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Obesity is a scary thing because it creeps up on you. Being a little cuddly, well built, of even a bit solid are things that are socially acceptable and really quite normal in today’s world.

The trouble is that there is no clear divider between “well rounded”, chubby, over weight, obese and then potentially, morbidly obese.

There are a lot of factors can affect the balance of diet, exercise and metabolism to push things further out of balance.

Some people have specific health problems, like thyroid issues, that make it harder than it is for normal people to control their weight. Others have accidents or illness that affects their ability to exercise and slowly the kilos increase.

These things make it harder but I have seen dozens and dozens of people with these problems who search out the information available on weight control, get themselves on a good nutrition program and turn their lives around.

The day comes when the scales are not just unfriendly but are very mean in the things they say to you. Reading the medical charts you find that what was once being a little over weight has somehow moved into the obese category.

It happens gradually and you can still do the things you need to do every day but the long term affects are frightening.

Being obese increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and some cancers. If you are obese, losing even 5 to 10 percent of your weight can delay or prevent some of these diseases.

Where to start?

If you are facing obesity then start with an understanding that you are not alone.


As you can see obesity in Adults in Australia has almost trebled in 20 years. Australia is typical of most first world countries.

There is a lot of information all around us about obesity. The focus is normally on how much the problem is currently affecting society and how much it will affect society in the future.

That is designed to scare the society into taking action on the weight issues but in reality, standing on a set of scales, or avoiding scales, or buying clothes one size bigger “because this brand has small sizes” is enough for each of us to know if we have a problem or not.

Rather than going over the same material here one more time I want to look at how we deal with it.

This is not one person with a problem. It is a society with a problem.

It is not one person who is eating the wrong things. It is a society that has moved away from its traditional base.

The problem runs deep and I have used this page to look at the underlying issues so that you can see that making a few changes in your life, and working patiently with it, can turn your life around.

Here are a few little, inspirational videos of people like Jim Poor. He is one of the people who used the Herbalife nutritional programs for weight loss and took off over 180 kilos in 19 months.

These are here for you to watch and see that turning this around is possible. Since you are on this page looking at this material then you must have some interest in dealing with the problem – check out Jim and the others just so that you know that turning this problem around is within your grasp.

Jim Poor – Guinness record 1998 weight loss - 182.5kg in 19 months

If you are interested in the program that Jim used to deal with his obesity then check out the Shapeworks Advanced Program

When we see someone like Jim it is easy to say that he is a single person and this sort of thing does not happen for most people.

Have a look at these stories also:

Nutrition – Morbid OBESITY

Chih Hong Lai's Amazing Story!

Why then, we ask, is it happening?

Why are so very many people having trouble controlling their weight?

There are lots of factors. We will take a little time and look at them here because it is only when you understand the pressures you are currently facing that you can understand why your weight, or your children’s weight, is higher than it should be and why everything you try seems to fail or, very often, things just get worse.

Can you turn the problem of weight loss around and gain control of it in a way that is sensible and still allows you to still live a normal life and eat the foods you love? Yes you can!

Before we talk about the answers though let’s have a serious look at the problems that have lead to the current situation.

1/ Depleted nutritional value of our food.


Firstly the old adage of eating 3 square meals of health food a day is just not working. Of course that is partly because of the fast food revolution but it goes much deeper than that.

There is a famous report from the US Senate (US senate document No. 264) from 1938 that us scathing in it’s criticism of modern farming practices and quotes dramatic decrease in the goodness in the soils and a resulting huge drop of nutritional value in foods grown in these soils.

It says: Wheat

This senate report is important in itself but the study that surrounds it gives us a benchmark to see how things have changed since the times of the Second World War.

The 1992 Earth Summit report documents declining minerals values in the farm and range soils. (Over past 100 years) North America 85%, South America 76%, Africa 74%, Europe 72%, Asia 76%, Australia 55%

The CSIRO in Australia did a study showing that between 1948 and 1991 may basic food stuffs like potatoes and broccoli had a dramatic decrease in their nutritional value.

An article in the Independent Newspaper in London said;

In the last 50 years, there has been a huge drop in the mineral levels of foods that has serious implications for our health. Research shows that the iron in spinach has dropped by 60 per cent. Broccoli has lost 75 per cent of its calcium. Carrots have lost 75 per cent of their magnesium and watercress has lost 93 per cent of its copper.


Altogether, 27 varieties of vegetables assayed have lost 16 per cent of potassium, 24 per cent of magnesium, 27 per cent of iron, 46 per cent of calcium, 49 per cent of sodium and 76 per cent of copper. Seventeen varieties of fruit have lost 16 per cent of magnesium and calcium, 19 per cent of potassium, 20 per cent of copper, 24 per cent of iron and 29 per cent of sodium. This might not seem too frightening but minerals are essential constituents of bones, teeth, muscle, soft tissue, blood and nerve cells. Most vitamins cannot be assimilated without the aid of minerals. And minerals are involved in almost all of the body's metabolic processes.

There are now over 18,000 clinical papers showing that shortages of the recognised vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are linked to disorders and diseases as diverse as bipolar manic depression and Alzheimer's Disease, to heart disease and cancers. The vital role that these nutrients play in human health has only become clear in the last 75 years, and they are probably the tip of an iceberg yet to be discovered.

End of Article.

This problem with our food is dramatically compounded by modern shipping processes of picking food before it is fully ripened and in many cases stored for extraordinary lengths of time before it gets to market.

When we go beyond this and look at nutritional value of fast foods then there is an exceptional drop off in the food value of our food. We could almost refer to much fast food as an entrainment package! Hamburger

A number of years ago I sat with the gentleman who, working for the Australian Government Health Department, had headed up the inspections and accreditation of a major hamburger chain when they first established in Australia.

Rumors had abounded that the chain used substandard meat but their processing added enough flavourings to the meat to hide the fact.

The food scientist was very clear that the hamburger chain was only purchasing the very best Australian beef. He could not help adding that the processing they did to get it to the order window left the finished product with the nutritional value of cardboard but the product they started with was good.

The point of all of this is that our body needs a broad range of nutrition every day to function properly and it is just not getting that nutrition out of the food available for us, be it prepared food we purchase or the raw ingredients we cook ourselves.

2/ Inability to absorb the nutrition from the food we eat and get it to our bodies at a cellular level.

When you eat food you cut it up, chew it up, swallow it an send it to your stomach. From there your stomach acids and enzymes break the food down in to a soul like consistency and it passes to your small intestine.

The majority of nutrition is absorbed into your blood stream through the walls of your small intestine.

The way this is done is through the villi and micro-villi. Villi

The nutrition passed through your villi and into your blood stream. From there it is delivered to your cells.

If the villi is damaged and broken to be little stumps then it is referred to as being “energetically impaired” This means the nutrition from the food you are is just not getting into your body.

If you then go and eat some high fat foods to coat your intestine with fat then you further decrease your bodies capacity to ingest the food.

If you limit the nutrition that is getting to your cells then your body is threatened and to protect you it will decrease your metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns calories to produce the energy it needs to function).

If your metabolism is slow then you will be wearier, have less motivation, more limited concentration, less resistance to stress and to environmental factors that affect your health. It is just not good to be run down and tired all the time.

I will look again at the villi and how to repair them at the end of this article and we have a number of free e-books with and accompanying series of e-reports that go into these issues in more depth so you can understand them and understand how to deal with them.

3/ Metabolic Rate.

The metabolic rate is, as we said above, the rate at which your body processes calories to produce the energy it needs to function. If you are jogging then there needs to be a lot more energy processed than if you are sitting at your computer.

If you eat food then you need energy to break down and process that food.

Just keeping your heart beating and pumping blood through your body takes energy.

To be able to measure our metabolic rate we take a measure of the energy required by the body when it is at rest.

In a fairly obvious step that rate has been called the “Resting Metabolic Rate” or RMR.

There is a formula to measure the RMR that is based on the height, weight and age of a person.

The formula is just an approximation as it makes no allowance for someone 6 feet tall and a body builder with lots of muscles and another person, weighing the same amount, who is 6 feet tall with very low muscle tone and a very big beer stomach.

It is only a guide but it is useful to give a guide of how many calories. (In the e-reports that accompany our free e-book on Metabolism this is reviewed in depth. The medical methods of testing that give an accurate assessment, rather than an approximation, of RMR are also explained).

The Energy Equation – Calories consumed less calories eaten.

The RMR equation gives an indication of how many calories you use every day. If you add to this an approximation of the calories you burn with your daily activity.

This gives the “calories burnt” part of your daily weight equation.

Next you need to look at the calories you eat.

That leaves an equation like this’

Calories Burnt in the day less Calories Eaten = Positive or negative energy total for the day.

If you eat less calories than you burn then it is logical that the difference is a shortfall of energy and most people assume that the body makes up this shortfall by burning calories. Logically that burning of calories is shown as weight loss.

One pound of fat is generally accepted to represent about 3,500 calories. One Kilo of fat is then around 7,500/8,000 calories. graph

If you can burn 500 calories from stored fat then in about a week you should lose about one pound or half a kilo.

People assume that if you have an energy shortfall of 1,000 calories a day then you will “burn off” 2 pounds (approx 1 kilo) of fat a week.

Here is where we strike the problem.

The body is very complex. If you have an energy deficiency of 1,000 calories of more then your body will protect you from what is sees as a very dangerous situation. It will slow your metabolism to match the calories that it is receiving each day.

Your body will slow down to match what you are eating and weight loss will slow and then stop.

If fact it gets worse. When the metabolism is slow like this your body is searching for fat to store to get you through the trouble it believes you are having.

If you break diet with a binge, which is a normal thing, then your body will convert any spare energy it can get hold of straight into body fat.

How do we reduce calories without slowing our metabolic rate?

The only way to reduce calories significantly, while still keeping metabolism high, is to give the body everything it needs to feed it properly.

That means all the protein, the carbohydrates, the vitamins, the minerals, the essential oils, the botanical factors and the water.

If your body is getting all these things in a form that it can absorb and use at a cellular level then it will build new cells that are strong and health and you will stay well.

In that case your metabolism will stay high and your overall health will stay high or, if you had been a bit run down then you will often see an improvement in personal energy and general wellness as your body builds up healthier cells and your metabolism becomes more efficient.

The only way I know how to do this is with a balanced nutrition program.

Using a nutrition supplementation program.

As I am a Herbalife distributor I will talk about the weight loss programs that I know which are the current Herbalife Shapeworks Programs.

In 1980, when Herbalife began business their founder, Mark Hughes, had seen his mother use every sort of fad diet to try and lose weight. Eventually she turned to medically prescribed diet pills. She became addicted to the products and began abusing them but taking prescriptions from a number of doctors at the same time. Eventually she ran down her health and then overdosed on the tablets and died.

Mark was deeply affected by this and looked for a way for people to control their health and control their weight without using drugs or medication.

He looked around America at what was available in the way of vitamin and mineral supplements and felt that there should be more to it.

In the late 70’s the Chinese government had sponsored a traveling show on traditional Chinese medicine. Mark saw that and wondered what would happen if the traditional healing from the East was married with the modern vitamin and mineral technology of the West.

The result was the original Herbalife weight loss program.

It was so effective with the results that everyone talked about it and 5 years after beginning Herbalife was the fastest growing privately held company in the history of American business. Advanced

That was not due to the market plans but due the fact that they had a product that over performed on it’s promises for people to control their weight and their health by using the highest quality nutrition products that it was possible to supply.

This is the basis of the Herbalife weight control programs.

The key to these programs is that they have the herbs, the botanical factors, to clean and rebuild the villi.

For a normal healthy person they will feel the effect of their villi working properly with a noticeable increase in energy with 3 days of starting on the program.

Having clean and healthy villi means the body can take the nutrition from the food you eat and from the nutrition of the Herbalife program and get them straight to the cells, nutrition at a cellular level.

The first thing the body will do with this flow of pure nutrition is to “clean house”. It will detoxify the poisons and pollution that has built up in your system.

This is why it is very important that you drink the recommended 8 large glasses of water each day (2 litres/2 Quarts). Your body will be cleaning out the poisons and it needs the water to flush them out of your system.

Give a clean base to work with and full nutrition then you body will always replace damaged cells with health cells. This process means that over a matter of weeks your overall health will improve and a lot of little health challenges are likely to disappear.

One of the main advantages of this process is that your body is getting full nutrition. This means you can cut calories and still keep your metabolism high. This means you program of weight loss is not seen by your body as a drought or other disaster that it need to protect you from.

How does a Herbalife weight loss program work?

Herbalife weight loss programs are based around an amino-protein powder (Formula #1) that is generally made into a tasty “shake” with fruit juice or soy milk or other health alternative. This can constitute a Meal Replacement for weight loss.

Along with the Formula #1 are a range of vitamin and mineral supplements. Protein

If absolutely everything you need for your body every day was put into a shake the shake would not taste nice. By separating some of the key components into tablet form it means that the whole process will taste great and the quantities of each component can be delivered to you in a balance that gives maximum effectiveness.

The Herbalife weight loss program is based around using 2 meal replacement “shakes” to replace two meals. The third meal can be anything you like, just be sensible with the meal sizes.

If you have pizza on a Friday night then on the Herbalife weight management program you still have pizza, just maybe cut back a little on the number of pieces you have. You can still be ”normal” and still eat the foods you love.

Food is a social thing. If your workmates or friends are getting together for lunch to celebrate a birthday then you can go and join them. Make that your main meal and have a shake and tabs (tablets) for your evening meal, maybe with a light salad or some fruit.

If the whole family is getting together for a big Sunday lunch you can join them. When they say you cannot have the food they are eating because you are on a weight loss diet you can say that you are on Herbalife and because of that you are able to join them with no problem.

Any diet form that prevents you from living a normal live and mixing with people in a social way is doomed to failure.

This process answers those questions and answers the nutrition problems around your metabolic rate.

For more details about Herbalife Nutrition programs go to;

Shapeworks Advanced Program
Shapeworks Quickstart Program .

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