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Always take time for yourself, at least 30 minutes per day

Be aware of your own stress meter: know when to step back and cool down

Concentrate on controlling your own situation, without controlling everybody else

Daily exercise will burn off the stress chemicals

Eat lots of fresh fruit, vegies, bread and water, give your body the best to perform at its best

Forgive others, don’t hold grudges and be tolerant – not everyone is as capable as you

Gain perspective on things, how important is the issue?

Hugs and kisses and laughter, have fun and don’t be afraid to share your feelings with others

Identify stressors and plan to deal with them better next time

Judge your won performance realistically, don’t set goals out of your own reach

Keep a positive attitude, your outlook will influence outcomes and the way others treat you

Limit alcohol, drugs and other stimulants, they affect your perception and behaviour

Manage money well, seek advice and save at least 10% of what you earn

No is a word you need to learn to use without feeling guilty

Outdoor activities by yourself, or with friends and family can be a great way to relax

Play your favourite music rather than watching TV

Quit smoking, it is stressing your body daily, not to mention killing you too

Relationships, nurture and enjoy them, learn to listen more and talk less

Sleep well, with a firm mattress and supportive pillow, don’t overheat yourself and allow plenty of ventilation

Treat yourself once a week with a massage, dinner out, the movies, moderation is the key

Understand things from the other person’s point of view

Verify information from the source before exploding

Worry less, it really does not get things completed better or quicker

Xanadu, regularly retreat to your favourite space regularly, make holidays are part of your yearly plan and budget

Yearly goal setting, plan what you want to achieve based on your priorities in your career, relationships etc

Zest for life, each day is a gift, smile and be thankful that you are a part if the bigger picture

Listening to music does wonder to alleviate stress.


Everyone has different tastes in music. We should listen to the music that makes us feel comfortable. Sitting down and forcing yourself to listen to relaxation music that you don't like may create stress, not alleviate it. Music is a significant mood-changer and reliever of stress, working on many levels at once.

The entire human energetic system is extremely influenced by sounds, the physical body and chakra centers respond specifically to certain tones and frequencies. Special consideration should be given to the positive effects of one actually playing or creating music themselves.

Among the first stress-fighting changes that take place when we hear a tune is an increase in deep breathing. The body's production of serotonin also accelerates.

Playing music in the background while we are working, seemingly unaware of the music itself, has been found to reduce the stress of the workplace. That’s why so many retail places play music while you shop – to take your mind off the high prices!

Music was found to reduce heart rates and to promote higher body temperature - an indication of the onset of relaxation. Combining music with relaxation therapy was more effective than doing relaxation therapy alone.

Many experts suggest that it is the rhythm of the music or the beat that has the calming effect on us although we may not be very conscious about it. They point out that when we were a baby in our mother's womb, we probably were influenced by the heart beat of our mother.

We respond to the soothing music at later stages in life, perhaps associating it with the safe, relaxing, protective environment provided by our mother.

Music can be one of the most soothing or nerve wracking experiences available. Choosing what will work for any individual is difficult, most will choose something they 'like' instead of what might be beneficial.

Back-to-Directory A health article about Stress management from Stress Management tips dealing with Health Problems & nutritional Self Care Strategies

Even when we try to eat well, we're disadvantaged. The nutritional content of most food has been compromised over the years, not only by deficient soils and modern production, transportation, storage and processing methods, but also by the enormous amounts of chemical and artificial substances added to promote growth, storage life, taste and appearance.

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Further reading through our articles on health issues will give you a body of information that will help you decide what options you have to deal with the underlying causes of your problem through giving your body the nutrition products that will assist you body to heal from the inside out.

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We wish you well in your search for solutions to this problem and your movement towards better health in all areas.

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