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Welcome to Herbalife, the most incredible, fastest growing health company in the world today!


You are now in a Global business with the ability to work locally, or to reach out and bring people in to your business from countries all over the world.

Remember, to be successful, you must study the business.

There is a LOT of information here.

This is what I recommend you do:

• Look through this page and get a feeling of what is here

• Don’t try and learn everything at one time, just get a feeling of where to find the material you need when you want it,

• Then work through to sections that give you your next step (starting with the First 72 hours of registering your business)

• Come often and build your knowledge step by step in the weeks ahead.

I don’t know any other business…

1. that guarantees to make me healthier, make me look good and feel good.
2. that gets me started for around $100
3. that lets me work my own hours when I like, where I like
4. that allows me to be my own Boss
5. that pays me Royalties word wide
6. that doesn’t limit my level of income
7. that allows me to add value to other people’s lives
8. that allows me to surround myself with my very own business organization, made up of people I enjoy working with
9. that pays for my holidays in exotic places in the world
10. that allows me the highest quality of life and the ability to share it with others.

If you want to work part-time with the opportunity to make up to $30,000 - $60,000 a year, that is simple. Just consistently everyday use the products, consistently every day wear the button, and consistently every day talk to people in person or by internet.

We will give you all the support you need. We will give our commitment of working directly with you, answering all questions, involving you on private conference calls in the privacy of your home, and you will be able to take full advantage of our own private television network to learn all the exciting and innovative aspects on our products and in our business.

You must have the desire to learn, to work with people, and most importantly the willingness to work!

All distributors are the same; taxi drivers, students, bartenders, housewives, teachers, construction workers, etc. if they can do it so can you! We will teach you every step of the way and you can guarantee your own success in Herbalife if you just pay attention and become extremely coachable and do the work.

Please read through the online training materials on this page, watch the videos, listen to the audios, study the ebooks. If you have any questions call your sponsor or nominated business coach immediately.

1) Your First 72 Hours in business!

Your first 72 hours as a Herbalife Independent Distributor play an important role in your future success.

The sooner you get started on your products and your activity plan, the sooner you make your first sales, recruit your first team member, and get a noticeable health result

We have broken down the first stage into one section for you as a quick reference tool. To get more detailed training in each section you simply come back here to your Distributor Training Toolbox.

In this section we will show you how to:

A) Complete your Herbalife Distributor Application Form

B) Select your website Profile Home Page from the 20 templates available to pick from.

C) Define your business goals

D) Start taking your products

E) Start promoting your business & talking to people

F) Set up your home business workspace

Follow the first simple steps on the page linked below to start creating a winning business and a brighter future:
Brand New Consultants Training – Your First 72 Hours!


2) Learning about the Products you are Promoting

1 ) Know your Products so that you can sell them & use them most profitably. Here are your online training videos featuring products from both Australia and America:
Learning all about the Herbalife Products on Video

For information on how to use the products download this simple guide on how to use the products: Customer Info Pack - How to Take Products

2 ) Audio Training: This call runs for 20 minutes and is an awesome call explaining "Why Cellular Nutrition" and how it works.
I recommend you all listen to it, and it is also appropriate to send to customers to have a listen. If you have time, listen to it NOW! Scroll down and click on the "Listen Here" link.
Product Training Call “Cellular Nutrition”
with Dr. Luigi Gratton and Dr. David Heber
LISTEN HERE: http://www.byoaudio.com/play/WqlPYqlx

3 ) The comprehensive Distributor PRODUCT TRAINING Directory page below uses the same template used for the customer information A to Z product Catalogue, but includes information about specific targeted product uses highlighted for each product.

On this page you can also download a WALLCHART of Targeted Product Use. You can also view dozens of customer video health success testimonials:
Distributor Training Herbalife Health Nutrition


3) Start Talking to Other People

Most people get results on our products within 24 hours! So what happens? People repeat the products and talk to people about the products to everyone they come into contact with.

Your greatest audience will always be Weight Loss … 65% of the population are always on some form of weight loss program.

Our business is incredible because it is a 70% retail base. This is unheard of in multi-level marketing. More than 75% of the Leadership Distributors were customers first. Your customers will become your best distributors.

Share Your Story


When you begin using the products, the results you achieve make you a "product of the products."

• Share your success story
• Show your passion for the products

To grow, prepare your ‘who do you know” list of contacts, anywhere in the world. It is important to get lots of people in the first month so your business grows rapidly.

The faster you grow in the first month the better your personal testimonial. Other people who join you in this business will ‘do as you do’ and you will all grow rapidly together.

Flyers & Brochure downloads for Marketing materials You can modify these to add your contact details, print and hand out – all in one convenient place, and free!

Get the Training Templates & Videos for CRAFTING YOUR STORY & shorter ‘Elevator Speech’ This will help you to work out how to present your story to people in all occasions – never be caught unprepared again!

Retailing Training & Phone Scripts This section has a comprehensive set of tools and training modules to help you be your most effective in making your retail sales – and profits!

Developing your Sales Skills If you are brand new to Selling products, these videos will give you a good head start to making money in your business from the very beginning.

Learning How to Become The Ultimate Salesman Study the complete online sales skills manual

VIDEOS of Health Success Testimonials Get to know some stories to tell about the success that people have had when taking these products. Some high achievers would say that you are in the business of ‘selling stories’

VIDEOS RETAIL product promotion This collection of Herbalife promotional videos is here to help you learn what triggers or motivates your customers to WANT to buy products to improve their health.


4. Reach Your Customers

Find out what potential customers want. Do they want to lose weight, earn money, improve their skin, or achieve better health?

When you have made your first sale, you need to provide good customer service with product information and support.

• Invite them to a presentation
• Create a personalized program tailored to their needs
• Place their order
• Follow up in the days after the presentation and personalize a program for your prospects

Customer Service Skills & Tools


5. Building Blocks for Long-Term Success

Build relationships with customers and potential Distributors by staying in touch and helping them succeed with the products.
Ask for referrals. Teach others what you have learned. Duplicate this over and over.
Talk to your upline/sponsor/business coach.
Attend a Success Training Seminar.
Follow the action steps from your International Business Opportunity (IBP) manuals to get your business headed in the right direction--fast.
Remember, if you believe it, you can achieve it!

This section has a good collection of tools including videos, recruiting call scripts, tips for how to talk to strangers, and recruiting tools to download:

On this page you will read how to set up a meeting venue for a BOM, and meeting scripts will also be loaded there as they get typed up.
MLM TRAINING Consultants Business Opportunity Meeting SET-UP & SCRIPTS

Once you start meeting people face to face you need to “dress for success” and make sure your first impression is a good one.
Videos about Your Personal Presentation to look sharp in your business image

In your recruiting, you can invite your prospects to go to this link and listen to this call:
Business Opportunity call by George Knight:
Use this 24 hour info call to introduce people to the Herbalife opportunity. Show them how they too can build their business.
Click here to listen (opens up in a new window)


Now you are talking to people, going to meetings, and maybe even holding your own home parties and BOM, you need to make sure your home office workplace is set up professionally and to suit your business needs:
Setting up a Work at Home Business


4) Subscribe to your 7 part Training eCourses

Warren Tattersall has written a series of 7 part email training Courses that you can subscribe to.

They are delivered in three Cycles of training, and will feature the step by step processes to set up your business and qualify to the highest income and leadership levels in Herbalife.

So you can talk to your Sponsor or Business Coach about what is required to qualify to the levels mentioned below, and you can Contact Us if you are a member of our sponsored team and want to subscribe to the email training courses.

Qualification steps that you should be aiming for to achieve as quickly as possible once you begin your business are outlined for you below.

step 1:

Qualify as a Success Builder in your first couple of weeks.

How? Take enough products to get a MASSIVE health result, then others ‘want what you are on’.

Why? when you get started in your business you will need to have enough products to service 6 – 9 customers. If you purchase this in one lot you can have it at 42% instead of 25% discount.

a. Sets the best example to your team
b. The buying power increases your retail profit to nearly 50% and wholesale profit to 8% for the same amount of work – a quick way to put around $1,000 profit in your pocket.
c. Motivates you to move your product and recruit Team members for wholesale sales.
d. You become eligible for your Profile website Home Page to be upgraded
e. You receive special assistance to generate more internet leads for your recruiting.

(Ask your Sponsor: ) How to become a Success Builder & increase your profit margin:

Business Development Sales & Marketing Plan

step 2:

Qualify as Supervisor

How? Repeat the above step four times, getting massive health results that attract customers and recruits, wanting to know what you are doing.

Get a couple of your new distributors to qualify with you, share / split the stock investment.

a. Sets the best example to your team
b. Ongoing 50% buying power to double your money in retail profit and 25% wholesale profit
c. Activates the Marketing Plan Royalty Overrides in your cheque for your Team activity
d. You become eligible for Supervisor Training seminars
e. You receive special information not available to non-supervisors.

(Ask your Sponsor: ) How to Qualify Supervisor for 50% profit and Royalty Overrides:

Supervisor Application Form template

Business Development Sales & Marketing Plan

Step 3:

Qualify for World Team

When? best time is the same time as you qualified as Supervisor

How? Just help three other people do what you did to qualify

a. Sets the best example to your team
b. $1,800 wholesale profit
c. 2 to 3 team members to work with
d. Qualify for the next World Team School

(Ask your Sponsor: ) How to Qualify for World Team

Business Development Sales & Marketing Plan

step 4:

Qualify for Global Expansion Team (GET)

a. help 2 people to do step 2
b. do this for three (3) consecutive months

a. extra production bonus
b. 40% increase in Royalties paid to you
c. $2,000 - 5,000 per month minimum residual
d. qualify for expense paid holidays.

(Ask your Sponsor: ) How to Qualify for Global Expansion Team

Business Development Sales & Marketing Plan

step 5:

Qualify Millionaire Team – How?

By identifying five more people who want to do the same as you have above.
Identify their goals, crystallize their thinking and mapping out a 6 to 7 month plan.
Contact Warren Tattersall when you are ready to start your plan of action for this stage, and he will work with your personally to help you achieve this status, as he wants YOU to join him in working at that level!
Why? To be eligible for around $8,000 to $20,000 per month in residual income.

(Ask your Sponsor: ) How to Qualify for Millionaire Team

Business Development Sales & Marketing Plan


5) Attend some Herbalife Trainings & Opportunity Meetings

Over time we will be collecting information about the Business Opportunity Meetings and Seminars happening in your locality and posting them on the page below.

If you are hosting or know of regular meetings that should be featured here, please Contact Us with the details of the dates, times, venues, contact name and phone/email etc.

Time to check out and attend some local Herbalife Events in your region!

6) Start Marketing for Prospects to Recruit for your own Team of Distributors

There is nothing complicated about sponsoring distributors and helping them to become successful

Simple common sense and the ordinary rules of getting along with people will carry you through in fine shape.

If you can successfully sponsor one distributor, you only need to repeat the process to get two or more, and with each repetition, you become more skilled.

Each succeeding Distributor comes more easily, and the other details soon become second nature the more you practice your new recruiting skills.

Start by clicking on the link below, with the first step – prospecting for leads:
RECRUITING TRAINING Tools, Phone Scripts & Videos

If you are online, you will get great results from using the free internet marketing ideas and tools in these three training directories:
1 ) Internet Marketing: Board Postings & eMail responses
Includes Warren’s instructions and lists of websites to post your recruiting ads.

2 ) Internet marketing: Article Marketing
Includes Helene’s tips for writing articles, promoting on social networks, list of top article directories, contact details of article writing & submitting contractors and a gift of 1,500 health articles you can use to market your website and business.

3 ) Internet Marketing: Using eMail lists Includes an online book outlining how to grow a mailing list and how to market yourself to those subscribers.

If you are not connected to the internet, and prefer traditional marketing and promotion, this directory has plenty of ideas and tools to get your business up and running:
Powerful Offline Marketing Methods: 101 Ways To Promote Your Business For Maximum Profits

When you are ready to start running your own home presentations and product sessions, the help here will become relevant to you.
MLM TRAINING Consultants Business Opportunity Meeting SET-UP & SCRIPTS

As part of being prepared for the requirements of the future, a health FORUM has been opened, and as and when distributors see the need for it, we will start a list of topics and get some live interaction happening in ‘real time’….

We are also looking at setting up some audio training in a ‘Public Radio’ format that you can listen to recorded three-way-calls and other trainings that Warren and the team can call in to record for you. This will also be free to listen to for you and your prospects. “Stay Tuned” for more updates on this as it becomes a needed resource in the future.

Consultants Success Stories by Profession Listings We are only just beginning to collect the stories to load on this page. Submit your story to Warren as soon as you have one, so that you and your Profile page can be featured here.


7) Get your Marketing Tools

When your Profile Home Page is online, you need to tell everyone about it, and invite people to visit your site.

Then you will be ready to get into the Marketing Tools Directory for Internet Marketing Get all your marketing tools on this one directory page!

Flyers, Journals & Promotional Material downloads for Marketing

Distributor Banners & Buttons for Internet Marketing


You can get some ideas about how to market your online business for FREE in this ebook download. It gives creative ideas for using the internet and your emails for free advertisements about your website.
Internet Marketing Manual

8) Sharpen your Skills with Self Improvement & Professional Development Training

Boosting Self Esteem Guide

VIDEO entrepreneur business skills

Self Help for Success

Learning How to Become The Ultimate Salesman

Goal Setting - video training presentations

Organising your Home Business & Administration

The Expert Guide to Pursuing Wealth

Time Management: Making Your Time Count!

Learn Public Speaking Skills for making Presentations

The Better and Healthy You

Avoiding the Pitfalls & Traps in Network Marketing


You can start learning about the products, health success testimonials and how to grow the business by watching the videos posted on this page:


VIDEO Jim Rohn PD training The master philosopher and favourite Herbalife speaker presents his most famous talks in this series of videos

VIDEO Tony Robbins Personal & Professional Development training Get some free training sessions from this world famous personal coach who has improved the lives of people around the world


All of you wanting to stretch and grow your Herbalife business need to listen to this call. Those of you who are wanting to grow your business but are scared or don't know where to start, you need to listen to this call. Those of you who want to implement new lead generation techniques in your business and not sure you have the courage to try something new, you need to listen to this call.

Joseph's previous occupation was as a personal development trainer for a World known organization. This is an incredible training call.

Herbalife Personal Development Call - With Executive Presidents Team member Joseph McClendon, III. Click on http://www.byoaudio.com/play/WKBRsSnx


Here are some eBook downloads to support your training & development

Here is a selection of Adobe .pdf documents that you can read and print online or download on your computer to email out to people direct.

Just ‘right mouse button’ click on the blue underlined link of your choice, and select ‘save target as’ from the pop-up window, to save this ebook to your computer desktop. There are more detailed instructions below if you have not downloaded an ebook before.

1 ) This is a collection of health stories that have been collected and circulated over the years. One day we will be compiling our own book from the testimonials you post on this website, so remember to go to the a to z health sections and post YOUR health & weight management results there!

Herbalife Health Testimonials

2) And also a book on Sports Testimonials!

Herbalife Sports Testimonials

3) Our website Internet Marketing Manual

4) The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

** REMEMBER ** if you have elected to use the MLM Book Squeeze page as your Profile Home Page – and offering this book download to get you business leads, YOU will need to also forward this link to the prospective email leads you get:



“Professional Development Coaching for your Success”
This comprehensive selection of self help articles include contributions from the Master Philosopher, Jim Rohn and his fellow Coaching associates. A great way to get started on your self development journey.
Free Jim Rohn Coaching Book

FreeSelfHelpBooks “Preparing yourself for Public Speaking” Tips to help everyone get ready for their first public speaking presentation with plenty of training resources. Public Speaking Tips

“Accomplish Anything you Want in your Life!” comprehensive self help guide for your self growth to Success

365 Daily Success Quotes

Ten Ways to Be Happier ... right now


"500+ Famous Quotes" self help book to motivate and inspire every day

“Setting Personal Goals Guide” to help you plan for success using SMART planning principles
Personal Goals Guide

Step 1)
How to Download the ebook:

To save the file to your computer, "Right-Click" on the link above that says Name of Book and choose "Save Target As" from the pop-up menu, and select a location on your computer to save it to.

Internet Explorer users right click and then choose "Save Target As"...

Firefox & Netscape Navigator users right click and then choose "Save Link As"...

Once you click "save target as," a dialogue box (shown below) will appear prompting you to save the download somewhere on your computer.
When saving the file to your computer, please choose carefully where you save it! Only because you don't want to forget where it is on your computer!
You should always save the file to your "Desktop" so you can easily find it.

Click "Save." The download time may vary, depending on your modem speed (approximately up to 2 minutes to download with a 56K modem connection). Take note of the file name, as you will need to reference the file once the download is complete.
Once you have downloaded it you can open the ebook automatically with Acrobat Reader by double clicking on the file named " file-name-of-book.pdf " that you saved to your desktop on your hard drive.
P.S. - If you still need help or have any questions, you can contact us.


Once you have downloaded it you can open the .pdf ebook automatically with Acrobat Reader software. If you don’t already have it installed in your computer, just click on this link and go to: http://adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html to get your free Acrobat Reader – just follow their installation instructions.

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