Herbalife history - The first 30 years

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Herbalife is more than a nutrition company, it is lifestyle.

In the beginning, many people thought that the young kid, Mark Hughes, talk of taking his little company around The Entire World, as amusing, that it could not happen.

Now, 30 years later, here is a chance to take a few minutes and look back on where the company has come:

Trading in over 70 countries,Retail Turnover after 30 years exceeding US$4 Billion,Solid plans laid down to take turnover to US$20 Billion,Casa Herbalife and the Herbalife Family Foundation giving pack to people in need around the world.

Herbalife has become a global citizen and is growing through having the best products and always putting the customers and the distributors first and building on strength and credibility.

Check the story so far:

Herbalife. The First Decade, The 1980's

Herbalife – The Second Decade, The 1990s

Herbalife Third Decade, The 2000s

This has brought Herbalife to a point where retail sales at the end of 30 years reached beyond US$4 Billion.

The current plans of the Herbalife leadership going into the 4th decade have laid out a clear path to take that turnover to US$20 Billion

Herbalife is, literally, a company of the future and there is room here for you.

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