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We are pleased to talk with you about Herbalife products in Lucknow and which ones would be best value for you to use.


Herbalife have a range of nutrition products that are now the Number 1 weight loss product in the entire world.

You can use Herbalife products to lose weight, gain weight, reshape, and to regain control of the way you look, the way you feel and of your personal health and energy levels.

Herbalife is now the number one nutrition and weight loss company in the world.

Herbalife has a couple of core products that give you the foundation for good health and for weight control.

R-reshape.jpgJust adding a tasty and nutritious Herbalife ‘Shake’ into your daily routine will have you feeling the Herbalife difference in your personal energy levels within just a few days.

There are also tailored programs designed to let you get weight loss results and improved health even quicker.

In addition Herbalife have a range of target products designed to promote good health throughout your entire body.

People using Herbalife products in Lucknow use the core products as the foundation products, and then can personalize their program by adding additional products to target their needs and to suit their budget.

You can fine-tune a personal program for yourself.

Alternatively there are tailored programs ready for you to get started and getting great results even quicker.

Here I will go through our nutrition product range for you and we can talk about quick products are the best ones for you.

The first question is, of course - ‘Do the products work?’

Check this video. It has a little information on nutrition and then stories of people in using Herbalife products in Lucknow and the results they are having:

Now, let’s talk about you and the Herbalife products available in India that may be best for you.

Core Products in the Herbalife product range.

The core of Herbalife’s weight loss and nutrition program in India is Herbalife’s Formula 1.


Formula 1 is an amino-protein powder that makes into a simple, tasty and nutritious meal replacement.

It gives the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that your body needs every day.

It also gives you the Protein and healthy fiber needed to support weight management as you feel full and satisfied when you use it for meal replacement.

It comes in 3 delicious flavours:
- French Vanilla
- Dutch Chocolate
- Mango

core product for weight control.The can holds 60 serves and the retail price is less than 25 Rs a meal.

The second of the core Herbalife products in Lucknow is Formula 2 - Multivitamin Mineral & Herbal Tablets.


Poor eating habits, stressful lifestyles and environmental pollutants can rob our bodies of vital nutrients and wreak havoc on our immune system, making it even more difficult to maintain our ideal weight.

Formula 2 Multivitamin Mineral & Herbal Tablets are part of a nutritional maintenance system designed to help replenish the body’s nutritional resources and creating a foundation to support long-term good health.

Adding Formula 2 Multivitamin Mineral & Herbal Tablets strengthens your personal program giving quicker results and gets you feeling better, quicker, and gives more effective weight control.

These two products are the best foundation for your Personal Nutrition Program


The Formula 1 will work as a stand-alone product but using Formula 1 and Formula 2 together creates a stronger foundation to your personal program and quicker results.

What you decide to start with is your own personal choice.

Once you have those foundation products there are a range of additional products that will give you a faster result or that you can use to assist with your own health problems.

To get started quickly


The best thing to do is to order a Herbalife program (see below) or begin with either the recommended foundation products, Formula 1 and Formula 2, or even the core nutrition product, Formula 1, and Start Today.

If you begin adding a Herbalife nutrition shake into your diet every day you can expect to begin to see results and be feeling better in just 3 to 5 days!!

There are a range of additional products that you can add to your personal program to give even stronger results.

Before we look at them let us answer another question:

Is there good science supporting Herbalife products?

Check this video:

Now, Let’s look at what else we can offer you to help you get even better results with Herbalife products in Lucknow.

Specialty Products in the Herbalife product range.

The first specialty product is Personal Protein Powder.

Personal Protein Powder is a fat-free protein supplement for hunger control and healthy weight management with 5g of soy and whey protein, and all 9 essential amino acids.

The Key Benefits of personal protein powder are:
• Satisfy and control hunger
• Support adequate protein intake with low-fat protein
• Build and maintain lean muscle mass

The next is Cell-U-Loss.

IndiaCell-U-Loss breaks up cellulites and helps you drop fluids. This assists in dropping centimetres (inches) more quickly. It supports the appearance of healthy skin with our reformulated natural blend of herbs – which includes corn silk, dandelion, parsley and asparagus – and is traditionally used to support healthy elimination of water.

Key Benefits
• Supports the appearance of healthy skin.
• Supports your body’s natural detoxification through the kidneys, and healthy activity of the urinary tract.
• Supports healthy elimination of water.
• Helps maintain electrolyte balance and a healthy pH level.

For Dietary health we have Activated Fiber.

Activated Fibre supports weight loss while on a calorie-controlled diet.

It provides the adequate dietary fibre that is essential forgood health but including citrus and oat to increase your fibre intake.

• Activated fibre helps to keep you feeling full and satisfied as you lose your weight.

For Your Digestive System we have Aloe Plus.


Aloe Plus:
• Helps to gently dispose of toxins accumulated in the body.
• Better absorption of nutrients.
• Aloe vera and other herbs enhance digestion and boosts immunity.

Aloe Plus calms the digestive tract and provides immunity support. Great for on-the-go usage since no refrigeration is required.

Key Benefits
• Relieves occasional indigestion
• Improves nutrient absorption
• Enhances intestinal health
• Supports the immune system
• Contains antioxidants

For improved energy we have Afresh.


Often people add Afresh to their personal program.

• Available in two flavours of Lemon and Peach.
• Enjoy this drink mix hot or cold.
• Rich in antioxidants.

Rich in nutritious ingredients, our Energy products help you remain active throughout the day.

Life is a juggling act and Herbalife’s Energy & Fitness products will help you handle anything that comes your way. Nutrients that can be foundpowering our energy solutions include guarana seed extract,antioxidants and others. Like all Herbalife products, our Energy& Fitness line is based on the foundation of Cellular Nutrition.

For your children you have


Dinoshake: • Chocolate flavored shake mix.
• Provides essential proteins and nutrients
• Nutrients helps in all aspects for a growingchild's wellness.

Herbalife Kids™ Shakes provide essential nutrition including protein, fiber and 100% of key nutrients to meet growing kids’ daily needs. Because they taste great, kids will ask for one every day—that’s the start of healthy eating habits they’ll rely on as they grow older.


How much weight can you expect to lose?

If you are looking to lose weight then the results you personally receive will vary depending on how serious you are and your own body type. Often people using the Herbalife products for weight loss will lose 3 to 5 kg in the first month and medical authorities recommend you aim to lose a kilo a week over an extended time rather than trying to rush your results.

Are the products safe to use?

As you saw in the video earlier, the science behind the Herbalife products is very strong.

R-Dr-A.jpgProducts are registered in USA under the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and in each of more than 70 countries where Herbalife trades the products are registered under the local regulations. In India all products are approved by the Indian Regulatory Authority.

Knowing that the products are registered under the local regulations in each of these countries mean you know that the products are safe to use.

How long should you stay on products?

For rebuilding your body you will find great results in the first week and you can expect to find your personal energy level improving.

You will initially detoxify your body in the first few weeks which is a very healthy thing to do.For deeper detoxification and cleaning of your system your body works on a 90 day cycle so initially using the products for 90 days is a good thing to do.

Long term use of products generates long term health benefits.

If you are planning to lose 20 kilos at a rate of a kilo a week then plan on using the program for 4 to 6 months. You will enjoy your results.

When you get started on the program we will be right there with you. As part of being on the Herbalife program you will have your own personal nutrition coach to support you with your results. We are serious about you getting the results you are looking for.


Tailored Herbalife programs.

Finally, if you are wanting to get best results quickest then you may choose to use a tailored Herbalife program:


Quickstart Protein Plus


Ultimate Program


Ultimate Protein Plus Program


You can check out more information on our products by viewing our product brochure with details of products and prices by downloading a full product guide from our corporate site.

If you click here it will take you to the India Herbalife Corporate site when you can download the latest product guide:

India Product Guide

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