India Herbalife Due Diligence Pack

Welcome to this India Herbalife Due Diligence page. Thank you for your time to have gone through the material about Herbalife.

We are now at the point where we are looking at if we should move forward and work together.

You are obviously a serious minded person and I am happy to be in contact with you!

There are a number of questions that everyone who looks at Herbalife will have and rather than linking up by phone or through internet and having to get past my Australian accent I find it is more effective to put things into print so that you can go through things in more detail and everything is completely transparent.

The purpose of this page is to answer many of those questions about the products, about the science and medical people behind those products and about how we work and our market plan.

Check through here and we can move things forward from there.



warren-tattersall-thumbnailsmlHerbalife is a very strong company with a 30 year track record and over US$6 Billion in sales in 2012. This is a strong base but it only the stepping stone in our growth.

Throughout the Global Financial Crisis Herbalife continued to grow every year. There were very few companies that did not have years of negative growth but Herbalife, for the last 10 years to 2012 has had an average compound growth of 13%, year on year.

Herbalife is currently trading in approaching 100 different countries and has been cleared by the health department, business bureaus and taxation departments to trade in their countries and for the products to be sold there.

Recent market research by Herbalife themselves is showing that globally Herbalife Meal Replacement shake holds 32% of the market. In the area of nutrition supplements Herbalife was shown to hold 24% of the market.

While there is huge growth potential it is good to know that

Herbalife are buying farms across China so we can grow our own herbs and have total control over quality of the products from that first step. We are building our own factories for production including processing capacity in India to produce products for the Indian market. We are planning the steps to get our turnover to US$10 Billion in sales!. WIthin the Herbalife world India is shaping up to be a major player and may be the only country that will be as big for Herbalife as the home market in USA is.

Obviously this needs more:
- More distributors.
- More leadership.
- Better leadership.

Anyone who works with India does so as an Independent Distributor. There are no territories given out and all distributors are able to trade in all countries (with the exception of China who want to keep their own market separate from the rest of the world).

Income is based on activity. Herbalife give 73% of the retail price of the products back to the distributors, which I believe is the most generous in the direct sales industry.

Income comes from personal activity (retail and wholesale profits) and in the form of residual income on the whole of the business that is created (Royalty income and Production Bonuses). More on this late, the point I want to cover here is that this is not salary based, not a Job but a distributorship.

It is also a way to create strong income beside what you are doing now, long term income, a way to be able to take control of your time and your finances and, ultimately, residual income to support yourself for the rest of your life and for your children after you.

I understand that you have more specific questions so below are links to lots of information for you to be able to investigate more about our products, the science behind them, how we work, and more.

A word from our CEO.

To commit to working with a company we need to have Total Confidence in our products

This India Herbalife Due Diligence Pack is designed to answer your questions in depth. Check through here, take whatever information you want for now, return as often as you like.

When you are comfortable that we have this right, that the 30 year growth pattern that has taken us literally from products in the boot of a car to a multi-Billion Dollar business, then let's talk about getting you started in working with us.

1. Why are the India Herbalife products so successful?

- Nutrition for Your Cells

This is one of the key questions people ask - Why are Herbalife products so effective? What is the India Herbalife Market edge?


Here is an article that talks about the process of how our body absorbs nutrition. Anyone with a medical background knows this but just what exactly do the India Herbalife products do to assist our body to get, and to stay, healthy? This is the key to why people want our products and why they work so well.

Please check this link to for an explanation of what is it that sets our products apart from anything else in the market:

Nutrition For Your Cells

You can download a copy of this report for your own use.

Please make sure you check the second video on the page with the Indian lady on it as it has some corporate promo, Indian weight loss testimonials and then ladies from the Apollo hospitals talking about the clinical trials they did on Herbalife products.

You can download a copy of the Nutrition For Your Cells Article from that site to read later or to give to other people.

Understanding HOW Herbalife products work then leads us to ask:

Are Herbalife Products Safe To Use? check this video.

And Do They Work The Same In India?

2. Exactly HOW does the Herbalife business work?

An 'In Depth' review of the business with Warren Tattersall'

The second question people ask is how we actually make our money and they want an in depth review so they can understand this BEFORE they commit themselves to working with us.


I promised you transparency in our discussions.

It is time to back up that promise now with full information.

What I have done is to sit down and put together information about the things we would talk about if you and I were to sit down over a cup of Chai and talk through this together.

It is designed to be easy to read but still answer your questions in full.

The questions like: - How our business actually works?
- What are the details of our market plan?
- How to get started?
- How do we get products into our hands so we can sell them? etc.

These questions are answered at:


If you want to know what Herbalife distributors do on a daily basis then check this link on Daily Method Of Operation and then come back here by cllicking the 'Back' button on your browser:

Daily Methods of Operation

I have done this on a web page so that you can check it at your own speed and then can use this as a 'tool' for people talking with you when you are ‘on board’ with us.

At the end of the first page go into the ‘in depth’ section for finer details. I will watch with interest to see my automatic notification to let me know you have looked into that.

3. The 'Science' behind the Herbalife Company and Products

herbalife-doctors-team We are a serious minded company and we are serious about our products.

Opinions and anecdotal stories are fine but at the end of the day there is a need to see the science and the medical scientists who are behind our products.

- Are the products proven to be safe to use?

- Do we have medical registrations with health authorities across the world?

- Have formal Clinical Trials been completed?

- Is there ongoing research and development currently happening?

- Is it true that Herbalife have a winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine on their Nutrition Advisory Board?

Also, for many medical professionals there is a need to understand how they can blend our products and our business into what they currently do.

To answer these questions about the science behind the Herbalife products, Clinical Trials, the doctors on our Nutrition Advisory Board and how to incorporate Herbalife Products as a Tool in Existing Health and Fitness Practices, read this in-depth guide:

Medical Pack

To download your own copy of our Medical Pack simply right click on the link. You will get a dialog box with options. Choose "Save Link As..." and you can then save it to your own computer. I hope you enjoy it.

How To Get Started?

I worked in India when Herbalife first opened 10 years ago and we put together a strong base of business.

It was too early though and there was not a solid foundation to the business that was set up. It took some time to settle and I have been waiting till it was time to build solid business in India on a firm foundation. 2 years ago Herbalife turnover was stable at around 7 to 8 Crore Rupees per month. In early 2013 that was up to around 90 Crore a month.

In my own world a lot of my own focus has been on providing a solid family foundation for our 4 children but now they have all moved on. As I write 3 are living away and are at University and the eldest has retired from the Navy and is working in a defence company.

This means I have time to focus on working with a leadership group in India and the capacity to take time to travel to work in person in India with leaders when they develop a solid initial base of business.

This begs the question: What support can you expect from me and from Herbalife?

4. Training and support

If you are working within my own distributorship then the minute you are signed the tools of The Health Success Site will be YOUR tools. I will be happy to put together a home page for you on The Health Success Site and everything that you have reviewed here will be available for you to use within your India Herbalife distributorship.

You can also use them to talk with people in the other 90 countries where we work.

Direct contact.

As I said, I am looking for a key leadership team who I can work with on a personal basis.

That means you now have my attention and I will be happy to work directly with you.

If you are talking with people then I am happy to get on the phone with you to help 'tell our story' and support what you are doing.

I am available to you by phone or email or on-line to answer and questions and to discuss what steps you should take as you develop your business.

When you have a solid base to your business then I will be happy at looking at physically travelling into India to work with you and your team on a one-to-one basis to help you take your business to the next level (this is not to Set Up your business but to Expand it once you have that initial momentum).

On Line Training


Obviously you will realize by now that we have put a lot of time into preparing material to support people who work with The Health Success Site. That means people working directly with me and also people who come into their business, no matter how many steps removed if someone is in Warren Tattersall's organization then they have full support and access to the website.

This includes a whole section to show you exactly how to build your business.


When you want to register as an international Herbalife distributor through India Herbalife then we need to get an IBP to you (IBP is, as you now know, an International Business Pack.)

Just the manuals and the DVD trainings included in that pack are enough for people to be able to start their business.

In fact that is all many people get. If you have check through the material I have supplied you then you will be better informed right now about our company and products than 90% of India Herbalife distributors!!


Local, Regional, National and International Trainings.

Once you have things started then there are training days in local areas where local distributors go through how they are working in their local area. Networking supports everyone to build a stronger presence in their region.

There are regular regional trainings so you can hear secrets of success from top distributors from across the country.

There are national trainings where internationally successful distributors come in to show how to build an international business.

Finally there are regular international Extravaganza's that give a chance for travel.

This area of training is where India Herbalife needs more leadership and, with you and I working together, we can aim to building a local support training there around you if you want to. I am happy to walk you through exactly how to so that.

Herbalife-Extravaganza-India Herbalife regularly organize regional trainings to bring top distributors to train on how to retail, how to recruit, how to build their business. (In fact, that little video of my travelling with my family was put together by Herbalife for a regional training in Singapore. 16,000 people saw that. It would be great if YOUR story was put on the screens one day)

(The picture here was taken at an India Herbalife Extravaganza staged down in Bangalore. About 4,000 people attended that one.)

Corporate Profile

Herbalife is also building a stronger and stronger public profile with sponsorship of sporting figures in a range of sports across the world. The brand of Herbalife is growing and more and more people are asking for our products.

Herbalife is building our corporate image and as the obesity epidemic worsens more and more people are interested to find out what Herbalife is all about.

How To Start

You cannot "join" Herbalife - you need to have an exisiting distributor sponsor you.

When you have a sponsor then you acquire an International Business Pack (IBP) and in that you will find a Distributor Registration Form. It has an ID number on it which is recorded in the Herbalife computers. Once you fill that and submit it then it will link your name to the number in the computer and give you access to work with Herbalife right there where you live and also in all the other countries where Herbalife trades.

I-B-P.jpg There are 2 ways to get an IBP delivered to your door.

You can do this by getting me to co-ordinate it for you by placing an order with Herbalife for the pack. That will raise an order and they you can finalize that order directly with Herbalife via bank transfer or going into a distribution center, if there is one in your area, and collecting it in person.

The second is for me to give you my personal distributor details and you can contact India Herbalife directly at our head office in Bangalore to have an order shipped or go into a local Herbalife rapid response center and collect it.

Distributor Relations at Herbalife will be happy to answer any questions you have about the local conditions.

If you are ready to get things moving fill out the form below and I will telephone so we can talk this through together and I will also be happy send you my personal Herbalife details to get things moving.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm wishes


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