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Boosting flagging energy levels

Energy can be defined as vigour or power in action and vitality and intensity of expression. There is physical, intellectual and emotional energy. In today's society, fatigue or the absence of energy, can be divided into chronic (meaning a prolonged condition) or acute (meaning a temporary lacking of energy).

Chronic Fatigue Symptom (CFS) was first recognised in the mid 1980's as a specific disorder and has been found to affect approximately 30% of women and 20% of men. Although Western Medicine has attempted to solve the problem of CFS with drugs, CFS has not responded to drug treatment. In treating CFS, one has to be aware of the mind/body connection.

Neuropeptides, chemicals released by our brain every time a thought or feeling occurs, are picked up by receptors on EVERY SINGLE CELL in the body. This includes the digestive system, the heart, lungs, kidneys and the immune system. Most people experiencing CFS have higher levels of emotional , mental and spiritual stress. The neuropeptides released by their brain depress all the cells in the body.

Complicating the picture is our modern environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat contain the most dangerous chemicals known on this planet.

Chemicals that are designed to kill. The buildings and materials that furnish our homes and work places contain toxic compounds that breakdown into formaldehyde which is used in the preservation of dead bodies as it kills all living things. By ingesting all these chemicals we are slowly poisoning our bodies. These chemicals not only affect our bodies survival but also affect the chemicals that our brain releases into the body.

In effect, the chemical pollutants in our society produce the very depression that causes CFS. The solution to CFS is to start a detoxification program designed to rid your body of these dangerous chemicals, toxins and pollutants. Such a program, will enable your body to produce the energy needed and enhance your life.

It is not a "quickie" program and there is not a "quickie" answer to CFS. Not only do you have to detoxify your body, but your lifestyle will have to undergo several changes to ensure that CFS does not occur again.

The right herbs and super foods are the answer

Acute energy loss is easily handled by resting, good food and various herbal preparations. If you are suffering from a temporary lack of energy, there are several herbal compounds that you can use to give you a boost.

Ginseng is one of the most famous, Various other herbs singly or in combination could improve energy levels: Wild Yam, Chasteberry, Cayenne, Ginkgo Biloba, Hawthorn, Ginger and Garlic.

CFS Superfood nutritional supplements

To maintain a higher level of energy, take a nutritional supplement which contains all of the green foods such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Algae etc.

These kinds of energy food supplements are completely unlike other supplements found on the market. Instead of being made of chemical derivatives and full of "fillers" like cellulose, soy, lactose, etc., it is made from whole organic or wild harvested foods.

These are foods that the body can easily assimilate and use. Many of these are single celled plants which are easily digestible and assimilated into the bloodstream.

They must be organic or wildcrafted to ensure that no pesticides or chemicals etc., are being ingested.

So what's the answer if you are unable to get organic superfoods ?

By starting with our program to give nutrition to your cells and adding our targeted products you have the best chance of fighting the problems nutritionally. By using our products daily your body will begin to repair and rebuild it's villi back to the healthy state it was in when you were younger (this process begins within 24 hours of starting the products).

Your body is then able to absorb not only the vital nutrients our nutrition program and targeted health and weight loss pro ducts provide, but also the key nutrients from the foods you are eating. You will feel the difference within days of being on the products. You may experience things like less moodiness, more mental clarity, more natural energy and stamina.

Once you start using our products you can be assured you are moving in the right direction toward better health and a happier you!

This is the power of nutrition on a cellular level. Give it a try today and you'll understand why this product line is the most advanced approach to nutrition, vitality and weight loss on the market today.

Learn more here about my book available on Amazon in Printed book or Kindle download; "How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...and get your life back!"

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Vitamin & Nutrient Associations

As Aloe Vera Juice is a refreshing and anti-bacterial drink, you might find that taking this daily, diluted in some filtered water will not only refresh you like ‘a shower inside you’ but also assists in dealing with any digestive issues you may also be experiencing. Taken with Flora-Fiber tabs it will cleanse your digestive system and improve your immunity levels overall.

You may find benefit from our information on detoxification As well as about detoxing because of change of diet

It may be due to difficulties with your digestive system that is causing your body to be starved of key nutrients, vitamins or minerals.

In this case you may find useful answers by reviewing our article on Nutrition For Your Cells.

There is also more information here about why is nutrition such an issue nowadays?

It may be that your metabolism has slowed due to pressures that have been placed on your system through life in general or through specific “challenges” you have faced in the last few months or last few years.

Review this by looking at our article about balancing your Metabolic Rate.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Relief from Nutrition Supplements

I had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, candida, allergies, migraine headaches, PMT and a myriad of other health problems over a period of many years.

Life was a constant struggle. I would need to be woken in the morning (never a pretty sight) and then would begin the battle of mind and body. One determining to arise, the other refusing to oblige. This could often go on for several hours before my body could or would roll out of bed.

I have learned that nutrition was key to my recovery, and I have co-authored Volume #2 in this series to share everything I learned.

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Vitamins And Reproductive Health

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are essential to the development and performance of the human reproductive system. Nutrition also plays a role in the development and maturation of the reproductive system through childhood and adolescence, and can affect the endocrine system, which regulates the hormones that rule the functions of the reproductive system.

Nutrition can affect fertility and fetal development, as well. Striving each day to consume the standard recommended daily intake levels of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that the body needs is an important part of the good health and proper functioning of the reproductive system.

The nutrients that a child consumes while growing up can affect the developing reproductive system. Zinc, for example, is essential to the development of the reproductive organs themselves. A deficiency in zinc can result in significantly delayed sexual maturation. Zinc also serves in the regulation of male hormones and has a role in prostate functions and sperm production. Iodine helps to regulate thyroid function, which in turn helps to regulate growth and body weight. Body weight has to do with the onset of puberty, which will not begin until the appropriate threshold of body weight and fat has been crossed.

The endocrine glands secrete hormones, and hormones are essential to the functioning of the reproductive system. Thus, endocrine gland health is a precursor to mature reproductive functioning and health. While several nutrients are directly associated with the production of hormones, like manganese, which serves to maintain the production of sex hormones, many others act as cofactors to a variety of complicated chemical reactions that carry out the tasks of the reproductive system.

Proper nutrition is essential in fetal development, as well. Folic acid, for example, can serve to prevent serious birth defects by reducing the incidence of neural tube defects, such as the type that cause spinal bifida. However, this defect occurs so early in fetal development that at the point at which it occurs, the woman has yet to find out that she is pregnant. Therefore, it is best for any woman of childbearing age to be especially careful to get enough folic acid each day.

The vitamins that make up the Vitamin B complex have a primary role in red blood cell production. The developing fetus gets all nourishment and oxygen via the mother's blood stream. Therefore, making sure to keep red blood cell production up to par is important to the reproductive system, particularly during pregnancy. The nutrients received by the developing fetus will affect every aspect of his or her being.

Proper nutrition is essential to each part and every stage of the reproductive system, from development to maturation to the creation and nurturing of new life. It can be difficult, particularly at the rapid pace of life today, to get the full amount of each and every vitamin, mineral and other nutrient that serves to support the reproductive system. However, nutritional supplements can offer a safe and reliable way to achieve your dietary goals, when used with care and attention to standard dosage amounts. It is important to remember that too much can be as damaging as too little.

About The Author: This article courtesy of http://www.prenatal-planning.com

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