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December 26, 2017

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Health Report: Anti-Inflammatory Foods And Diet To Combat Aging
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Optimum Health Tip:

Drinking Too Much?

A note to weekend warriors: Binge drinking can lead to liver damage, high blood pressure, stroke and more.

If you are concerned that you might have a drinking problem, you probably have one.

If friends and family have suggested you have a drinking problem, you probably have one.

Do you know the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence? Abuse means the consumption of alcohol frequently and in large amounts. Dependence usually means the inability to quit and a physical dependence on alcohol.

Start the dialogue with your children about drugs and alcohol early. Don’t judge and listen for an open relationship.

Alcohol and drugs can slow down your recovery from depression. Avoid them as much as possible.

Using alcohol or drugs to reduce stress is a short term measure. Eat well, exercise and enjoy time with friends and family instead.

If stress is becoming unmanageable, take a look at your schedule. If you’re doing too much, it’s time to slow down.

Motivating Quotes:

"With happiness as with health: to enjoy it, one should be deprived of it occasionally."
- Jules Verne

"The healthy man does not torture others - generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers."
- Carl Jung

"All the money in the world can't buy you back good health."
-Reba McEntire

REPORT: "Anti-Inflammatory Foods And Diet To Combat Aging"

Aging gracefully means being as healthy as you can be for as long as possible.

Your dietary and lifestyle choices play a big role in that. Even though you make the effort to exercise and eat right, you should always be looking for ways to fight aging through eating anti-inflammatory foods.

All of the anti-aging philosophies, promises, and products can be daunting. You may wonder whether or not eating anti-inflammatory foods is helpful to you.

It turns out that the body’s aging process can be accelerated by inflammation in the body. You need to talk to your doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist to find out more about this.

What is inflammation and how can it affect your body? The immune system responds to injury and diseases by providing you with inflammation.

This is a normal process that is important for healing. One the other hand, not all inflammation is healthy for you.

When inflammation gets out of hand, it can attack the normal cells of your body and the process that is supposed to heal you becomes self-destructive.

It is now well known that chronic inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses, especially those related to the aging process.

Persistent stress, over-exposure to environmental toxins, and poor diet can all contribute to this type of inflammatory process.

Can something be done?

The good news is that there are some lifestyle choices that can help this process. Following an anti-inflammatory diet is one way to control the aging process.

While it sounds like a good idea, be wary. The anti-inflammatory diet is an eating plan you follow through on throughout your life in order to combat the aging process.

It isn’t technically geared for weight loss but rather helps improve your overall long-term health.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The anti-inflammatory diet places a focus on whole foods that are whole and unrefined, high in anti-inflammatory spices, high in healthy fats, and high in omega 3 fatty acids.

Some things to include in an anti-inflammatory diet include the following:

• Soy products, such as tofu, soy milk, tempeh, an edamame
• Healthy fats found in extra virgin olive oil of high quality, beans, avocados, seeds, and nuts
• Vegetables and foods that are brightly colored, such as dark berries, fruits, and vegetables
Clean water and green tea as a beverage
• Spices that are anti-inflammatory, such as cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger

Foods to Avoid

It is also important to decrease your intake of foods that cause inflammation. Highly processed foods are inflammatory as are carbohydrates that are quickly digested, such as sugar and sugary snacks.

You need to stay away from foods containing vegetable shortening, partially hydrogenated oils, and polyunsaturated oils, such as soy, corn, safflower, and sunflower oils.

It may be difficult to know if you are eating any of these foods, which is why you need to read the food labels to see if any of these inflammatory foods are in them.

When you’re not sure, you should buy raw unprocessed foods and cook them yourself. Food that are labeled “raw” or “organic” can be seen as good foods to choose in an anti-inflammatory diet.

Does an anti-inflammatory diet work?

According to the expert dietitians, there is good evidence to show that monounsaturated oils and omega 3 oils can fight inflammation.

On the other hand, some of the information is off when it comes to taking anti-inflammatory foods to combat aging. One study indicated that heredity can play a role in who gets the disease and who doesn’t.

While diet is important, genetics also plays a role in the aging process. You can decrease the effects of chronic diseases by eating an anti-inflammatory food diet. Don’t make big changes all at once.

Start introducing anti-inflammatory foods gradually into your diet and take away inflammatory foods so that eventually your diet represents an anti-inflammatory diet as much as is possible.

Are there risks to an anti-inflammatory diet?

According to experts, there are no known risks to taking an anti-inflammatory diet. You should, however, take precautions if you have food allergies.

You should talk to your doctor about finding ways to use this type of diet to your advantage.

Nutritional Supplements to Help Keep You Young

Eating right and exercise alone isn't enough to keep you young. You won't always get the right amount of nutrients that you need in the foods that you eat and while exercise is helpful, it won't be enough to combat aging.

That's why you could benefit from helpful supplements. Certain supplements can not only help your body in the battle against illnesses that occur with aging, but can also help make you feel and look younger.

CoQ10 Can Help Your Cardiovascular Health

If you've ever read any studies about antioxidants that are contained in foods, then you know how beneficial they can be. Antioxidants can fight all sorts of health issues and you want to make sure you have plenty of them.

CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 is what you have within your cells. The job of CoQ10 is to make sure that the food you eat gets turned into energy for your body.

It can also help you stay healthy and keep you young. The reason that it's so helpful in the war against aging is because it's a natural antioxidant.

So you get all of the good "illness and age fighting" benefits right within your own body. One of the great benefits that CoQ10 can give you is it can help protect your heart.

Not having enough of this substance can cause your heart to work inefficiently. Without the right amount, your heart can't move the blood at the right volume or pace.

But that's not all this substance can do for your heart. It can also lower your blood pressure. Many studies have shown that high blood pressure can damage many of your body's organs - especially the heart.

The substance has been known to lower the systolic as well as the diastolic blood pressure levels. It can also help with your LDL cholesterol.

There are also certain diseases that taking a supplement of CoQ10 can help with that impact the heart.

Diabetes can cause damage to your cardiovascular health. By taking CoQ10, you can bring down the A1c numbers. So it can positively affect your overall health as well as your heart health.

Many people don't get the right amount of CoQ10 in their diets - so they end up missing out on all of the benefits they could be having to help their bodies stay younger.

You can find this substance in fish like salmon or in meats like liver. Certain grains also have CoQ10. But the problem is that most people don't eat enough of it for it to impact their health for the better.

If you're not someone who likes liver or fish, then the odds are already slanted toward the fact that you're probably a little shy of the helpful amount of CoQ10 that your body really needs.

(continued below...)

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REPORT: "Anti-Inflammatory Foods And Diet To Combat Aging" continued:

Resveratrol Has Anti-Aging Benefits

A lot of doctors today are telling their patients that it's more than okay to have moderate amounts of alcohol. That's because a specific alcohol can do wonders for your body.

The alcohol that doctors are saying to go ahead and drink is red wine. That's because red wine contains resveratrol. Resveratrol is a substance known for being an antioxidant.

You can find it in plants as well as the red wine that you drink. While it has a lot of great health benefits for your whole body, it can also make your skin look younger, too.

By consuming at least one glass of red wine each day, you can counteract a lot of the negative health issues that can go on in your body as you start to age.

In fact, resveratrol can not only help you look better, but feel better, too. There's a very good reason for this.

When your body gets plenty of antioxidants, they go to work setting up a line of defense against what can harm you and age you as well. They get busy getting rid of free radicals in your body.

These are damaged cells looking for molecules. Their goal is to go after the healthy cells and cause them harm.

When your healthy cells get damaged, they're not only vulnerable to some pretty nasty diseases, but to aging as well.

When you get the resveratrol your body needs, you're giving it a defense that will help keep you healthy and young. The problem is that not everyone likes to drink alcohol.

Not everyone can feasibly have a glass of red wine every day for whatever reason. That means you won't get the power contained in resveratrol. But that doesn't mean that the battle is lost for you.

What you can do is to make sure that your body gets the amount of resveratrol to help it by taking supplements. You'll find that these supplements are made from the same extracts that are used in making red wine.

So you can get the health benefits of anti-aging - plus other benefits when you use the supplements. Resveratrol fights inflammation in the body. It also helps with LDL cholesterol as well as in fighting clots.

It can target free radicals that can damage cells, making those cells a home for diseases like cancer. When you get the resveratrol in the amount that your body needs, it stimulates the SIRT1 gene.

This gene in turn battles many health problems that can creep up as you get older such as age-related dementia. Another age-related health problem that resveratrol can assist with has to do with the hearing.

As you get older, many people naturally begin to suffer from hearing loss and end up having to wear a hearing aid. A recent study on the benefit of resveratrol has shown that this substance can help to fight against age-related hearing loss.

L-Carnitine Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Your body has to have L-Carnitine in order to function. Without enough of this amino acid, your body is going to start putting up some red flags. Among those red flags that it will wave for you are symptoms that you shouldn't ignore.

Brain confusion is one of the signs of low L-Carnitine. You may have trouble concentrating or difficulty in remembering things.

Fatigue is another common symptom when this amino acid is below healthy levels.

Blood pressure that drops too low is another. So are muscle aches and muscle weakness. All of that - or some of those - can happen when your body is L-Carnitine deficient.

But what can happen when you don't get enough of this amino acid is that your body can't process the fats the way that it should. You might wonder what that has to do with your brain.

Your brain has to have these fatty acids that L-Carnitine is responsible for delivering throughout the body. That means that without the proper amount of this amino acid, your brain gets robbed of the fuel it's supposed to receive.

In the absence of these nutrients, your brain function declines. When the function declines, what you're supposed to do can be affected along with what you're supposed to remember.

But this deficiency can also increase your risk of having a lack of protection against age-related dementia. The entire communication system between your brain and the nerve signals can be disrupted.

The L-Carnitine in your body is an important factor in cushioning your nerves. The way that it cushions is by the way it processes the breakdown of the fats.

These fats are then assigned to make it easy for your nerves to act as a conduit in sending and receiving messages in your body.

When L-Carnitine is lacking, your brain doesn't get the fuel it needs because the nerves aren't getting what they need. What begins to happen is that the cushion provided by L-Carnitine weakens when there's not enough of it.

As the cushion weakens, it begins to disrupt the way that the nerves can perform their job. They struggle to communicate. They're no longer protected by enough cushioning, which makes them vulnerable.

There are several age-related diseases that can be linked to a lack of this protection for your nerves all as a by-product of not enough L-Carnitine. One of those diseases is Alzheimer's.

Another one is Parkinson's. By taking supplements that make sure you get enough of this amino acid that you need, you give your body a tool that can fight back against the onslaught of diseases like that.

You can also improve your cognitive function as well as your memory when you get the right amount of L-Carnitine.

Fish Oil Slows the Body's Aging Process

Fish oil can do wonders for your body. Like having access to the fictional fountain of youth, this very real supplement interferes with how your body ages. Your blood cells have what's called telomeres inside of them.

As you go up in age, these telomeres begin to shrink in size. When you give your body a healthy supplement of fish oil, you reverse the shortening process that telomeres go through.

On top of acting like life preservers for your blood cells, they also fight to keep them healthier. Fish oil works to help eliminate any inflammation that you might have.

When you have inflammation in your cells, this can cause damage to the telomeres. By saving telomeres from shortening and keeping inflammation at bay, fish oil gives you even more protection against aging.

It can boost your system's ability to fight off certain health problems such as cardiovascular disease. It also helps to prevent the formation of free radicals, which damage cells and can be a gateway to allowing cancer to start.

Because your body can't make the helpful nutrients that you get from fish oil, you can only get it one of two ways. You can get it in the foods that you eat or by taking a supplement.

If you decide that you're going to just try to get enough in your diet, you should know that many people struggle with this. It can be difficult to make sure that you get enough of the foods that contain omega 3 every single week.

You would have to eat a lot of fatty fish such as salmon or tuna or herring twice a week.

Some nuts also contain omega 3, which is the helpful ingredient in fish oil, but most people don't consume enough nuts to get the amount of omega 3 that can be of any benefit to their body.

After awhile, you would get tired of eating fish all the time and it would be too easy to just begin skipping a week or two or longer.

Since omega 3 isn't stored in the body, you won't be getting any health benefits or helping yourself in the battle against aging.

However, by taking an Omega 3 fish oil supplement, you get the right amount of DHA and the EPA, which are essential fatty acids that you need.

Vitamin D3 Keeps Your Bones Young

You might have heard plenty of advice about how good for your body that Vitamin D3 is. All of the good things you've heard about this vitamin is true. It's a necessary part of good health.

But it also reigns as one of the best vitamins that you can take as an anti-aging supplement for your bones. By not having enough of this important vitamin, you raise your risk of developing some serious diseases.

A lack of Vitamin D3 makes you more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. It also makes you more prone to inflammation as well as prostate, breast or colon cancer.

But one of the biggest chances that you take without enough of this supplement is the chance that you'll develop osteoporosis. This is a health problem that can occur in your later years - and what it does to your body is to make your bones get very brittle.

This means that as you age, you'll be more at risk of breaking a bone if you should happen to slip and fall down. You might have heard stories about elderly people falling and breaking an arm or more likely, breaking a hip.

Elderly people who fall are more prone to breaks without enough Vitamin D3. Just because you get older doesn't mean that you have to allow your bones to weaken, not when you can do something about it now.

While your body does make some Vitamin D3, it's not nearly enough - especially as you age. By the time that you reach 50 years old, you run a much higher risk of being Vitamin D3 deficient.

Even young people can end up not having enough of this vitamin in their body. They might not notice the effects when they're younger, but as their body ages, they'll be even more likely to have trouble with their bones as well as their joints.

You might be under the impression that all you have to do to get your body to produce the amount of Vitamin D3 that you need is to go out and get some sun. It's true that your body does use sunlight to produce this vitamin.

However, you can't get enough sunlight to produce the right amount that your body needs. If you happen to protect your skin against harmful sun rays like you should, then your body isn't even able to create the vitamin because your skin isn't allowed to absorb the rays.

Without the rays, no Vitamin D3 is produced. You wouldn't want to risk skin cancer anyway.

That's why you need to take a supplement to ensure that you get all the health benefits that you need.

No one should try bettering their health on a diet of supplements alone. It's best to get your nutrients from natural foods.

However, sometimes it's a smart decision to supplement your nutritional efforts with vitamins and minerals that you may not be able to consume enough of in your meals.

The best thing you can do is have your doctor perform a complete blood panel to check for vitamin deficiencies.

This will help you make decisions about which supplements you need so that you're not taking some unnecessarily.

You can throw your body and your mind a lifeline by embarking on a natural home remedies anti-aging journey that freshens your body at a cellular level, so that it functions properly and you enjoy the youthful benefits from your efforts.

Warren Tattersall has been a full time nutritional consultant for over twenty years and works with people all over the world to help them improve their health, increase their personal energy levels and to use supplements to assist with diet related health issues.

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