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Nikki-sml.jpg Hi,

I’m Nikki McIlvaine and I welcome you here and am pleased to be ‘chatting’ with you.

You came to check up on Healthy Diet & Weight Loss Solutions. - What if I told you that you could start losing weight in the next couple of days and keep it off FOREVER?

I know it sounds almost too good to be true, but millions of people around the world have lost their weight, and reshaped their body, using our unique nutrition products!

Check out the story of Jim Poore in the video below. He lost an incredible 402 pounds!

The Herbalife weight loss program is unique, and will help you:

• Lose Weight and Inches
• Control and normalise your appetite
• Reduce the appearance of cellulite
• Reshape your body
• AND you can still eat the foods you love!

40 million people have lost weight and improved their health with our products. I invite you to investigate what Herbalife products can do for you!

Jim Poor –Guinness record 1998 weight loss (-182.5kg)/19 months

What are the Advantages of the Weight Management Programs?

• They help give you a fuller, more satisfying feeling, so that you don't feel constantly hungry while you lose weight.
• You can lose inches as well as pounds.
• They provide you with the nutrients that your body's cells need on a daily basis.
• They allow you to eat more of the foods you like.
• They are designed to help you reduce excess calorie intake for more efficient weight loss.
• They are convenient, easy to use and tastes great.

It’s easy to learn more! There are many parts to this site; Part one is the A to Z Directory of Health Problems along with Self Care Strategies using natural remedies including recommendations about nutritional factors required for good health. It is designed to help you understand where you are now so that we can work together towards creating a healthier and happier life for you and your family.

The second section focuses on learning more about how improving your quality of nutrition directly affects your health. When you go here you will see a comprehensive Directory of food health issues articles about the compromised nutrition of our foods in today’s lifestyle, and what you can do about it.

This leads to a third section detailing the various problems, causes and strategies to fight weight gain, so that you can be slim for the rest of your life. We then share with you our catalogue of all our selection of pure nutritional products that we highly recommend and use ourselves for lifetime health and wellness.

Then in case you are maybe looking for a way to create extra income, there is a section about how you can also work with us to help people with their health. Maybe we can help you to achieve your personal goals. So take a few minutes to see what we offer as this may be the very thing you have been looking for.

Feel free to explore the valuable online health information on the site (pages open in new window so you don’t lose this page - just “Ctrl+click” on the links below to learn more) and then get back to me through the from at the bottom of this page to take the next step to start on products or to answer any more questions you may have


A to Z Guide for Dealing with your Health Problems

Are you caught in a natural energy shortage?

Just what is Obesity anyway?

Why is it so hard to Lose Weight and Keep it off?

How well do the popular Diet Plans really rate?

Catalogue of Nutrition & Weight Loss Programs

Would you like to Help people Lose Weight?

Herbalife Diet Success testimonials

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