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The Total Wellbeing Diet: What is it?

The Total Wellbeing Diet started in Australia and focuses, like many diets these days, on a small intake of carbohydrates and more consumption of protein. It resembles diets like the Atkins diet by cutting out processed foods and carbohydrates like bread and pasta, but it emphasizes a balanced amount of carbohydrates like vegetables and fruit.

The Total Wellbeing Diet emphasizes consuming about twice as much protein and meat as one normally consumes, with the creators of the diet stressing a larger intake of meat and fish at lunch and dinner.

The creators of the Total Wellbeing Diet also stress the restriction of fatty foods. All of this together, they say, creates a well-balanced diet that does not resemble any other diets on the market today.

The emphasis on consuming more protein as a weight-loss technique is centered on the fact that protein helps one feel fuller for longer periods of time. Consuming carbohydrates helps one feel full immediately but it only lasts for a short period of time, making you consume more food than necessary. Furthermore, excessive carbohydrates turn into fat in the body if the energy from those carbohydrates is not used.

The Total Wellbeing Diet requires you to fill out a small survey or questionnaire about your eating habits and then places you in a daily caloric intake category, helping to personalize the diet to your needs.

The category you are in also defines the menu of foods that you may eat, while also restricting how much you consume. The creators stress that the menu of foods has been chosen to create a balanced diet, where one not only loses weight but also receives the amount on vitamins and nutrients needed.

Health experts are wary of the popularity of high-protein diets, and many note that the diet’s research and science was funded in part by the Australian meat industry. High-protein diets can cause heart problems or complications such as clogged arteries or heart disease, which is not addressed in many high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets.

Health experts are also wary of “quick-fix” diets where one’s food intake can change dramatically. If one decides to stop the diet, they often gain any weight they have lost back.

Thus, health experts emphasize balanced diets which can be prepared by following the basic food guidelines set out by many countries, as well as a smaller caloric intake if one is seeking to lose weight. Talk to your doctor before beginning any diet to be sure it is right for you.

Diet Review – Total Wellbeing Diet


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