangerous and can make your life a terrible experience. You are going to find that if anyone finds out about a porn addiction they are going to be a little creped out over the entire ordeal. It is going to not be something that you tell all of your friends and colleagues about because normally it is embarrassing to admit.

Getting treatment is very important when a person has a porn addiction. There are numerous things that a person can do but most believe that God is the only way that someone can really get over it. Getting closer to God and religion is a very good start to making a new life and getting past the hard parts.

Types of addictions - Sexual addiction

Having a sexual addiction is a very scary problem. You will have a large number of problems if you let a sexual addiction take over your life. You will regret the choices that you make in the future and it will consume your mind and your body for that matter. You will have no control over the things that you do and the choices that you make. Most of the time when a person has a sexual addiction, they will hurt more than just themselves. Their actions will affect others in their life.

A sexual addiction is 'a person' is addicted to sex in any form. They may not necessarily have to go out and have sexual relations with another person, they may just want to see it or watch it all the time. This is something that many people have to deal with and it is a problem that is very serious. A person that has a sexual addiction will have to over come their problems so that they can even think about having a normal and productive life.

Having a sexual addiction can ruin a person's life. It can take over a marriage or any type of relationship. If a person is dealing with having the need to have sex all the time, they may start to go out and find it anyway that they can. This may mean adultery and even prostitution. These are very unsafe and questionable moral acts that have to be considered very seriously. Once a person makes this decision and they have no control over what they do, it may be too late to fix any problems that occur.

A sexual addiction is something that needs to be treated with the right measures. There are many therapy sessions and clinics that people can attend to help them with their problems. They can seek the help that they need and soon start to get their addictions out of their system. This is something that will take time however a person is never really cured from a sexual addiction and can relapse at any given time.

When a person is recovering from an addiction, it is important that they have support from anyone that they can get it. A sexual addiction is no different and a person has to have help from the people around them. It is nothing to be ashamed of if a person is willing to get help and over come this type of destroying addiction. It is possible and it has to be dealt with in the proper manner. With the right help and a little encouragement, an addictive person can totally reform their life.

Types of addictions - Shopping addiction

When a person shops till they drop and wants to go back out and do it all over again the next day, they may have a shopping addiction. This is a big problem and one that should be taken care of. A shopping addiction is when a person has the compulsion to do nothing but shop all the time. They spend money and feel a high when they do it. However when the reality of being broke and in debt sets in, they are not going to feel so high.

A shopping addiction is when a person spends too much because they want to fill a void in their life. They want to make themselves feel better by doing something too much. Many people that have depression, anxiety, and loneliness do a lot of shopping to make them feel better. They may for a while but once the fun is over, they will go back to feeling just as bad and the shopping trip would have been done all in vain.

People sometimes do not know they have a shopping addiction. They may not realize they have a deeper problem underneath that needs to be addressed. Sometimes, they think that there is nothing wrong while others around them see the true picture. They may see the reality of the problem and for most people, they want to help out.

Getting a rush when shopping and buying things that you do not need are signs of a shopping addiction. They can be the true examples that a person has a problem and they cannot control it no matter what they do. When you walk into a home that is full of things and there is no need for them, this may also be a sign of a shopping addiction. Getting down to the root of the problem is important. This can be the only thing that helps a shop-a-holic like this to get help.

Having a shopping addiction can lead to massive bills and credit card debt. People are spending money that they do not have and it can be a destroying ordeal. This is something that can take down finances and squash them in a split second. Many people that have a shopping addiction will lose their homes and cars because they are so broke from the high levels of shopping that they do. Getting help from a treatment facility may be the only way out of a mess like this.

After the treatment, a person must also deal with the aftermath and learn how to cope when there is a hard time ahead without shopping. They have to be able to move past it and get to where they want and need to be in life.

Types of addictions - Sugar addiction

Sugar is very tasty and many love to have anything that has it as an ingredient. However, there are so many people that cannot do with out the taste of the sugar. They have to have this great item all the time. No matter what they are doing or where they are, they have to have something that has sugar in it or they are not able to go on.

Sugar is found in just about anything these days. However sometimes a person has too much of it and they still want more. Many of us know that once we have our fill we are done. There are only so much sugary sweets that we can eat in one day, or so we think. Many people that love sugar are dealing with an addiction to the secret ingredient of many recipes. This may be the sign that they have an addiction and they may have to have help in getting over it.

Getting past the problem of a sugar addiction can be hard. This is the same thing as any other addiction and it is important to find help that will allow them to move on without sugar. This is going to be hard for a lot of people that have depended on sugar for their support system for many years. They have to learn to do without the substance so they can get healthier and keep their life on track.

Many people that do have a sugar addiction go crazy over anything with sugar. They may find themselves eating all the time and not being full. They may want more and more as they go and it is impossible for them to stop without wanting more. Sneaking around is another big sign that a person has a sugar addiction and needs to get it under control. There are even some people that have been warned for medical reasons about their sugar addiction and they still cannot leave it alone.

When a person has a sugar addiction, they can find many ways to move past it. There are support teams that can help with the problem. They will have to learn how to have a healthy diet and keep the sugar out of it. There are ways to accomplish this goal and to still eat great tasting foods. It is going to be better for their body and their emotional well being for that matter.

Many do not think that a sugar addiction is a real problem, but when it is all that you think about all the time, it is a stressful ordeal. This is going to be an addiction that many do not understand but nonetheless, it is a legitimate problem that has to be dealt with.

Types of addictions - Video game addiction

Video games are everywhere these days. There are so many people playing them and having a great time beating the system. However, there are also many people that are dealing with an addiction to video games because it is the only thing that they want to do all of the time. This is a very serious problem that many have to seek help for.

Having a little fun with the video games is nothing unusual. There is so many that love to play the exciting thrill games that offer us so much. Many children love to play the games with their friends and even adults that they love. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However if a person is finding that this is the one thing they want to do all of the time, they may need to get help.

Video game addictions can ruin a person's life. They may not want to go to work anymore and do the things that they have to do in life. They may not want to be a productive person anymore because of the way that they feel when they are playing the video games. This is something that is very serious and some people need to get help with it.

If a person is playing video games instead of taking care of the kids, going to work or doing chores around the house, they may have an addiction to them. Some will have to step back and look at their life for a minute. They may have to decide if they are doing something wrong or if they are fine.

If they think that there is a possibility that they are addicted, they need to find help. There is nothing to be ashamed about in this situation. It is not a terrible thing. There are worse addictions that people have overcome and no one will think less of you.

You can find a support system that is going to help you with your video game addiction. When you are looking for the people that can help you through this problem, you may want to go online and find chat groups that have people with the same problems. You can also talk to people in your neighborhood that have the same problem. Having any kind of addiction can be a hard habit to overcome, however with a good method of support and counseling you can make it past the need to do it all the time and learn to live without the games.

When to seek Medical Advice:

Getting help for an addiction

If you are having a problem with any type of addiction, you should think about getting help. Having an addiction is a very hard thing to overcome and most cannot break the habit on their own. They will need to have some sort of help for the addiction so that they can get back to a normal and more peaceful lifestyle.

The first step in getting help for an addiction is to realize that you have a problem. No matter what the addiction is, you have to be in complete agreement that you have a problem and that you are willing to get help for it. This is going to be the best way to get on the right track and to get where you need to be emotionally and physically as well.

There are a lot of people that believe that they can take care of an addiction by themselves. This is not always the case. It may not work for most people because of the severity of the addiction. The best thing to do is find someone to talk to and tell them what is going on in your life. This should be someone that you trust and feel good about. You may want to turn to a counselor or a professional that will give you better and sounder advice.

Overcoming an addiction is not easy. It may be the hardest thing that a person ever has to do in their life. There are so many things that you have to deal with and they are not easy. Having to face life without the crutch that you have been leaning on for so long is not something that a person can do over night. Having help is sometimes the only way to get where a person has to be in life.

Being addicted to something is going to be with you for the rest of your life. You simply have to try and find a way to get through the hard times and move on past them. You will have to have a lot of courage and get past the rough spots because there will be many of them in the future. It is however, a great feeling when you do not have to take on the challenge of being addicted to something on your own. You will have support and help that you deserve so that you are able to deny yourself that addiction and go on to better things in life.


So many have to take on the day-to-day challenges of fighting an addiction. Many do not even realize they have a problem until they hit the very bottom of the road. This is a difficult time and many people have to have the support and help from their friends and family members to get through it. This is a very difficult and emotional time for a lot of people and sometimes it is necessary for people to get help even though they think they may not need it.

Getting addiction treatment is something that is very necessary to get back on track. Some people think that they can kick a habit on their own. That is very true. However, a habit is very different from an addiction. Some may think that cigarettes are a habit, however it is also an addiction. This makes it so much harder to get past it and to over come the problem.

There are many different addiction treatment programs. You can find the treatment programs that are simply outpatient. This is a form of group therapy that can help a person get past their own addictions while sharing them with others. This is a great method of addiction treatment and has helped a lot of people. It is something that many people can deal with in their life and get to working on a new goal that will help them succeed with the help of their supporters within the group.

Another form of addiction treatment is 'a person has to go away' for a certain amount of time to a treatment facility. This is where they will have to spend time working on their issues and getting past the addiction. They have to learn how to live all over again and take on a new role in life. This is a extreme form of addiction treatment and many are reluctant to try it.

Therefore, many people find they have to turn to a method of addiction treatment. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you come to this point. You are making the decision to help yourself become a better and more productive person and this is something to be very proud of. You can make your life better and more successful when you are willing to seek help and rid yourself of any addiction that is controlling your life.

This is something to be proud of and to work harder and harder on each day. You are going to see the pay off in the end. You will never be cured of an addiction but you can learn to live with it without giving in.

Medication for addictions

Some substance addicts can be medically treated via a detoxifying program, followed up by treatment with new medicines like Bupropion (Zyban) and Naltrexone (ReVia). These medicines help people who are refraining from addictive substances to keep their desires for them in check.

There is no cure for an addiction.

Treatment and counseling can help an addict to learn how to control their behavior, withstand impulses and recognize the presence of a problem, but an addict is never cured. Treating an addiction can take years and requires ongoing support from friends, families and support groups.

A 12 step program can be particularly beneficial in treating an addiction. One of the most well known 12 step programs is AA, also known as Alcoholics Anonymous; however there are similar programs for all types of addictions.

Living with an addiction requires a daily commitment and there is always the possibility of relapsing. An addict that has been "clean" for even 20 years can succumb to temptation just as they did decades before.

There are several treatment programs and centers that can help with the numerous types of addictions that are prevalent today. Many of them are anonymous. Support groups are also available to help family and friends who experience the effects of an addiction in a loved one.

Addiction counseling

Getting help for an addiction is something that is going to take some work. It is not going to happen for someone overnight like they may think. Sometimes when a person has an addiction, they will try and do it on their own. However, if the addiction is something that is very severe, they may not be able to get it out of their system like they think. It may be counseling that is the helpful solution in their problem.

Addiction counseling is something that a person can do and not have to feel ashamed. They can get the help that is needed when they need it and hopefully this will get the addiction problem that they are dealing with under control. There are so many forms of counseling for addiction that are available. You can get something that is inpatient and stay over night in a treatment facility or you can get help as an outpatient.

No matter what form of addiction counseling you choose, you are sure to find some kind of relief. You are going to get help with the addiction problem that you are having and this is a first step in getting better .you will see that you are able to make your life better and healthier by ridding yourself of anything that is controlling your life. Addiction is a huge problem that will only get worse if you let it go.

When you are seriously trying to get out from under problems you do not need to turn to harmful things. You do not have to become addicted to something because you are stressed out. There are so many ways to get help and to make your life better when you have the chance at addiction counseling to show you the way to go. This is a wonderful method to help get lives put back together and to make people see that they do not have to be addicted to something to feel good.

Having an addiction is very normal. Many have addictions to small things and do not even know it. An addiction is classified as anything that you need to do on a regular basis in order to feel good about yourself. There are some addictions that are harmless and many people have nothing to worry about. However there are also the addictions that cause great grief in a person's life and it is so important to seek help and find the addiction counseling that will work best for them.

Self Care strategies for Living with addiction

People with addiction work hard to resolve them, and with the support of family members and friends they are able to recover on their own. However in most cases, people they usually cannot stop drinking or using drugs by willpower alone. A lot of them require outside help, mostly from Alcohol Rehab or Drug Rehab.

Alcoholism treatment and addiction treatment may need medically supervised detoxification to avoid possible life-threatening withdrawal symptoms such as seizures and convulsion. Once they are stabilized, they need help resolving psychological issues associated with their problem drinking.

Overcoming addiction

When you or someone that you know has an addiction, it is important to find a way to get help for it. This is something that is going to take time and effort. Not only with the person that has an addiction have to work at it but the people that are around her as well. They will have to put their support in for the person that is trying their luck at overcoming an addiction.

There are so many different things that people can be addicted to. Everyone is different and there is no addiction that is just like another. There are so many obstacles that people have to hurdle over these days and getting over an addiction is just one of the trials that many have to go through in life. When a person wants to over come this demon that is running their life, they will have to find the right methods of treatment so that they can do what they need to.

Overcoming addiction is going to be something that is not always easy. It is something that will have to be accomplished by the person that has the addiction. It is going to be a struggle but one that is going to be well worth the fight every step of the way.

Once a person beats the addiction they will feel like they have accomplished their goals and gotten to where they need to be in life. This is a great way to make an addictive person feel like they have a fresh start on life.

The most important thing that a person needs to remember is that they are not bad because they are addicted to something. This is going to be a very hard struggle but it does not make them a bad person or someone that needs to be punished.

It simply means that they have let something take over their life and control them to the point where they have to get back on track. Overcoming an addiction is a great feeling that will make a person realize what they have in store for them and what they have been missing all along.

Getting help for an addiction is another very important thing when dealing with an addiction. It is so crucial for a person to seek treatment for their problems and get down to the real cause of it. Once the problems are solved and the treatment starts that are when overcoming an addiction can start to happen.

However it is important for people to realize that they will never be cured of an addiction because it is something that will always be with them. However they can learn to live with it and be sober from the addiction with each passing day.

Behaviour change strategies:

There is an interesting relationship between addictive behavior and reward systems. Many people focus on addictions as a way to escape reality, rewarding themselves with false happiness like highs or drunken binges and gambling sprees that pull them way down over time.

However when these unhealthy rewards are replaced with healthier ones during recovery and healing, things can turn around. For example, saving a little money for a special trip can be rewarding. No need to gamble or get high; just enjoy swimming, shopping, skiing, and other fun activities instead.

In summary, since Addictive Disorders are such an important part of everyday life, and with a variety of solutions and services available to help with treatment and coping, hopefully you can learn more about Overcoming Addictions and share this with others. Knowledge is a key to success.

Vitamin & Nutrient Associations

Clearly with food, alcohol medication addictions or any substance abuse problems, it would be of benefit to cleanse the body thoroughly from all the toxins the system would be swamped with.

We have an article and resources here to help facilitate a good detox program and support a detox diet you may choose to undertake.

You may find benefit from our information on detoxification As well as about detoxing because of change of diet

It may be due to addictions resulting in poor nutrition and bad dietary habits that you now have difficulties with your digestive system that is causing your body to be starved of key nutrients, vitamins or minerals.

There is also more information here about why is nutrition such an issue nowadays?

It may be that your metabolism has slowed due to pressures that have been placed on your system through addictive behaviour or through specific “challenges” you have faced in the last few months or last few years.

Review this by looking at our article about balancing your Metabolic Rate.

Further reading through our articles on health issues will give you a body of information that will help you decide what options you have to deal with the underlying causes of your addiction problem through giving your body the nutrition products that will assist you body to heal from the inside out.

We wish you well in your search for solutions to this problem and your movement towards better health in all areas.

More Resources available about addiction :


“ Learn How to Cope With a Family Member’s Addiction and How to Help Heal the Wounds in Your Life.”

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Overcoming coffee cravings & caffeine addiction
Do you think that you might be addicted to caffeine? Can you have a cup of coffee every now and then or do you have to have a cup or two every morning? You may find that you crave coffee or colas to make it through the day. You may not think it is something serious, but when it comes to caffeine, you can become addictive.

You may find yourself having many sugar treats and it is all because of your caffeine habits. There are so many people who find it hard to go through the day with a few caffeine fueled drinks and can't go without at least one a day. It is time that you learn about your addiction as well as learn how you can cut back.
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Addiction Treatment Forum www.atforum.com - this offers more than a forum for communicating with others. There is a FAQs section for learning more about addiction issues, news with updates section and archives, a resource section with pdf reports on a variety of addiction-related topics, a calendar of industry events and a guide to other online resource links.

National Mental Health Association www.nmha.org - This is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit organizations that addresses all aspects of mental health and mental illness, issues surrounding addictive disorders. They have over 340 affiliates nationwide and focus on improving mental health via education, advocacy, service and research. For additional help, contact them at 2001 N. Beauregard Street, 12th Floor, Alexandria, VA 22311. Phone (703) 684-7722, fax (703) 684-5968. Mental Health Resource Center (800)969-NMHA. TTY Line (800)433-5959.

For a free professional consultation to get help for yourself or a loved one call 800-559-9503 anytime day or night or visit:





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How to help your friends with an addiction
If you know that someone that you love is dealing with an addiction of any kind, you need to step in and offer him or her some help. They have to have the support that they can count on and you are the best person to give it to them. They will appreciate the love and the caring that you give to them. They may not appreciate it at first because they do not realize that they have to give up their addiction, but they will soon see the reason behind your actions.
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