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Do You Have Any Indicators Of Health Problems?

A lot of people look at the information about nutrition and how the body breaks food down and absorbs it through the villi, putting it into the blood stream to deliver it to their cells and say, “That just makes sense”.

There is a big step though from knowing how the body does this to understanding that each of us need to be taking some personal action to give our bodies what they need for optimum performance.

Our body is like a very high performance car. Given proper fuel and servicing it will perform increasable. Given lower standard fuel than it is designed to run on then it will still work, it will still get you from point A to point B on your journey through life but it will be a little sluggish, lacking acceleration, stutter and hesitate when it should be performing at it’s best.

This sounds a little simplistic but it is not. Our body is a very powerful and very sensitive machine, the most complicated organism on the planet. As it grows it adjusts to your needs. If you exercise it, it will give hard muscles and power, if you stretch it then it will become flexible, if you cut it then it will heal, if you damage it from bad living, maybe liver damage from too much alcohol then stop dinking and give good cleansing food and supplements and the body will repair your liver to a point where it functions normally!! It is a quite incredible machine.

Like a high performance car though, if you use it and do not look after it then there will be some problems. If you use poor fuel in a car and you do not service it then you will clog up the fuel lines and lower the performance. If you eat high fat foods an do not do something to keep your blood clean then you will normally build layers of fat on the inside of your arteries making it more difficult for your heart to pump blood through them and so increasing blood pressure.

If your car gauges show that temperature is increasing then you had better check out what the problem is. If you find your blood pressure is increasing then you had better check that out as well.

If you ignore increased blood pressure then you may find that the stress on the engine causes it to seize up and fail. In your body this is called a heart attack and it will damage you and you may well die.

There are herbal and nutrition supplements that deal directly with the build up of fats in your arteries. Others work with the digestive system and help to heal everything from irritable bowel syndrome to duodenal ulcers. Hormonal issues like PMT/PMS for ladies and change of live symptoms can be greatly supported and often cleared up with correct supplementation (here I am talking about traditional Chinese herbs that have been used for many thousands of years).

What I am saying is that keeping our body health can be compared to keeping a high quality car running properly. To get optimum performance you need to pay a little attention to it and not ignore warning signs that are telling you that something needs to be attended to,

From here you can link to our A to Z list of health problems to check up in what is troubling you and see what suggestions are there about nutrition support that may assist you. “Your Health Online”

Wellness and Sickness

Like the high performance car we were talking about your body can perform better it everything is in order.

If the tires of the car are worn and do not have proper grip on the road surface they will still work fine when you are traveling down a straight road.
When it comes to turning a corner at speed it is a different matter.
If the tires are in great condition and you drive hard around a corner fast then the car will do its job.
If the tires are in bad condition and you drive the same way then the car will slip, slide and you may well come completely off the road and end up in a big crash.

It is the same with your body.

I do not full understand asthma. I know that for a lot of people, especially children, it comes and goes, there are good days and bad days. Normally there is something that triggers the condition, pollen in the air, dust, dust mites, stress, any number of things.

I have seen many, many people with this problem who get onto a range of nutrition supplements who improve their overall wellness and their asthma goes away.

This is not a cure for the asthma but, like good tires on the car, when the body is well then it can handle conditions better and it seems that the body can handle the trigger factors that set of the asthma better. When you have seen 50 people with asthma who get onto supplements to improve their overall health and wellness and nearly all of them find that they need to use their puffers less often and most find they no longer need to use their puffers and fill their bodies with chemicals to treat their asthma, when you see this you come to respect the power of the body to keep you healthy if you do your own bit and keep the body well.

Asthma is just one example. The same thing applies to simple things. If you are very well and working in the winter with people with colds quite often you either do not catch a cold or, if you do, it clears up quickly. If you are run down and your overall wellness is low then when someone on the other side of the room sneezes you catch a cold and when you do catch it then it tends to hang around for ages.

How does your body react when you put it under stress? How well can it stand outside pressures, and all the damaging things modern society throws at us every day, is directly related to our level of wellness. If we have dynamic health, if we have a reserve of energy and strength and our body is not working flat out just to keep us going then we can withstand problems much better

Giving the body the tools it needs to keep your level of wellness as high as possible just makes sense. You service your car, you need to service your body also.

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If You Are Not Sick, Does That Mean You Are Well?

What is the difference between health and wellness?
What is the difference between wellness and dynamic wellness?


Getting out of bed every day and doing what you need to do to survive so that you can go to bed at night is survival, not living.

Having enough energy to be able to get up and do your daily tasks with enough energy to do them easily it a much better way to live. Life is more interesting and you have the capacity to go beyond your normal routine and meet a friend for a drink or get to the library for a book or to get that extra job done around the house. Life is much more pleasant when you have enough energy to do normal things without having to push yourself.

Dynamic energy is bouncing out of bed ready to face the day. Having the energy to stride up the steps, rather then taking the lifts, and not be panting and puffing at the top. Energy to just live well.

This comes from a combination of nutrition and exercise. Exercise comes from activity, you cannot buy a supplement to give you that but, when you are tired, most people do not get around to doing the exercise.

I suggest you look at getting your body systems in order through the use of proper nutrition and supplementation and then build on the extra energy to put in place a sensible exercise routine to take yourself to the next level.

This is not something for fit young people alone. Medical authorities tell us that there is no reason why someone 75 years old who breaks a bone should take any longer to heal than someone who is 30 years old! If you are 70 then you would be more than a little silly to be doing 100 meter sprints but if you set up a sensible exercise routine to get your fitness levels above the level you need for your daily living then you have spare energy and life is a much more pleasant experience.

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