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bob-taylor-thumbnailsmlHi again,

You will have accessed this page is through my Working with Bob Talyor page page so you should already have an overview of our business and what we do.

What I was trying to do on that page was to ensure that you had an idea of what we do so that people who are not suited to this can go off and find something that suits them more. It talked about the sort of people who do well with Herbalife. I did not give you in depth information to answer the sort of questions that serious minded people tend to ask. Questions about the quality of our products, the details of our market plan and how we are paid, our medical board, etc.

If you already understand these things then I will give you a links to details of getting started. Otherwise, this page is designed to answer your questions in enough details so that you will know that we are a solid and serious company. Take time to look through here and then we can talk about moving forward with working together.

If you already understand Herbalife and just want to get things moving then here are links to how to actually get started.I’m doing a specific project across India so if you are in India: Working With Bob in India

In Australia and World-Wide please access this link: Working With Bob in Herbalife World-wide

If you would like more information about who we are and about what we do then read on.

After that then click through to the ‘getting started’ page where you can send me your comments and questions on the form on that page so we can get things moving.

First thing we should talk about is what we offer and what support is available.

Herbalife is a way to work in sales, marketing, team building and leadership and to build an income outside of what you are doing now.

For cash flow we have a straight retail side to our business.

Retailing Herbalife products – have your own customers.

Herbalife, as I have said, only supplies through the independent distributor network. You cannot buy it in shops and anyone advertising Herbalife products in a retail setting. (People who attempt to do that will be identified by Herbalife and their distributorship cancelled).

That means that even where there is a strong presence of Herbalife there is still room for a new distributor to come into the market and create their own customer base. In fact it is easier to work in an environment where Herbalife is already active. People there are aware of the product and they normally look for someone they like and trust to explain it to them and to buy from.

Herbalife have guideline of ‘Get 20 – Keep 20’ which talks about getting your own customer group of 20 regular customers and then keeping up enough activity to hold an ongoing 20 active customers.

In most countries, having a personal customer group of 20 who are using an average sort of Herbalife program will give in income somewhere in the region of a basic wage. If this is all that the distributor is doing then it is a part time business.

In my own business, with a strong sales background, I find it fairly straight forward in keeping a customer group like this and I am happy to show you how to do that.

This aspect of our business is very powerful for people who want to supplement their income.
- It is viable alternative to traditional work being paid on an hourly wage.
- It is an ideal option for people who left the workforce, for example to raise children, and are now looking for a way to create income around family commitments.
- Students or other people who have time commitments to work around find retail Herbalife to be an ideal tool.
- Retirement is often a hard thing for people but with the cash flow of a Herbalife retail business there are a lot more lifestyle choices available.

How does Herbalife marketing work?

When you work with Herbalife you have the vehicle to build financial security. Effectively you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Herbalife do have a corporate staff and also distributor support staff who work in their offices in each country.The distribution of products is via the Independent Distributor Network. The ad you answered was talking about working with us within that distributor network so the income you generate is based directly on your activity. It is not a waged position.

How do we earn our income?

Herbalife Distributors earn their income from a few sources:
- Personal activity: Retail sales, wholesale income.
- Leadership activity: through building a distributor group and teaching them how to do what you have done: Royalties and Production Bonuses.

In summary, if you work with us then we work very closely together to bring you up to speed on the company and products. Once you have the foundation knowledge of our products and of the business then you are able to create your own personal customer group to give initial cash flow and can recruit your own distributor team and show them how to do what you have done.

When you are an active distributor, with a distributor team working with you, you can earn:
- Retail profit,
- Wholesale income,
- Royalty income and,
- Production bonuses.

You can check how this works by clicking through to this page: Herbalife market Plan.

Products – The Science Behind the Products – More in Depth Information.

For more detailed information on the products, how they work, the scientific testing behind them check this page: Herbalife In Depth Information.

(This page has Australian information as that is my home market but its products work the same and are used in the same way all over the world. The information here applies to every county. When you work with us you will have detailed information on products that is specific to your own county.)

Next step to get started with Herbalife

Now you have information to know if this business is what you are looking for. The next step is to make a decision about moving forward.

Here are the links to let you move things forward:

I’m doing a specific project across India so if you are in India: Working With Bob in India

If you are in Australia and World-Wide please access this link: Working With Bob in Herbalife World-wide

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