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Diet pills have their supporters and they have their detractors, and both sides have evidence to support their claim.

The side against diet pills probably has more evidence to support not using them, but when the bottom line is losing weight, it might swing the balance in the supporters favor.

Studies have looked at the long-term risks of taking diet pills and whether they have adverse side effects.

Right now, those studies indicate that there might be some obese-related disease that are curbed by using diet pills:

• Lowers blood pressure
• Decreases insulin resistance
• Lowers cholesterol

But the long-term studies are as of yet, inconclusive.

The intended purpose of diet pills is to help people who are on a diet, to stay on the prescribed diet by suppressing intense hunger and limiting one’s need to snack or eat other food.

But, as with any drug, there are many risks and negatives associated with their use.

• Becoming dependant on pills is one of the greatest concerns of prescribing diet pills. Most aren’t necessarily habit-forming, but there is an addiction to their effect on your appetite. It becomes important to have the drug because it is helping your battle with your weight.

• Potential long-term side effects that haven’t been determined yet. Until the studies have been done you could be exposing yourself to risks.

• People should not expect these to be a quick, overnight success. That is not what these pills are for. They are meant to help supplement a concurrent diet that someone is on.

• You can develop a tolerance to the drugs over time. They do reduce their effectiveness after about four to six months. The evidence to support this is that a person’s weight loss levels off after this time.

• You should not use any unregulated – or ‘over-the-counter’ diet pills. They are not subject to the same stringent testing and regulations as the prescription diet drugs.

• You have to beware of any sort of diet pill that says that is burns fat. You can’t burn fat without a steady regiment of exercise and a lower calorie diet.

Dieting and Weight Loss Drugs

There are many pills, potions, lotions, powders, and creams that promise to melt off the pounds you’ve put on while you sleep. The sad truth is that only one pill sold over the counter at this point in time has the FDA back up its claims of aiding in weight loss period.

This drug would be the over the counter form of the drug that has been prescribed as Xenical. In the over the counter form it is known as Alli. Alli along with diet and exercise is known to boost the weight loss process to provide more immediate and long lasting results.

With any medication such as this there are those that will tout its effectiveness as well as those that will shout out the dangers of this chemical we are potentially introducing to our bodies. The one thing that is important to remember is that Alli holds no claims to work without consistent weight loss and fitness efforts on your part. This product is meant to supplement your own efforts not to work as a substitute for your own efforts.

It should be mentioned that there are consequences that occur as the result of taking Alli and not following up with a diet that is low in fat. Among the side effects that can result are flatulence, loose stools, and bowel incontinence. This is not a drug for the faint of heart nor is it a medication for those that are not completely dedicated to the cause of loosing weight and dieting.

While Alli is not the overall solution that so many are hoping for, it can lead to more substantial effects for your efforts and that is nothing to overlook when it comes to importance. According to the website for Alli you have as much as 50% greater weight loss potential when you combine Alli with diet and exercise than dieting and exercise alone would bring. This is a huge break through for the weight loss community and diet industry at large.

While this isn’t the magic pill that will melt off the pounds as you sleep it is a pill that is documented to get results and some of these results are quite impressive for those who stick to the plan. If you have been struggling with dieting, diet plans, weight loss, and incorporating a bold and beneficial fitness routine into your life there is no time like the present to check out Alli and see what outstanding results this product can introduce into your fitness plan.

If Alli helps even a tenth of those who decide to take it achieve their fitness and weight loss goals then this is the miracle product we hoped it would be. Most miracles, after all don’t come free and most of them do not come for less than $100 a bottle for certain.

If you are one of the many out there who is struggling with obesity and feels hopeless when it comes to controlling your weight and your life, then perhaps Alli is the answer to your prayers. Discuss this product seriously with your doctor before making any sort of commitment in order to decide if you are committed enough and ready to take the next step or if your physician feels this may not be in your best interest at the time.

Pill Popping: The Reality of Diet Pills

Americans are obsessed with the “perfect” body. For women, this is an hourglass shape that is only a reality in the modeling world, and for men this is a v-shaped torso that most will never achieve. A variety of fad diets rise and fall in popularity to help consumers deal with weight and body image, but another option that many weight-obsessed people try is taking diet pills.

Diet pills are popular because they promise results without drastic changes to your diet or high volumes of exercise. However, many kinds of diet pills do not actually work and some can make you very sick. Because so many kinds of diet pills are unhealthy, see your doctor to discuss this option for your body.

On the market, a variety of diet pills are available. Some simply do nothing for your body and are no better than eating candy. Why do people buy them repeatedly then? Well, by thinking that you are going to loose weight, you put yourself in a mental mindset and may begin practicing healthier eating and exercise habits.

The pills have a placebo effect. However, companies make millions of dollars every year with the drugs you purchase, so think twice before spending your money on something you don’t really need.

Of the pills that do actually work, most do so by suppressing your appetite. They contain chemicals (some of which are addictive or otherwise harmful to your body) that tell your brain you’re full even when you haven’t eaten. As a result, you eat less—or nothing at all—so you loose weight.

This can be dangerous, because you are cutting out the good parts of food as well. We need certain nutrients to live, and without these, our bodies can get very sick. By taking diet pills, you might be cutting them out of your diet.

Even more dangerous is the fact that most diet pills require no prescription. Although you should always talk to you doctor when dieting, many people don’t, and they don’t need a doctor’s approval before purchasing diet pills over the counter. This can be dangerous because not only can you take the pills, but you can also take them in large amounts.

If you are considering taking dieting pills, remember that you need healthy foods every day to effectively lose weight—otherwise, you’ll simply gain back the weight when you stop taking the pills. Also learn to combine dieting with exercise to maximize your weight loss. Healthier habits will create a healthier body, without having to take diet pills.

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