Distributor Training - 1
14 day Product Cycle

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If you are at this site then it should be by invitation.

It is for Herbalife Distributors who are working with The Health Success Site Group and who are now ready to get their Herbalife business up and running.

warren-tattersall-thumbnailsmlFirst, let me congratulate you on being here at all.This means you are either working personally with me or you are part of one of the leadership teams we are putting together around the world.

Whichever of these descriptions best fits your situation, doing this training means you will have personal support from, and contact with, me, Warren Tattersall out of Australia.

We may as well start at the beginning. If you are not fully up to speed with who I am then check:Warren's Getting Started Story

The email you received directing you to this site should have given you a good outline of what we are doing but here is a brief summary to ensure you are aware of exactly what we are doing.

The training you are offered is a 3 part Getting Started training.

It has 3 Cycles in it that last for 14 Days each.

1.jpgThe first is based around the Herbalife Products, getting to know them and experience them yourself. It is designed to get you comfortable with your knowledge of what our products do, how they work, and how to talk about them with others.

At the end of this cycle I will allocate a one hour time block to get on the phone with you. Together we will craft your product story which will be one of the foundation blocks of your business. I will also create a website of your own for you on The Health Success Site (I carry the cost of that so the website is free to you).

2.jpgThe Second Cycle is about retailing the Herbalife products. There are a lot of tools available to you and many different ways to create retail customers. I want you to be aware of many of these so you can choose for yourself which way you want to work. I also want you to know the options so you can guide others.

At the end of this cycle you will have made at least your initial retail sale before you move on. I will then add additional features to your personal website.

3.jpgThe third Cycle is about building a distributor team to work with you spreading the Herbalife message. Again I will walk you through the tools available to equip you to do this and we will do some practical exercises to get things moving. I will add additional business pages to your personal site and you should begin interacting with the Herbalife Company in your area. As you are working with me we will also generate some people for you to talk with in addition to the people you have personal contact with.

At the end of this cycle I would expect you to have independent distributors of your own registered under you in your own business. You will also be clear about the market plan and either have achieved the 50% discount level of Supervisor with Herbalife or have a clear plan of how you are going to do that.

This will give you a solid foundation onto which to build your Herbalife business.

The next step is to get you started on Cycle 1 of the training program.

Fill out the form below and the process will begin.

(You will need to have your Herbalife ID number available as I will only work this program with people who are committed an d ready to move forward with buidling their business. They at least have their Herbalife Distributor Registration papers in hand)

Distributor Training - Section 1 - 14 day Product Cycle

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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Again, congratulations on being invited here and I am looking forward to working with you.

We should have some fun with this.

Warm wishes