Warrens story
- getting started with Herbalife

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Thank you for taking the time to drop by this page.

I thought it was about time I put my story with Herbalife into type so that people looking at our business might be able to see what sort of activity they need to do to be successful with us.

This is Warren’s story, my own story, about getting started with Herbalife. It is not a new story but it is good to realize that your own getting started story will always be fresh as it tells what happened in the beginning for you.

I hope my own story has some value for you and I am happy to share it with you. high-st-maryborough.jpg

I live in a little country town in Australia called Maryborough.

When I say little I mean Little. In my home town of Maryborough we have only 8,000 people. We are a rural city, 160 km (100 miles) from Melbourne, our state capital. We are not a wealthy community. When I first registered with Herbalife my city had the second highest unemployment in Australia. As I write this the national unemployment rate is less than 5% but ours is around 17% !!

It is a very nice little town but there was little money and Maryborough would not be the first place you would chose to do business in.

I was in my own business in photography. A business my father had set up in 1953. We did weddings and portraits and had retail camera and accessory sales, picture framing etc. I had good staff and nice clients but I found I that I was working harder and harder and seemed to be just staying in the same place. I was constantly adding new things into the business to give additional cash streams. george-knight.jpg

Someone I had know for a long time, George Knight, called me one day to tell me that he wanted me to work with him in Herbalife.

I’d never heard of Herbalife and knew nothing about it but I knew George. He had made himself very wealthy when he was very young and he was always leader in any field he ventured into.

He brought me up to speed with his own personal story. He’d set up a computer company as the Dot Com boom was taking flight but he did it with the wrong people and things went very bad, costing him all his money and giving him a stomach ulcer from the stress.


They needed Herbalife

When he called me he already had a strong Herbalife business established. He was working with his girlfriend Andrea Williams and they both supported me to start my own Herbalife distributorship in Maryborough.

IBP.jpg He told me that he could find people up in the country areas where I lived who would use our products as customers, people who would register as a distributors but he couldn’t find anyone who would work with him to build business. He said he was looking for someone who would apply their brain to the business and work with him to build something worthwhile.

I asked a lot of questions and then bought an IBP (International Business pack) to register as a distributor.

George told me my first step in Herbalife was to take the products that were supplied in the IBP and use them myself.

Warren-TKD.jpg I said the he did not understand, I was training martial arts (Tae Kwon Do) and about to grade as a black belt and I did not need nutrition products.

He told me that I was the one who did not understand. One of THE keys to Herbalife was to have a personal relationship with the products, to be a product of the product. To be able to speak about the products from a background of personal experience.

So I did what I was told, I used the products myself. I found my energy improved, my stamina improved, my levels of concentration improved. In fact I found that they were really good products.

With that knowledge it was time to start working with my Herbalife distributorship as a part time business around my existing photography business. I read the materials I had been given, watched the videos and realized that the products were best suited to people who need better nutrition, and that was almost everyone I knew.


I talked to a few people who I knew and who were in business. They were working too hard and were tired. I told them what had happened to me and a couple of them wanted products.

To supply them I bought a few products in from Herbalife and sold them.

I talked to a few people who needed to lose weight and a couple of them wanted products as well.

skinner.jpg I talked to a few people with cardiovascular problems; one with very high blood pressure and one just diagnosed with onset diabetes. They also wanted products.

We talked with some sports people who also used the products.

Some of the people asked questions I did not have answers for so I said I’d get back to them and rang George, or my direct sponsor, Andrea Williams, asked them the question, got the information, and then got back to the people who had asked the question to give them the answer.

Other times I got George or Andrea on the phone to talk with my people.

Having a few people using products justified me buying in a bigger batch of products that gave me a 42% discount on purchase and so I had more profit.

Once I had people getting good results then I used those stories to tell other people about the products and interest grew, I had a part time business.


Next step was to duplicate what I had been doing and I talked with people saying that I had this little business and that there were more people to talk with than I could handle and I needed help.

Some of them joined me as distributors.

You can check the stories behind these pictures in more detail from the links on the bottom of this page.

I showed them what I had learnt and helped them, like George and Andrea had helped me

I went to any Herbalife training I could get to, even ones that were overseas.

18 months later my accountant rang me and asked me to drop by and see him.

He pointed out to me that my part time business, my Herbalife business, was now paying me over $10,000 a month (4 Lakh Rupees month) and that I could not afford to do it as a part time business any longer.

He told me to get rid of my photography business and to do Herbalife full time, which I did.

The point here is that this is not difficult. Doing Herbalife is not rocket science. These are the steps:

• Get registered
• Talk with people about the products – make some customers of your own
• Talk with people about the business – recruit some people to work with you as Herbalife distributors in your own business
• Support your customers
• Teach your distributors to do what you did.

This is fairly straight forward stuff.

Here is a little video Herbalife put together about my own story after I took some time off and travelled with my wife and 3 of our children for a year: USA, 3 months in Africa, 6 months in Europe, India, S.E. Asia. My baby started secondary school with 76 stamps in her passport. All because of Herbalife.

Warren Tattersall and the freedom to travel.

I have taken the time to sit and put my story together here so you can see what we do as Herbalife distributors.

Please forgive me being repetitive but it is such a simple business that I’d like to go over that one more time:

We all start from the same place - We all buy ourselves an IBP to register as a Herbalife Distributor.
- The smart distributors go through the material provided in the IBP that explain about the products and the business and that give us Point Of Sale materials to show people and tell our story.
- The successful distributors use the products from the IBP themselves so they know what our products do.
- The successful distributors normally get back to their sponsors and ask lots of questions, they attend trainings, they learn about our business.
- We then create a little customer base to get some momentum, some cashflow and some local stories about how effective our products are.
- With all this happening we gather some people to work with us and show them to do what we have done

If you think you can do this then it is time that you talked with us about getting your own IBP and about joining us in our Mission of Nutrition with Herbalife.

Further Reading.

There are pictures in the story above about people using the products. This is the heart of Herbalife – it is a product driven business.

I wanted you to be able to look into the stories behind those pictures and to get to know us better so the links are here for you:


Tony’s story pretty much tells itself. He used our products to prove that they could not work and then went on to be a long term customer. His story is on a PDF that you can reaqd here and if you would like to download it and show to other people who are looking ways to be in peak physical condition then you are welcome to do so. (Just click on the picture to the left)

David Exon is a chap who was working part time in my photographic business doing picture framing when I started with Herbalife. Based on seeing my results with energy he tried the products and went on to become a distributor himself. Here is his page on The Health Success Site for your interest. (Just click on the picture to the left)

Thank you for your time to look through this Warrens story page. I hope it has been helpful and has answers some of your questions.
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