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You responded to my Australia Freelance Sales advertisement. I wanted to go over a few things together at the very start of discussions so that we can both be clear about things and quickly sort out if we should be working together.

I ran that Australia freelance sales ad looking for people with the right attitude to work with us.

The response has been very strong and I want to ensure that our contact works smoothly, and efficiently and in a businesslike manner.

If we work together then we will probably do so for a long time and I want the relationship on the right footing from the start.

To establish this I wanted to give you an overview of what I am personally looking for, my own agenda, and then I will refer you on to a page that gives you broader information about our company and products and we can move forward.

At the very start of our discussion I want to ensure that we have matching interests and then we can both spend more time on looking at how we can work together.

First things first. The ad you responded to was:

Freelance Sales Nutrition/Weight-loss

Description of the position was:

This is a Freelance position working with multinational nutrition/weight loss Co.

You would be an independent distributor, with your own retail customers.

You would be trained and supported in how to create your own customer base and how to recruit, train, & earn royalty from, a team of your own distributors.

The Criteria were:

Currently establishing Leadership Teams in various cities across Australia. Needs strong self direction & ability to take guidance. To achieve high incomes you need strong personal activity levels and be able to recruit and train others to do the same.

I will give details as promised but first I wanted to clarify what I was looking for to give you a broader picture of what we are dealing with.

Our parent company is the leading company in direct sales of health and nutrition products, working in over 70 countries, been established for over 10 years in Australia and currently turning over retail sales in the region of US$ 4 Billion.

The Australian market has matured and out distribution logistics are all well established.

Now we are finding that we have developed new ways to ‘tell our story’ and to get information about our products out to the market.

Growth happening around the world and we are seeing that growth also happening in local areas in both rural and metropolitan Australia.

People are looking for health and weight control answers. We have the best product and the right science to make us the leaders in the developing areas of health weight control and of good health through good nutrition.

What are we actually looking to do?

Personally I have an agenda. This is why I wanted to stop for a moment and give you an overview of what I am looking for.

A long time ago I became involved with our company in a little rural city (Maryborough in Victoria). We had low income and high unemployment

I found that even in that market there were many people who had diet related health difficulties and were seeking natural answers and others who wanted to lose weight, improve sport performance, just Feel Better.

People used our products and talked about it and soon I found my business in many cities and in other states. Ultimately it has become international. Many countries around the world have experienced extreme growth with our company.

That time of long term strong growth has now come in Australia.

What I look for is a leadership team in each city to work with.

I find one person who I like and who I am comfortable to work with. They review what we do and register with us to be a distributor of our products. I will personally sponsor that person, train them, support them, and work with them as long as they are involved with us, hopefully for many years.

My belief is that success with a multinational company like ours in Australia needs both the company skills and also the local knowledge of someone who is ‘embedded’ in the local market. Together that is a powerful combination but the pieces by themselves cannot achieve the same high level of success.


The Once we have that foundation we then train the initial distributor and I put together their own website pages on The Health Success Site for them to ‘tell our story’.

This internet presence is something unique to people working with The Health Success Site as is supplied without cost to distributors who are active with us.

We have many tools to help us tell our story.

Our project is to build a leadership team of half a dozen distributors working together in a city. While they are all Independent Distributors, and set their own levels of activity and of time spent working with us, the various skills that are brought together means that there is good support for everyone in the group.

People who are joining us in a city where The Health Success Site has a presence are able to have local, national AND international support.

Currently I’m focused on building new leadership teams in a number of cities across Australia. There is opportunity to be involved with a growing company and it this is the right time to get involved.

Next Step.

Now you have just a brief overview of my own thinking it is time that you looked at our company, our products, how we work and we can see if we should be talking together personally.

Please click through on the link below to our discussion page.

On that page is a form to respond to me and to receive a link with access to our Due Diligence Pages.

If you just want information then chose the ‘A’ link for information only and I will NOT telephone you.

If you find that this is what you are looking for and we should start the process of working together then add a note to the discussion form and I will arrange myself to telephone you and we can begin our journey together.


Information about working with us

I look forward to your comments.

Best wishes.


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