Distributor Training - 2
14 day Product Cycle

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Welcome Back!!

If you are at this site then you have been through the product section of the training and are now ready to share what you have learnt and experienced with other people.

There are 3 pillars to the Herbalife business:

1/ The most important is that you use the products yourself and that everything you say to people is based on you knowing in your heart that the products will be good for them and good for the people they talk with.

2/ Having a customer base around you so you are constantly refreshing yourself with new stories. This also creates volume of business which people who work with you will duplicate. Because serious Herbalife distributors do this the total volumes are high and Herbalife is very lucrative.

3/ Teaching other people to Do What You Have Done (and being paid royalty income on the business you create)

This section is the retail section of the training.
It is Really important that you understand this and you have these skills.

Many of the people who go on products as retail customers will, in time, become distributors and work with you to share our message. Many of the very top distributors in Herbalife were retail customers first. Doing retail is part of building a Herbalife business.

I'll give you the information here but I will try to weave into the lessons the things that we would talk about if we were sitting face to face and just chatting about these things.

This means some of the lessons are a little longer than others but when that happens it will mean that I am going down the Herbalife road in front of you and showing you how to deal with obstacles that you have not even encountered yet.

If I can guide you around things that cause other people problems by setting up proper activity from the start then you will have a clear path forward to build your business.

Now we will talk about doing retail Herbalife business but in doing that we are going through the skills that you need to be very successful in the Herbalife business.

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Distributor Training - Section 2 - 14 day Retailing Cycle

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Again, congratulations on taking this next step and I am looking forward to working with you.

We should have some fun with this.

Warm wishes