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July 06, 2021
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Health Report: Can Diabetes Be Reversed?
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Optimum Health Tip:

Organic Living Tips

1. When buying seeds, make sure you’re buying non-GMO. If it doesn’t say it’s non-GMO, don’t assume that it is.

2. Think you can’t afford organic? Buy foods that are in season. It’s both more inexpensive and healthier.

3. Have a favorite seasonal food? Buy it when it’s in season, then freeze it. It’s healthier than buying it out of season.

4. Avoid large fish like tuna. Large fish eat small fish and build up higher concentrations of mercury.

5. Consider supplementing Omega-3s. It’s perhaps the most important supplement of all for the health conscious.

6. Look up and remember when your local farmer’s markets are. They’re cheaper, and you can ask directly about how the food was grown.

7. Buy green cleaning products to avoid chemicals like ammonia or chlorine in your house.

8. Not all food has to be labeled “Organic” to be healthy. If you’re buying directly from the farmer, ask how it was made.

9. Sign up for your local fruit or veggie boxes. Farmers will deliver fresh organic produce straight to your door.

10. See if there are food co-ops near you. These co-ops grow organic food and sell it to their local markets.

11. Carrots, beets and radishes are very easy to grow. If you want to give growing a shot, that’s a good place to start.

12. Try to eat as much of your produce raw as possible. Cooking destroys enzymes and can reduce vitamin content by 12x.

Motivating Quotes:

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."
- Mahatma Gandhi

"The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years."
- Deepak Chopra

"Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body."
-Joseph Addison

REPORT: "Can Diabetes Be Reversed?"

Anyone who has diabetes knows that the disease has many different symptoms. These symptoms can range from tingling in the hands caused by nerve damage from high glucose levels to frequent urination.

As time passes, diabetes can cause a lot of serious harm to your body unless you reverse it. Well over 25 million people now have diabetes. There are two types of diabetes.

Type 1 means that the cells in the pancreas have been destroyed. This is usually caused by an autoimmune disease. Very little insulin is produced in the pancreas and certainly not enough to keep glucose levels manageable.

Of the two types of diabetes, this one can be the most difficult to regulate and is often diagnosed in early childhood. However, Type 2 diabetes can be more easily reversed because this form of the disease is linked to metabolic disorders rather than cell destruction.

People who have Type 2 diabetes don't have enough insulin production to control their glucose levels.

Understand the Truth About Diabetes

If you look around in the medicine section of a grocery store or drug store, you'll easily notice that there are numerous products dedicated to living with diabetes. You'll find equipment for all kinds of diabetic needs, equipment for keeping your feet comfortable and protected from nerve damage, books on diabetic meal planning and more.

When you keep checking, you'll see that there are scores of different testing supplies that you can purchase. In the past, to buy a glucose meter, testing strips and lances, you had to have a prescription.

But now that millions of people have been diagnosed with this condition, you can just pick up supplies over the counter. That pretty much removes the limit to how often you can test your levels and how much money you can spend on all of the products.

If you'll pay attention to all of these supplies, you'll notice that all of them are there to teach you how you can thrive while having diabetes. Your doctor will have you come in for A1c testing periodically so that you'll know how well you're monitoring your levels.

This way, your medication dosage can be raised if your levels are staying too high. You'll get warned about the long term complications of diabetes - such as blindness or amputation if you don't keep a tight control on those numbers.

Having all of these products and all of this information from doctors is a good thing, right? Not always. Because when you have tools that help you stay where you are, it's too easy not to change.

It's too easy to just accept that this is the way it will always be. What all of this has in common is that the mindset you're being taught is geared toward making sure you understand how you can live with it rather than how you can fight it.

Instead of loading yourself down with information on accepting and living with diabetes or allowing others to tell you that you have to live with it - look at the alternative - reversing diabetes.

Take back control of your health. It's easier to do than you might think. Reader's Digest had an article online dated November 2012 that talked about some guidelines the American Diabetes Association was giving new patients.

Instead of automatically going on medication for diabetes after a diagnosis, the ADA suggested trying some lifestyle changes first. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the results debunk the myth that once you have diabetes, you'll always have it.

Using lifestyle changes, participants monitored in one of the groups were said to be in diabetes remission. Their glucose levels were within normal range without the need for any medication.

Medications and Insulin Don't Treat the Root Cause of Diabetes

Read through here and then we will continue with some suggestions of practical steps you can to take to begin on your own path of improving you health.

When someone gets diagnosed with diabetes, one of the first things most doctors will do is give them a prescription for medicine or insulin to get those numbers under control.

But that's actually one of the worst steps that you can take. So why do doctors handle it this way? Because it's become the gold standard for the way that diabetes is treated.

Diabetes is one of the diseases where the treatment plan really does fall on the patient's shoulders. Your doctor isn't going to teach you how to cure diabetes.

You'll have to do it yourself. He's just going to teach you how to treat it - there's a big difference.

Before you start looking into reversing your diabetes, there's something that you need to know. Diabetes is metabolic in nature and needs to be treated from a metabolic standpoint.

Insulin resistance and problems regulating your blood sugar don't start with your pancreas. It begins with leptin. Women naturally have more levels of this than men do.

Leptin is a hormone that can contribute to weight gain because of how it works with insulin. The more excess weight you have, the more leptin you have. You can become leptin resistant just as you can become insulin resistant.

The job that leptin does in the body is pretty complex. It works to regulate how your body uses energy and it's instrumental in keeping your appetite on an even keel.

Have you ever noticed that with diabetes, it feels as if you're always hungry - even when you've already eaten a filling meal or snack? That's not the pancreas acting up - that's the leptin hormone.

What leptin does is to let your body know when it's time to release some insulin. This hormone is a key player in how your body will then use that insulin.

This hormone is the reason that most of today's treatment methods for diabetes don't work for curing diabetes.

Those treatments focus completely on bringing the glucose levels down to a manageable level rather than looking at the root cause. Instead, what's going on with the leptin hormone should be addressed.

With Reversal Available Why Do People Still Have Diabetes?

With the information that's easily available online, why aren't more people taking the steps they need to take to reverse their diabetes? Well, one reason is that they don't know the information is out there!

They believe what they've been told. They think that they'll always have it. They're not aware of the information that can help them.

So they accept it as a non-negotiable truth and set out to educate themselves about how to live life and treat the condition, never thinking to see if there's an alternative.

This mindset can be even more firmly entrenched within someone if they come from a family where having diabetes is prevalent among several members.

If all of the members of the family simply lived with the disease then the odds are high that they will, too - because behavioral mindsets can contribute to the way that we live our lives.

So an unintentional lack of knowledge can be one of the reasons that people still have diabetes. They just don't know there's a better way of life available.

And sometimes when you believe something for a long time, it can be difficult to let go of what's ingrained in your mind and step out to reach for something better.

A lack of motivation can be a reason that many people don't try to reverse their diabetes. Why the lack of motivation? Because we get comfortable in what we're most familiar with.

By doing what we've always done, we don't have to deal with being overwhelmed with new information. There's a good reason that it's referred to as the comfort zone.

It's where we fit snugly with ease. We can have what we want to eat and we can do what we want to do - with the consequences being that you have to treat the repercussions of your actions.

Even though there's often that little voice inside our heads warning us that the way that we're dealing with diabetes isn't right, we ignore it. And our health continues to get worse.

Unfortunately, some people still accept having diabetes because they bought into the belief that it can't be changed and they're simply too discouraged to even make an attempt. This mindset is usually the place where a lot of newly diagnosed find themselves.

Later in this article we give some practical suggestions about things you can do to yourself to improve your overall health and potentially take more control over your problem with diabetes.

(continued below...)

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REPORT: "Can Diabetes Be Reversed?" continued:

Reversing Diabetes Doesn't Take Years

For many people diagnosed with diabetes that's not caused by an autoimmune disorder, diabetes arrived on the scene over the course of several years. During these years, there probably wasn't a lot of thought put into the kinds of foods that you were consuming.

So over time, your body's pancreas just couldn't keep up with the demand that was put on it - and the insulin production stopped being as effective. For some people, diabetes is brought on because of their lifestyle.

They ate more food than their body could burn and neglected exercise. So they gained too much weight and the more they gained, the harder the pancreas worked.

For others, diabetes - even Type 2 diabetes - had nothing to do with their weight. They're actually a normal body weight.

But they ate foods that contributed to the onset of diabetes and one of the best things you can do is to learn how certain foods can help create a leptin resistance and cause your blood sugar levels to rise.

But regardless of the reason why you have diabetes, regardless of how many years it's taken to reach this point in your life, turning it all around doesn't take years. It can be done in a matter of weeks.

Even Healthy Foods Can Thwart Diabetes Reversal

You've probably heard the advice until you can recite it from memory. Eat low fat foods. Get your proteins in for healthy muscles. Choose complex carbohydrates so you'll stay full longer and eat less.

Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eat whole grain. Drink plenty of water. You might even do all of that and yet you're still struggling with diabetes. None of the healthy tips and advice that you've followed for years are working.

So that means you have to be doing something wrong, right? No. You're not the one who's doing something wrong. What's going on is that you've been following basic health and fitness advice - and that's not what you should be following.

Take the carbohydrates for example. While eating complex carbohydrates such as potatoes will keep you full longer than eating simply carbohydrates, the truth is that complex carbs work to create insulin resistance.

They work against your goal of reversing diabetes. Some complex carbohydrates have extreme high numbers on the glycemic index scale and can really wreak havoc with diabetes.

You have to know which foods you need to avoid, which foods you should be eating and which foods you can have - but in a different form. Some of the advice that you might have been following might be the advice about avoiding sugar.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to diabetes. You might have believed the myth that it's healthier to use artificial sugar when you want to satisfy your craving to have something sweet.

But eating artificial sugar causes a response with the leptin. This, in turn, signals for your pancreas to churn out some more insulin. This then triggers your appetite, making you hungrier and making you want to eat more.

You'll want to watch out for the types of grains that can cause you to have trouble with your insulin production. You'll also want to know why you need to have fats in your diet rather than avoiding them.

Some people who have diabetes find that doing a food cleanse to remove toxins from their system is beneficial to help them get started on reversing their diabetes.

One of the worse things that someone who wants to reverse their diabetes can do when they eat is to fill up their plate with foods that have a heavy glycemic combination count.

When you do that, it causes your pancreas to respond and release more insulin in an attempt to deal with the load. Learning how to eat, what to eat and when to eat it is important.

If you want to reverse diabetes, you need to know that when you eat is as important as what you eat. Eating more frequently is more helpful for someone who wants to reverse diabetes than it is to eat only three times a day.

It's also more helpful not to eat within a certain amount of time before you go to bed at night.

Your Weight, Exercise and Diabetes Reversal

You might have been told that your weight plays a big part in a diabetes diagnosis and diabetes reversal. The truth is that being overweight does contribute to causing diabetes.

However, the amount of weight loss that can help you with diabetes reversal isn't a set amount. It depends on your body shape and type. This amount is going to be different for each person.

While one person might lose 10 pounds and see a significant change, someone else might need to lose twice that before he does. You don't have to exercise in order to reverse your diabetes.

What exercise can do for you is help you get your leptin and insulin where they need to be to work together the way they're supposed to. You'll want to make exercise part of your goal, but in the beginning, it's not something you need to obsess over.

Here's why you don't want to stress over it. Your leptin levels are affected by stress - and that can include exercise.

However, once you reach the stage where you're considered to have reversed your diabetes, you're going to want to make exercise a part of your life. You don't even have to exercise that long. Twenty minutes three times a week can make all the difference you need!

Active Steps To Help Control Diabetes,

The report above gives a lot of information about how to control your diabetes. This section gives some concrete steps you can take to achieve the things like weight control and food balance which have been referred to above.

A lot of people believe that they cannot lose weight when they have diabetes because they need to eat regularly to keep their blood sugar stable.

Let’s talk about how you can use a meal replacement for weight loss and not throw your blood sugar into crisis.

One of the most established weight control products in the market is the Herbal.Life rage of products. They were released in USA back in the 1980’s and now supply products all over word with a multi-billion dollar turnover.

The Herbal.Life weight control program can be used for weight loss by taking 2 nutrition shakes a day with one normal meal of whatever you would normally have (maybe just cut that back a little).

This means you can lose weight while still being able to eat the foods you love so it is a weight management program rather than a diet.

The Herbal.Life shake, meal replacement, has fructose sugar in it but the shake is balanced and, used correctly, can be used without disturbing blood sugar balance.

For many people, taking one shake, with some multi vitamins, for 2 meals and only eating one main meal in a day can be a problem so for people with diabetes. The recommendation is that the shakes are split with the first hald taken at the time of your normal meal and the second half taken in between.

For example: half shake for breakfast, half shake for morning tea, half shake for lunch, half shake for afternoon tea, normal meal at night. (or similar if you want to have your main meal in the middle of the day).

This allows for consistent intake of food and sugars to keep blood sugar stable.

People using this method can lose weight, feel more energized, and have control over their food intake all at the same time.

Of course, what you mix the shake in has a direct effect on your food intake. Choosing what you mix the shake into so that it works for you and still tastes great, and you want to drink it, is important. If you used a large glass of commercial fruit juice that could be a problem. You use some juice and some ice and water with a strawberry flavoured shake for example it gives more balance. You might blend the shake in a blender with fresh fruit. You may stir the shake into your favourite yogurt and eat it with a spoon.

There are lots of options open to you, the point here is that here is something you can do to work with your weight while still keeping control of your diet the ability to manage your diabetes.

You can learn more here about how to deal with diabetes using natural healthy remedies and nutrition.

We hope you found this report helpful to you and that you will put the content to good use for improving your health and wellbeing.

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