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July 05, 2022
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Health Report: A 2-Step Process to Heal from Mental Stress
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Optimum Health Tip:

Pay Attention to Your Hunger

When you’re dieting it can be easy to get caught up on calories and grams of various nutrients like carbs, fats, and fiber. But sometimes it can be easy to ignore nature’s most important signal – your level of hunger.

Most people who need to diet have ignored that trigger for a long time. Eating until you’re stuffed can sometimes signal the end of a meal. However, if you feel stuffed you’re long past satisfying your hunger.

It might help to spend an entire day or two devoted to paying attention to your hunger signals. Some signs that you’re hungry may include:

· An empty feeling in your stomach
· Weakness or fatigue
· Thirst

If you’re feeling hungry in your mouth or that you just want to taste something, you’re probably not actually hungry. People eat for many other reasons than hunger such as emotions, sharing in social occasions, and wanting to experience a flavor.

By focusing on using your food as fuel, you’ll be more likely to eat healthily. When you begin to feel hungry, have a small amount of food. Focus on eating until you’re feeling satisfied or the feeling of hunger in your stomach has gone away.

Eating past the point of satisfaction can lead to:

· Feeling sick
· Indigestion
· Feeling bloated
· Having to unbutton your pants
· Ultimately gaining weight
· Feelings of failure that lead to more emotional eating

When you stop eating as you feel satisfied, you’ll naturally attain a weight that is natural and healthy for you.

This is one of the most important things you can do for your health – but also one of the most challenging.

Motivating Quotes:

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."
- Mahatma Gandhi

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
- Mark Twain

"Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living a happy, healthy and rewarding life."
- Marilu Henner


Below we are talking about Mental Health Issues.

This is often a deeply personal area and very often rooted in causes that we do not even understand ourselves.

It is good to reach out to someone you know and who you trust and talk through issues. Maybe that will assist in finding what you need to do to begin to have more control in your life.

These are not issues which are generally helped by trying to work in isolation.

If you or someone you know has a mental health issue the best path maybe to talk with your doctor and to see what they can find and to offer for your situation.

There are also many other paths which may assist you and today we are looking through some of those options.

One of the areas where I have been involved with myself is nutrition supplementation. This is an area which allows you to keep your system in balance and is a great support for keeping stability but for and existing mental health issues nutritional supplementation is not enough, there are often no easy fixes.

Hopefully below you can find areas which might assist yourself or the person you know to find personal answers and to start of the path back to stability.

The Health Success Site has a broad range of information in many areas that may be helpful.

If after reading this you are looking for more information you may like to check our index of A to Z index of health and wellness articles at articles at our Your Health On Line page.

Some of the articles there include:

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There are also a lot of other articles on related areas which may be relevant to your own investigations.

REPORT: "A 2-Step Process to Heal from Mental Stress"

There are two methods of approaching the healing of mental stress issues. Both must be addressed before jumping to conclusions about what you need to do to begin to heal.

You can try to identify the root cause by getting some lab tests run before you decide which method is best for you.

If there are no medical issues causing the imbalance in your mental health, you can begin to work on healing your mind and heart by researching methods such as ETT (Emotional Transformation Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

You may need to try several methods before you come across one that works, but it’s well worth the time and effort.

Your mental and physical health depends on finding methods to heal from mental stress.

Medical Issues that Could Be Causing Mental Stress

There are many medical issues that could be causing mental stress – among them, hormones or other chemical issues.

A sudden onset of symptoms might indicate a red flag for medical abnormalities such as vascular disease, stroke, nutritional shortages, infections or hormones.

It’s important to run medical tests to see if you’re suffering from any of these conditions. Your doctor can discuss the results of the tests to determine whether your mental health stress is resulting from a medical condition and then plot a method of treatment.

In all likelihood, mental stress is happening because you’re undergoing some outside, emotional trauma.

But, lately, experts have noticed the rise of underlying medical reasons for mental stress such as environmental toxins, diseases (especially those associated with aging and degeneration) and drug interactions.

Unfortunately, it may be more difficult to find a medical reason for mental stress than emotional-caused stress. Finding underlying medical issues that may be causing mental stress is complex and challenging.

It’s easy to misdiagnose the underlying condition of mental stress, so it’s more often thought to be outside environment and emotional issues.

There are many signs that are common to both types of mental stress – medical and emotional.

Although all the signs have things in common, the medical side should be tested first. Some medical issues can become serious in a very short time, so it’s best to mark those issues off your list with specialized tests.

Signs of Medical-Related Mental Stress

Mental stress caused by a medical condition can cause you to change your goals and your lifestyle.

There are several signs to look for when you’re bombarded with mental stress so you (and your health care provider) can run medical tests.

One physical sign that can be attributed to mental and/or medical stress is fatigue. If you’re experiencing chronic fatigue and it’s becoming difficult for you to complete your daily tasks, you’ll want to find out if you’re lacking vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition can be a significant catalyst to developing mental stress and it begins with eating patterns and diet which may lack the ability to fuel the brain and body.

Pain – especially chronic pain – such as in the back or stomach may also be medically caused.

Chronic pain that just won’t go away without powerful pain pills or therapy can cause mental stress that can keep you from living your best life.

After determining the reason for the pain, surgery or physical therapy might be needed.

Headaches are also known to cause mental stress. Worrying about the headache causing time off from work or inability to socialize can trigger mental stress that can make the pain worse.

Causes of headaches are many and you should talk to your doctor about testing for any type of mental issue (such as tumor) that may be present.

Infections within the body may cause chemical changes that exacerbate mental stress.

Exposure to toxins in the environment is a fairly recent addition to possible causes of mental stress.

The mental symptoms caused from exposure to toxins may wax and wane depending on the amount of toxins in the body at one time.

The environment contains high levels of contaminants that are present in most of our lives.

Insecticides, room deodorizers and fertilizers contain toxic chemicals – and so does the medications you might use on a pet such as flea sprays.

Doctors are now testing much more for environmental toxins when patients complain of sleep problems, depression, anxiety and other mental stress disorders.

Another sign of medical-caused mental stress might be abnormalities in movement.

If you develop certain tics such as when you speak or try to enunciate, there could be a medical reason.

Clumsiness and problems with walking or balance may be caused by a medical mental disorder and you should be tested if that occurs.

Mental stress can be a red flag that could save you from a medical condition that could get progressively worse.

Discuss any pain or other unexplained medical condition with your doctor so he can run tests to find the root cause.

Emotional and Lifestyle Causes of Mental Stress

After you’ve made sure there are no medical issues causing your mental stress, you should focus on emotional and/or lifestyle issues.

Emotional and lifestyle issues may cause mental stress that becomes so acute that it morphs into medical problems.

Almost everyone experiences trauma at some point in their lives from the death of a loved one, move to another part of the globe or other major lifestyle changes.

These are usually temporary stressors that can be good or bad in the long-run. For example a marriage or getting a dream job might be stressful and cause you to feel depressed or have other stress issues.

Even bad stress such as meeting deadlines or athletic competition can be beneficial if it motivates you to perform better.

You may have mental stress that you bring on yourself from worrying about something that will likely never happen. Worry about losing your job or something happening to a loved one are examples of worrying for no valid reason.

This could become a pattern that causes anxiety, discomfort or other negative feelings. Some people cope better than others with circumstances that they may perceive as negative, but if they’re exceeding your ability to cope, you should seek help.

Daily hassles affect us all in different ways. Such hassles include making decisions, school or work deadlines or difficult projects, conflict with others and traffic jams. Of course, not everyone perceives these situations as stressful.

For example, you may become highly stressed if you have to speak to an audience – but, a person such as a politician who does it on a daily basis – will not be stressed.

These daily lifestyle stressors and others that would fill a book, if mentioned, can cause physical illnesses such as chronic fatigue, headaches and other maladies.

If you’re going through stress that is taking a toll on your mental and physical well-being, it’s time you learned methods of coping.

It could be as simple as taking deep breaths, meditation, tai chi or other forms of relaxation techniques – or you might need more extensive therapy to get you through the angst.

(continued below...)

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REPORT: "A 2-Step Process to Heal from Mental Stress" continued:

Coping with Mental Stress

There are many methods of coping with mental stress, including taking prescription medications and relaxation techniques.

But, when the usual and simpler relaxation techniques aren’t working, it’s time to step up the game with some techniques that go deeper into the psyche.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a coping mechanism for mental stress that addresses depression, tension, anxiety and much more – including chronic pain.

This method combines acupressure which affects mind and body chemicals to get to the root cause of the stress and eliminate it.

A self-help technique to relieve stress and pain, EFT tapping therapy can be performed anywhere or anytime and no equipment or medications are necessary.

EFT works by focusing on the energy (meridians) that course through the body and changes the flow to encourage emotional and physical healing.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has been used successfully to treat disorders such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Even the experts don’t agree on how EMDR works, but it is being used more and more for treating trauma-related issues such as rape or accidents.

This type of psychological approach to mental stress doesn’t use medications or talk therapy. It uses the patient’s rapid and rhythmic movements of the eye to reduce the power of past memories to affect his/her current lifestyle.

EMDR treatments usually last about 90 minutes. During the session, the therapist moves his fingers in front of your eyes and you are asked to follow the motions with your eyes.

You’ll be asked to recall a traumatic event in your life and describe the emotions that it brings to light.

As the session continues, the therapist will skillfully change your thoughts to happier ones.

ETT (Emotional Transformation Therapy) is used for people suffering from mental stress that might involve pain and trauma and helps them to reach the final healing process.

This therapeutic method to healing incorporates color waves, eye movements and light to bring about emotional transformations.

It’s a non-invasive, non-medication type of therapy that stimulates the brain for faster results.

ETT tends to target the unpleasant memories that might be keeping us from success and the light and colors reshape the neural impulses to have more positive responses.

The ETT therapist takes cues from the emotional responses shown in verbal conversation and facilitates the changes through light and colors.

ETT therapy is used to treat a number of mental stress issues such as anxiety, panic, chronic pain, depression and much more.

Those who suffer from anger or fear have found ETT to be especially helpful in clearing out the negative thoughts that trigger these responses.

Less intense forms of dealing with mental stress include yoga, tai chi and meditation. These are the go-to methods of healing that work perfectly for most people.

Meditation helps you get back in touch with your true feelings and to find that quiet place to think and figure out problems.

Yoga helps to both physically and mentally relax and release the endorphins so important to mental health. Yoga exercises help to stretch your muscles and keep you agile and flexible.

Tai chi is both a physical and mental exercise that anyone can benefit from. Exact movements are used to strengthen and stretch the body while bringing positive thoughts to the mind.

How to Prevent Mental Stress

If your mental stress seems to be in your mind to stay and it’s taking an emotional or physical strain on your life, it’s time to learn how to control and prevent this stress from taking a toll that could have tragic physical and mental results.

Some stress is uncontrollable – losing your job or facing serious health problems. Then, there is stress that is natural to humans, such as meeting goals and facing lifestyle changes.

But, some stress is controllable. For example, how you handle traffic jams, being late for a meeting or relationship issues.

When you learn how to control these stressors in your life, you’ll be able to see immediate improvement in almost every area of your life.

Learning to say no is one of the first and most attainable goals in your commitment to prevent stress.

Most of us over-commit and haven’t learned how to set boundaries. Don’t take on more than you can easily fit into your schedule.

Change negative thoughts to positive ones. This may take some time. It’s a habit that you have to get used to putting into practice.

For example, rather than stressing out over being in traffic, look at it as an opportunity to learn something from a positive thinking podcast or listening to music you love.

Some things are beyond your ability to control – especially the behavior of others.

If you have a boss or other person in your life who stresses you out with his/her behavior, think about how you can respond in a positive way. It might be that you just walk away.

Practice time management and avoid procrastination. Make a to-do list every day, making the most important tasks priorities – and do them first.

Transfer what you don’t get done to the next day. As you mark off the tasks, you’ll feel much more empowered. Be grateful for all you have.

Take some time every day to think about the positive things – and people – in your life.

You’ll be more able to keep things in perspective than letting little things during the day stress you out.

Managing your stress has everything to do with how you control your thoughts, environment and emotions.

Unless you maintain control, your life may get out of control and when stress bears down, you change both physically and mentally.

Keep stress-healing methods in mind, and when stress seems to be more than you can handle, try one of the techniques that you believe will work best for you.

Learn more here about Stress Management and get your free report download as well!

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