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On this page we have collected dozens of health testimonials on VIDEO so that you can see and hear the story rather than just read the collections we have for you to download.

Watch them, and memorize the ones that you relate to most, as you can re-tell your selection of these health success stories whenever you are talking about how well the products will work when your prospect uses them.

You can also show these videos to your customers so that they can also ‘put a face to a name’ when talking about the health improvements they can expect to experience from using these products.


Get to know some stories to tell about the success that people have had when taking these products.

Male weight loss 85lb - Herbalife Testimonial

fatigue & weight loss - Herbalife Testimonial

Diabetes - Herbalife Testimonial

Diabeties & weight loss mature couple - Herbalife Testimonial

Thyroid - Herbalife Testimonial

High Cholesterol - Herbalife Testimonial

High Cholesterol - Herbalife Testimonial

High Blood pressure - Herbalife Testimonial

Blood pressure / cholesterol / insomnia / back pain / prostate - Herbalife Testimonial

Fatigue - Herbalife Testimonial

Fatigued Mom - Herbalife Testimonial

Fatigue & Joint Pain - Herbalife Testimonial

Skin blemishes / Rosacia - Herbalife Testimonial

Allergies - Herbalife Testimonial

Weight loss - Herbalife Testimonial

Obese Yo-Yo dieter / back pain - Herbalife Testimonial


Nutrition – Morbid Obesity

Jim Poor –Guinness record 1998 weight loss (-182.5kg)/19 months

Chih Hong Lai's Amazing Story!

Herbalife Diet Success testimonials


This is a collection of health stories that have been collected and circulated over the years. One day we will be compiling our own book from the testimonials you post on this website, so remember to go to the a to z health sections and post YOUR health & weight management results there!

Also it makes sense that you should encourage your customers to also share their weight loss & health success stories… post them on the a to z health directory page for their health problem, or they can even go to YOUR profile page and load their stories there, which gives you even more customer confidence for new people to buy their products from YOU!

Just ‘right mouse button’ click on the link, and select ‘save target as’ from the pop-up window, to save this ebook to your computer desktop. There are more detailed instructions below if you have not downloaded an ebook before.

Herbalife Health Testimonials

And also a book on Sports Testimonials! Herbalife Sports Testimonials

Please continue below to download your item.…

Step 1)

How to Download the ebook:

To save the file to your computer, "Right-Click" on the link above that says Herbalife Health Testimonials and choose "Save Target As" from the pop-up menu, and select a location on your computer to save it to.

Internet Explorer users right click and then choose "Save Target As"...

Netscape Navigator users right click and then choose "Save Link As"...

Once you click "save target as," a dialogue box (shown below) will appear prompting you to save the download somewhere on your computer.

When saving the file to your computer, please choose carefully where you save it! Only because you don't want to forget where it is on your computer!

You should always save the file to your "Desktop" so you can easily find it.

Click "Save." The download time may vary, depending on your modem speed (approximately up to 2 minutes to download with a 56K modem connection). Take note of the file name, as you will need to reference the file once the download is complete. Once you have downloaded it you can open the ebook automatically with Acrobat Reader by double clicking on the file named " book-of-health-testimonials.pdf " that you saved to your desktop on your hard drive. P.S. - If you still need help or have any questions, you can contact us.


Once you have downloaded it you can open the .pdf ebook automatically with Acrobat Reader software. If you don’t already have it installed in your computer, just click on this link and go to: to get your free Acrobat Reader – just follow their installation instructions.

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