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Flyers & Brochure downloads for Marketing

Distributor Banners & Buttons for Internet Marketing
You can now post banners on forums and linking directories, as well as your sig file Signature code! Get your banner codes here. Here we have a selection of banners and buttons that you can use in your internet marketing of your website profile.


There are 10 ebook downloads featured in the BONUS section at the bottom of this page, that are useful tools to help you in personal and professional development. These are also featured in the appropriate Video Training pages, eg: Public Speaking has a book download as well as the videos.

Shapeworks Classified Advertisement samples

Casual Contacts Prospect List Template

Retail Diet Flyer

Lose Weight Retail Flyer

Couple in Diet Retail Flyer

SURVEY FORM: Outer Nutrition – Personal Care Products

Home Retail Party Planner & Schedule

Herbalife Retail & Recruiting online Presentation eBook

Andrea Healthy Lunch Break Webcast Replay

Herbalife Event Planner Guide

Follow up Guide for Customers experiencing Change of Diet Problems

Customer Information pack to include with Nutrition Pack sales

Template for your Prospect Contact List

Retailing Call Script

Tips for Handling Business Objections

SURVEY FORM: Health & Lifestyle

SURVEY form to use for Personal Care Product Promotion

How to Sponsor from Home Parties

How to Sponsor from a Shapeworks power break party


Learning about the Products:

VIDEOS: Learning all about the Herbalife Products
Know your Products so that you can sell them & use them most profitably. Here are your online training videos featuring products from both Australia and America

VIDEOS of Health Success Testimonials
Get to know some stories to tell about the success that people have had when taking these products. Some high achievers would say that you are in the business of ‘selling stories’

Learning about the Business:

Videos of Business Income Testimonials

When you watch these, listen to the ‘wording’ of how the business opportunity is presented and pick our what you think will work best to use yourself when you are presenting the business opportunity to prospective team recruits.

VIDEOS RETAIL product promotion
This collection is here to help you learn what triggers or motivates your customers to WANT to buy products to improve their health.

VIDEOS about The History of Herbalife from the beginning
Take a walk back in time to 1980 and learn about how this business was started and developed to where it is today

VIDEOS featuring Herbalife founder MARK HUGES
Here you get a glimpse of the charismatic man who personally motivated and supported hundreds of thousands of people while he was building this Company

Sharpen your Skills Toolbox:

Videos about Your Personal Presentation to look sharp in your business image

Developing your Sales Skills
If you are brand new to Selling products, these videos will give you a good head start to making money in your business from the very beginning.

Public Speaking Skills for making Presentations
Get the frog out of your throat and learn the skills needed to prepare and present like a professional


VIDEO entrepreneur business skills

VIDEO Jim Rohn PD training
The master philosopher and favourite Herbalife speaker presents his most famous talks in this series of videos

VIDEO Tony Robbins Personal & Professional Development training
Get some free training sessions from this world famous personal coach who has improved the lives of people around the world


Here are some eBook downloads to support your training & development

Just ‘right mouse button’ click on the link, and select ‘save target as’ from the pop-up window, to save this ebook to your computer desktop.

1 ) This is a collection of health stories that have been collected and circulated over the years. One day we will be compiling our own book from the testimonials you post on this website, so remember to go to the a to z health sections and post YOUR health & weight management results there!

Herbalife Health Testimonials

2) And also a book on Sports Testimonials!

Herbalife Sports Testimonials


“Professional Development Coaching for your Success”
This comprehensive selection of self help articles include contributions from the Master Philosopher, Jim Rohn and his fellow Coaching associates. A great way to get started on your self development journey.
Free Jim Rohn Coaching Book


Get your free 2008 Calendar here...
Just "right mouse button click" on the links below, then select "save target as" from the window that appears, to download these safe .pdf books to your desktop..


If you want to preview them first, just click on the links like normal and the books will open up in a new window, so you will stay on your current page....

“2008 Success CALENDAR & daily motivation download” with monthly planner printout, inspirational quotes, success tips & links to daily motivational self improvement tools

“2008 Health CALENDAR & Diary Journal download” with Goal planner & Journal printout, monthly Health & Fitness tips and collection of Better Health articles

“Cutest Cat Calendar for 2007 & monthly planner Diary” with cat quotes to brighten every Cat Lover’s year
Cat Calendar 2008 Diary


And this is the book that we offer to people who respond to our ‘squeeze page’ requesting the link to the in-depth business section and the free MLM ebook download.

You may be one of the Distributors to have this ebook featured on your Profile page…..



And of course, when you have finished checking out the public business information section, you will want immediate access to the in-depth business development private section of this site.

When you complete the form you will receive the page link, and also the download link to the new book on MLM business methodology… “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing”

JUST RELEASED: Controversial FREE ebook reveals how to succeed at network marketing by throwing your names list away, ditching your Thursday night hotel meetings and NOT telling a single friend about your business!

It reveals how you can build your MLM business without having to chase anyone down to get them to join your business.

Forget everything you think you know about the old-fashioned direct sales – this is a very different world today!


Well, here is your exclusive link to download the book.

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

** REMEMBER ** if you have elected to use the MLM Book Squeeze page as your Profile Home Page – and offering this book download to get you business leads, YOU will need to also forward this link to the prospective email leads you get:

to “Your Health Success”
our monthly F’R’E’E’ Newsletter

So that they get a marketing email from you every month!
(and a free ebook for subscribing)

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