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February 09, 2016

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Article: 10 Benefits of Daily Exercise
Healthy Recipe
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Power Quotes

"Worry is like a rocking chair - it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere."
- Dorothy Galyean

"Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Appreciate your friends. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is."
- Mary Anne Roadacher-Hershey

Optimum Health Tip:


Modest physical activity for 30 minutes per day will knock as much as 15 pounds off your weight within six months - assuming, of course, that calorie intake is not increased.


Sit or stand upright and suck in your stomach. Hold for about 20 seconds, breathing normally.

Repeat about once every waking hour. You should start seeing results in four to six weeks.


10 Benefits of Daily Exercise.

You probably know that proper nutrition and regular exercise can lead to an overall healthy body, inside and out. But how, specifically, does exercise benefit the human body?

There are literally hundreds of advantages to daily exercise, too many to list here.

However, the following 10 benefits of staying active on a daily basis should provide enough motivation for you to exercise more frequently.

1 – Exercise Can Help You Control Your Body Weight

If you are trying to lose weight, exercise can help.

Once you reach your ideal body weight, exercise on a daily basis helps you stay there.

2 – Exercise Creates Natural Energy

The oxygen and nutrients delivered by regular exercise keep your heart and respiratory system working properly.

This releases natural energy stores which allow you to go all day long without tiring.

3 – You Sleep Better When You Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise, especially in the morning, leads to deep, healthy sleep patterns.

You fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

4 – Exercise Promotes a Healthy Sex Life

Regular physical activity leaves you energized, feeling and looking better.

5 – Exercise Is a Great Way to Meet People

As a healthy social activity, exercise is tough to beat.

You get to meet and spend time with people who value exercise just like you do, and those partnerships can offer motivation on the days when you just don't feel like working out at all.

6 – Daily Exercise Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease

Daily physical activity promotes the presence of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or "good" cholesterol.

It also decreases your level of triglycerides. This combination lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

7 – You Become More Productive in Everything You Do

Your increased energy and boosted mental function that come from regular exercise can positively impact every area of your life.

8 – You Smoke and Drink Less

People that exercise regularly attend to cut back on the amount of tobacco they smoke, sometimes quitting altogether.

The same is true with drinking adult beverages, whether your favorite poison is beer, wine or alcohol.

9 – You Learn to Prioritize What Is Important

Daily exercise means making a plan, and sticking to that schedule.

This constant habit of prioritizing what is important to you can benefit your business and personal relationships as well as your physical fitness.

10 – Exercising Boosts Your Mood

A simple brisk 30 minute walk can help fight stress and anxiety.

"Feel good" hormones are released any time you exercise, and lead to a calm, controlled feeling of wellness.

Learn more on your health online site here at about Lifetime Fitness Exercise

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Healthy Recipe

Cool Snacks for a Hot Summer

Beat the heat with these cool summer treats!

Mouse Popsicles

It’s not what you’re thinking! The name refers to the size of the popsicle—not the contents.

Wash a bowl of seedless grapes, and then set the grapes in the freezer for about an hour. Poke colored toothpicks into the grapes to serve.

Juice Pops

Summer isn’t complete without homemade juice popsicles. Simply fill a popsicle mold or an ice tray with your favorite fruit juice.

Cover the ice tray with clear plastic wrap and poke a toothpick through the plastic into each square. Place the tray into the freezer until the popsicles are frozen solid.

Frozen Monkey Treats

Here is a healthy snack that your kids will go bananas for! Peel a banana and cut it in half. Insert popsicle sticks into the cut ends.

Dip the bananas into yogurt or melted chocolate, and then roll the bananas in chopped nuts, crushed cereal, or coconut shavings.

Place the bananas on a small waxed paper-lined baking sheet and set the sheet into the freezer for an hour or so. Fun to make and even more fun to eat!

Fruit Fizzy

Don’t plan your summer party without this refreshing drink. Pour one can of Sprite (it doesn’t have caffeine) into a blender, along with small ice cubes.

Add several large strawberries, a handful of blueberries, or other favorite fruit to the mix.

Blend the mixture until it has the texture of a slush. Pour into a glass and garnish with a cherry on top.

Note: When making fruit smoothies, adding some protein powder or healthy nutritional supplement powder to these recipes help to make them superfoods!

Recommendations & Sponsors

Our Sponsors and Affiliates are what keep this newsletter and our website self help books, articles and resources free to you, so we appreciate your support when purchasing from our sponsors.

In 2012 I began co-writing a book about the CFS therapies that had worked for me and my clients.

The book fully explains all the most popular and effective therapies and treatments that are most effective in beating chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are many methods and processes that you can try out for yourself to discover the ones that resonate best with your lifestyle and personal philosophies.

“Thermojetics Energy Drink”

THERMOJETICS ™ Beverage can be taken in hot or cold water, added to soup, Orange juice, Tomato juice etc.

Only limited by your own creativity. It activates the thermogenetic process as described below.

Often described as “rocket fuel”, due to the lift in mental clarity and either increased, or more sustainable energy.

Caught in a natural energy shortage?

Sometimes, the demands of modern life seem to require an endless supply of energy. It’s hard enough just trying to squeeze everything in, then finding the energy to actually do everything presents a whole other obstacle. Even when we try to lead healthy, balanced lives, the energy our bodies need may not be there to sustain us.

So where do we find the energy to accomplish everything so we can meet our goals and live our dreams? Here’s a short course on what your body needs to produce energy and how you can get more of it.

Connect with carbs:

Our bodies produce energy from our food intake, drawing from its nutrients to fuel our activities. Carbohydrates are the type of food that provide the most efficient fuel. That’s because carbohydrate-rich foods are converted into muscle glycogen, which burns quickly to give us instant energy.

However, there are healthy carbohydrates and ones that are less beneficial to the body. Fruits and vegetables are healthy carbohydrates. Refined grains are carbohydrates that have been robbed of many of their nutrients.

Even a “healthy muffin” can be high in fat and packed with calories, so be mindful of which carbohydrates you choose.

Whether you have an active lifestyle or you’re an athlete, you may need to pay more attention to your carbohydrate intake. Protein also plays a key role because it is needed to muscle maintenance.

To make sure you have adequate energy to function at your peal. Try grabbing a snack 30 minutes before a workout or take a carb break if your routine lasts more than 30 minutes.

Your daily energy source.

Even if you’re not particularly active, you still need to make sure your body receives the right type of balanced carbs it required to keep you going strong. Using Herbalife’s formula #1 shake is a simple way to ensure you receive the right amount of easily digestible carbohydrates daily.

One shake provides you with carbohydrates for quick stamina plus 9 grams of soy protein. It’s a simple away to make sure you get the carbs you need to help you through the day. As part of Herbalife’s weight management programme, formula 1 shakes contain just enough carbs to keep you from feeling energy depleted, but not enough to add kilos.

Herbal boosters.

When you need extra vitality, turn to herbal boosters like Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage. Made with green tea, Thermojetics creates an energising effect by helping stimulate metabolism, a process that also helps burn calories.

NRG tables are another excellent herbal booster with an invigorating, energising effect. This product uses herbal ingredients like guarana, a natural herb used for centuries by the Amazon Indians, to keep you feeling alert and energised.

Depending on your needs, you may want to rely on a carb source for muscular energy and a herbal source for an invigorating, focusing effect.

Now that you know your options you can leave that tires our feeling behind. Tap into these sources and feed your need for energy every day.

THERMOGENISIS - The NEW Development in Weight Management and Energy!

Scientists believe the concept of thermogenisis is the most exciting news from weight management research in fifty years.

Thermogenisis, meaning the generation of heat, is a normal process, like digestion, in which the body’s brown adipose (fatty) tissue (BAT) burns up the calories your body doesn’t need, thus creating a natural energy.

Being overfat or obese, occurs primarily when BAT is not functioning properly, and the body must deal with excess calories by storing them as white fat.

Scientists have discovered that by combining specific amounts of certain “totally natural” thermogenetic substances, it is possible to create a basically new compound with an “amazingly safe” thermogenetic action!


* Prevent dietary lipids from being stored as white fat
* Convert current white fat back into soluble lipids to be burned off
* Burn off the soluble lipids
* Increase the body’s energy by increasing the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue, . . . and
* Remove the craving for high calorie food that causes the problem in the first place


* Clarity of thinking
* Increased energy
* Good for hangovers
* Feeling of well being
* Weight loss
* Size loss
* Improved s.ex drive (due to energy increase)


To get more info or for a phone Consultation, simply email me to know more about this powerful natural product Contact Us with “Thermojetics Energy Drink” in the subject section.

Natural Beauty recipe

Relaxing and Soothing Bath Bags:

If you're feeling agitated at bedtime, the right herbal combination can help you drift right off into the REM stage.

Herbs that you might use in a bedtime bath include chamomile, hops, lavender, lemon balm, marjoram, passionflower, sandalwood and valerian.

A Sleep Inducing Bath

4 tb Dried chamomile
3 tb Dried lemon balm
2 tb Dried passionflower
1 tb Dried valerian

Aromatherapy Bath Bag

1 7 inch square piece of muslin or other light fabric
12 Inch length of ribbon
1 c Potpourri
Make a potpourri of equal amounts of comfrey and chamomile.
Place the potpourri in the center of the fabric square. Gather all edges of fabric over the potpourri and tie with ribbon or string.
Hang from the bath tap as hot water runs to fill the tub.

Editor’s Notes & Humor

Conscious laughter.

Modern science is now beginning to verify the adage, "Laughter is the best medicine."

One of the most famous examples illustrating this point is that of Norman Cousins, who wrote of recovering from a potentially crippling arthritic condition after spending hours watching Marx Brothers movies and reruns of Candid Camera while taking megadoses of vitamin C.

Laughing regularly caused his pain to lessen, until eventually his illness disappeared altogther. More recently, the work of Patch Adams, M.D., founder of the Gesundheit Institute in Arlington, Virginia, has spurred increased interest in laughter's therapeutic effects, so much so that Dr. Adams' life was the subject of a hit movie starring Robin Williams.

Hearty laughter offers many of the same benfits as gentle exercise. Laughing exercises the facial muscles, shoulders, diaphragm, and abdomen.

Laughter also decreases anxiety and stress and can improve our outlook on life, which is very useful when we get sick. Research shows that laughter may also boost endorphin levels, increase circulation, and enhance immune activity.

All of us laugh at certain times throughout each day, but we can increase laughter's benefits by consciously choosing to laugh more often. Doing so requires commitment and a willingness to cultivate a sense of optimism and humor, however.

Like any skill, learning to become a conscious laugher takes practice, but when you find yourself laughing throughout the day, you can be sure that you are increasingly becoming healthier in every area of your life.


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Lotto night comes and Joe still has no luck.

Once again, he prays...

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"Joe, meet me halfway on this. First, please buy a lottery ticket."

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