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WELCOME TO Sangeeta’s Lucknow Discussion page
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SangeetaHealthNutritionOnlineThank you for your contact. I’m happy for you to look through this Lucknow discussion page and we can then talk more specifically about how we can work together.

Its time to dig a little deeper into what we are looking for in the people who work with us and what we have to offer you.

This Lucknow Discussion page is designed to give you an overview of things and then we will be happy to answer the more 'In-Depth' questions you may have.

I'd like to 'chat' a little and talk about what we do, what I am personally looking for, and what that would mean for you if we decide to work this project together.

As I have said in our previous contact, we are a multinational Health and Nutrition company. The Manufacturer of our products, Herbalife International, trades in over 70 countries, has a multi Billion US$ turnover, and has been established in India since Nov 1999.

We deal in a range of the highest quality health and nutrition products. Our specialties are weight control, improving health and improving sporting results.

In short, we are the largest direct sale Health and Nutrition company in the world!

I expect that with such a market presence you will have heard of our company, what you may not have heard is that we are now fully established now in India and ready to develop serious grow that market.

Coming off the back of 57% growth in Indian business in 2009 we are looking for India to be a key step in our plans to develop Herbalife to see annual sales reaching US$10 Billion a year.

To do this we are establishing new methods of operation within the company in India and we are looking for new leadership.


This is a Mega-Trend industry.

- The most common reason for people visiting a doctor is due to lack of energy.
We Have The Answer For This.

- Globally obesity is an issue that is overtaking the healthcare systems.
We are the number one weight control company in the world.

- Diet related illness, eg diabetes, even diabetes in children, is a chronic problem world wide.
We have answers to help with these problems.

Our involvement in India

Like all multinationals coming into India the ‘5 year rule’ applies, that is, unless they survive for 5 years you cannot trust that they will stay.

Herbalife, like all multinationals coming into India, had its problems building distribution, in educating its distributors in correct business methods, and in generally establishing business. That took all of the first 5 years to achieve but now, after 10 years in the country, business is solid.

We now have more than a dozen corporate offices and product distribution centers across India with headquarters in Bangalore.


Herbalife products are working effectively in over 70 countries. Here are some stories from India with comments by the doctors at the Apollo Hospitals on their study of Herbalife products for weight loss.

This brings us to you. What are we looking for and what is here for you?

I'm looking for a little group of people to work with to build distribution of our products in Lucknow.


In each geographic area I am looking for one individual to work with on a personal basis.

I am happy to support and mentor those key people and guide them in building a Herbalife Distributorship around them.

Our goal is to establish a business office in each area with a team of distributors working directly with both myself and with the team leader.

The business model we work with is that people working become Independent Distributors.

- That allows you to set your own schedule.
- That allows you to choose your own hours.
- That allows you to control your income potential.

What Does a Distributor Do in Our Company?

Lucknow-distributorDistributors create a personal retail base of customers to create immediate cash flow.

Some distributors work with just a few customers so the distributors can build their skills and will develop case studies around themselves of people who have successfully used our products and who recommend them to others.

Alternatively it can be a big base of customers so there is good retail profit being generated. With Herbalife a career level income can be generated from just servicing a strong customer base.

Strong retail distributors keep a customer base of 20 or more customers. This is a part time activity, would normally take about 10 hours a week to service, and would be expected to generate an income in the region of 15 to 25,000 Rs a month.

Some people working with us use our business to generate a part time income to improve their lifestyle without making any major changes. That is fine.

Others people are looking for a way to build something much more rewarding in income, in personal achievement and recognition, in independence.

Once these distributors have both their hands and their heads around our business, we work together to build a team of distributors to around them. This can be locally, nationally or in any of the 70 countries we work in.

This is where long term, residual, income is generated

Once these distributors have their hands around the business, have some understanding of what they are doing, we work together to build a team of distributors to work with them. This can be locally, nationally or in any of the 70 countries we work in.

Where is income generated?

rupeeThis India Discussion page is designed to give you and overview, a snapshot, of who we are. I am happy to get this information to you in detail but in brief:

The first leadership position is Supervisor which allows the earning of up to 50% retail profit on personal sales, wholesale profit, and royalty income.

Earning potential is limited only by your skills and your activity.

Top distributors in India are earning over US$20,000 per month.

Does this really work?

Personally I began working with Herbalife in my little country town around my photography business.

You see, we are a direct sales company. People who work with us can make good income from just retailing products.

At the same time we are paid to support and train a distributor team if we chose to and we can build substantial residual income.

We are putting together our leadership team in Lucknow to build business. As we do this we have direct international support from my friend and personal mentor in this business, Warren Tattersall. He is based in Australia and so we work together with my local support and his international support. This allows us to work locally and to expand what we do globally.

To know more about the team who is in place to support your efforts with us in our company check this little video that Herbalife put together telling Warren’s story.

While you are watching you will see that Warren likes to travel. I’d like you to think about what you are wanting to do in your life as you watch this.

Warren Tattersall and the freedom to travel.

Why Herbalife?

- Independence to set your own schedule, hours and income. – a chance to spend time with family or on the things you really want to do yourself.

- An additional cash steam beside your existing activity. - Money for lifestyle and money to invest for financial freedom.

- A way to earn what you are worth rather then just settling for what someone else wants to pay you. – no limits

- A way to create independent income for retirement so you can leave the workplace. – Residual income – stop full time work and keep your dignity.

- A chance for international travel and to earn international income.

How to get started?
Everyone who becomes a distributor with Herbalife need to have someone sponsor them.

They then register to become a distributor with the Distributor Application that is available through an International Business Pack (IBP).

There is a nominal cost to the IBP, it is less than 2,000 Rps but I need to be very clear, this is a business, it is not a waged position. I made that clear by putting the ad on Naurki into the self employed section and I do not want confusion.

Once you are registered though, you are not only able to do business in not just Lucknow but all of India and your distributorship will be active in almost all of the 70 countries we trade in around the world.

The purpose of this Lucknow Discussion page is to give you an overview of our business. Hopefully there is enough information to know if we should be talking on a one on one basis.

Give me some feedback on the form below and I will link you to our Due Diligence pack with likes to check out about our products, the science (clinical trials etc), and the nitty gritty of our business model and market plan.

If you ‘get’ all this and want to get started immediately just tell me and I will telephone so we can discuss how to move forward from here.

Best wishes


Use the Lucknow discussion page information form below to organize to get moving with us or to send your questions and comments.

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