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Hi Swamy,

I put this page together for a little recruiting program that I have been putting together. It is a bit basic but it gives a picture of who I am so that you know who you are talking with and it also gives an overview of how our company and marketing works.

There is also has a video deeper down the page with a picture of an Indian lady. If you would please look at the video clip you will see that our company is serious minded and since the clinical trials I referred to were undertaken in India which is nice at it shows that we respect your market.

Check this and then you may wish to check the corporate site at Herbalife as part of your initial "due diligence".

I look forward to your comments when you have had a chance to run your eyes over here.

Best wishes


Multi National Health and Nutrition company, with a solid foundation of business in India, is looking for consultants and distributors to work on a part time or full time basis to promote sales and distribution of their product range in India.

Age, gender, education, religion are not relevant to this position.

Flexible hours.

Unlimited income potential.

Product range includes nutrition products for:

• weight control (gain or lose),
• health and wellness,
• sport performance,
• external nutrition (Skin care)


• Established 1980.
• Currently trading in over 60 countries,
• Turnover in excess of USD$3 Billion (1.2 Arawb Rupies)

Individual distributors and consultants earn income from personal sales and can also earn wholesale profits, royalties, and production bonuses.

Before we go further I’d like to add a personal note here so that you know a little about who you are in contact with and what we are talking about.

My name is Warren Tattersall.


I have been working with this company for over a decade and I am now specifically looking for people in India to work with me.

We opened for business in India about 5 years ago and have established a very solid base of business across the country.

Like all multi-national companies coming into India there is a time of adjustment. Our company, like everyone coming into India, needed to go through the “5 year test” to see if we can handle Indian conditions.

Despite the challenges of the market we have established a very solid business in India and that business is now in a time of strength and growth. God willing, our future in India is assured.

We are here to stay and if ever there was a “right time” to be working with us the time in now.

Personally I live in Australia.

My wife was born in Dehra Dun, up in the Himalayas, and she came to Australia to live when she was 12 years old.

This has lead to a close contact with India. I’ve been in India (traveling by train and plane around the country) a number of times and even had most of family there for a while just 12 months ago.

This is relevant in that India is a very individual market. People in every country say that things are different in their country but in India they are right, things really are done differently in India.

For us to move forward from here we need to exchange information. To get that moving quickly I am going to give you enough information about our company, our products, how we earn out income and the potential you can look forward to within our company.

I am looking for a people with a brain. People who know how to think and know to achieve outcomes and who are prepared to work.

If that sounds like you then read through the page below. I’ll give you enough information here for you to be able to understand what is involved in working with us. In addition I’ll give you links to go into this in depth.

When you have looked through here you will know if you are for us and we are for you.


Let’s talk about our business and what it offers you to work with us.

Welcome to the “Health Care Careers” business development section of this site. You are one of thousands of people who come here looking for a way to make some changes in their life.

What are *YOU* looking for...?

Do you want…

• To just get some extra money for basic daily living costs?
• Spare money left in your pocket at the end of the month?
• A chance to work from home part-time around your kids needs?
• A starting point for a Health Care Career?
• Create greater career opportunities and choices?
• To start up a profitable full time home based business?
• To enjoy the luxuries in life you know you deserve?
• To feel increased Energy & have dynamic Health?

…..or do you simply want more CONTROL of your own life?

Whatever your needs, maybe we DO have something that might fit in with what you are looking for.

Maybe we can help YOU to achieve your personal goals. So take a few minutes to see what we offer as this may be the very thing you have been looking for!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Who Are We?

Let me introduce myself, I am Warren Tattersall, and my role on this site is to give you all the basic information about how we may be able to work together with you to achieve what you want in life, so that you can make an informed decision about working with us.

We are a team of nutritional consultants, each of us helping a customer group of our own to improve their wellness and to deal with their health concerns, using natural herbal based nutrition products. Together we are reaching thousands of people.

We recommend and sell a wide range of these products for improved health, for weight control, for peak sport performance and also an extremely high quality range of natural beauty skin care products.

You will “meet” many of our individual Health and Wellness Consultant team members as you read their stories and contributions to the content on this website.

What do YOU get out of this?

If you work with us, we will train you to grow YOUR OWN health consultancy business with your own retail customers. You will also be helped to develop and train your own personal team of Consultants to sell to even more retail customers.

From this you will earn a generous income from your retail sales to your customers, as well as wholesale profits and royalty and production bonuses from the manufacturer when you train your own team of consultants. Many people who join us very quickly earn as much per week from their nutritional consultant income as most people earn in their salary from a full time job.

Check us out.

This site is designed for you to do your ‘due diligence’ on the company that manufactures and pays us to distribute their products. It allows you to check us out as your support team, to find out exactly what we offer you in support tools and business development training. To see how our business works and whether it is the sort of thing that you have been looking for and feel you can successfully do yourself in your own home based business. For that reason I’m going to give enough information so you actually understand what we do and you can decide if this really is for you and if you are prepared to do the work to make it successful for you.

Once you've looked through here you will no doubt have a few additional questions that you will want to check out in more detail so that you can decide if we should be working together. We have given the information you need to answer those questions, a little deeper into the site here, or you can of course, simply contact me direct for a personal consultation.

The site is also clearly designed to generate thousands of leads for new retail customers who contact us to buy these health food products from us. Whenever we get more new customer leads than we can personally handle, we will share them with our other team members – and that would include YOU!

A little about our company and our opportunity.

Each of our team members are registered independent distributors of a range of natural herbal based nutrition products, for a direct sales Health and Nutrition company that is the largest in the world and has been in business since 1980.

This company has a network of hundreds of thousands of nutritional consultants who each earn extra money by selling the health foods this Company makes. The company has warehouses, and is delivering orders to millions of customers, in over 60 countries, so you can retail and wholesale their products all over the world if you wanted to.

As I am sure you are already aware, the leaders in the training of modern business and wealth development, like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump, say that direct sales / Multi Level Marketing is the best chance for a normal person, who has limited assets, to build wealth.

They say that most of the existing big Direct Sales companies are basically already well established and solid, so the remaining two most important factors to determine your success in them are 1) your own motivation to work and 2) the quality of the sponsor leadership that is there to support and train you in growing your business.

We agree that if you are going to work in the direct sale industry then there are only a few things that you need to get right.

One of them is *YOU* ….. because you need to be prepared to work and to be consistent in that work.

If you become a nutritional consultant in OUR team, you will work FOR yourself but not BY yourself. We will talk more about this team support later.

Lots of people are making big money in our team but we are not looking for just *anybody*... we are only looking for people with a brain they are prepared to use and who have some long term commitment toward their success, who will become the future leadership in our team!

“The future doesn’t get better by HOPE,
it gets better by PLAN.”

Your main job at this stage is to find a product that you like, that can make a difference for people and that YOU are happy to recommend to your customers. If you don't have this, then you will not be happy and probably will not succeed.

So doing some investigation into this company and their products like you are doing right now is a very wise thing to do.

With up to 95% of brand new Direct Sale companies closing down their business within the first 5 years, it is important to work with an excellent company. In fact, over 90% of ALL new companies, covering every business industry, are not still in business 5 years later.

So, what you are looking for is one of the well established, major companies who can meet your minimum criteria requirements. The company must have an annual turnover in excess of US$1 Billion and have already long ago sorted out all their business processes and be secure for their long-term profitability.

Their products must be good for enough people to buy them in big quantities and with repeat orders from end-user customers. They must also pay their distributors properly and fairly share the profits.

If a network marketing company didn’t meet these minimum criteria, they wouldn’t be in business for long and if there was anything that was not strictly correct in the way they do that business they would have long since been investigated and closed down.

The manufacturing & distribution company we work with in our team is Herbalife International Ltd. It is nearly 30 years old, turning over Billions of dollars every year and trading in more than 60 countries around the world.

• it has a wide range of pure nutrition products, weight control and personal care products that leads our industry.
• it has a market plan that is the most financially generous in our industry.
• it has history and a multi-Billion dollar turnover so you can be assured that it is very solid.

Click this link to the detailed information page about Herbalife International Ltd. I know you will be very impressed by what you learn about this company and what it has to offer us.

Then the final, and many say the most vital link, is to have the right people to support you in growing your own profitable business.

As I mentioned earlier, you will “meet” many of our individual team members as you explore this website and read their stories and contributions to this website.

As a member of our team you would also benefit from the leadership support provided by Andrea Williams and George Knight, who are both qualified to one of the highest income levels that Herbalife provides their distributors.

I would personally be the ‘sponsor’ of your application to become a registered distributor of Herbalife’s Nutrition Products, and would then become your main direct personal business coach and support system. And remember that we are all here to help you in any way that we can. We are genuinely interested in seeing you succeed!

If you decide to work with our team you will have direct personal access to my expertise and support tools, which were developed in growing my own profitable Herbalife distribution business & team of successful consultants since the early 1990’s.

For instance, in recent years I have noticed that all over the internet there are “get rich quick” websites with all sorts of flashy ‘bells and whistles’ and empty promises about creating huge wealth – and all with absolutely no effort required from you, of course!

But in the end we all know that you get nothing for nothing. People have to work to achieve anything worthwhile. We are no different. Our market plan is based on “Those who do the work get the pay.”

It seems to me that many network marketing companies offer an opportunity that looks straightforward and clear in the beginning. Then, when you get further into it, there are lots of little costs and charges loaded into it that make things much less profitable for you at the end of each month.

For instance you may be told that you need internet support and are then charged a monthly access fee to use it. You may be required to purchase leads of people interested in products or business. You may need to pay for advertising.

It can seem that you need to be constantly using a credit card for monthly fees and charges to support your business.

Well I decided to do something about that, so I created this online health website to help my team members develop more business growth and also to help attract retail customers who are interested in improving their health by using our Health Nutrition Products.

So this site is available as a free business building resource to everyone in my team of consultants. This includes YOU if you decide to work with us as part of our team.

You can even put up your own online home page here that you can direct people to when they want information and add more pages of your stories of product and business results to share with everyone. It gives you a genuine world-wide presence on the web to help support your business.

And that is and example of the kind of leadership and support you can expect from everyone on this team! Once again, we are all here to help you in any way that we can. We are genuinely interested in seeing you succeed!

This then leads us to the biggest question of all, and until we understand that nothing else makes much sense.

That question is “What are YOU looking to achieve for YOUR needs and YOUR goals?”

Are you:

• Looking for some extra cash?
• Money in hand quickly?
• Long term income?
• The chance to travel?
• A chance to sack your boss?
• A way to work from home?
• Something to let you retire but with cash still coming in?

Many people earn high incomes of tens of thousands of dollars every month.

In fact, there are Distributors representing these health products who regularly earn over half a million dollars a year, every year, in their own personal Health & Nutrition Consulting home business.

But most people are not prepared to put such a demanding level of work and commitment that is needed to achieve that sort of business result.

Most people do have clear and basic financial needs they want to meet, like wanting extra cash each month to pay the bills, a money stream so they can look forward to a more comfortable retirement, replacement of a wage so they can keep studying or to avoid having to go back into traditional work after starting a family.

* Your Age, Sex, Nationality and background are not a barrier... in fact they may even be an advantage to you!

* The opportunity is there for you to help other people Locally, Nationally, Internationally, in over 60 Countries and expanding every year.

* There are no ceilings on the Income levels you can earn ... No time frames on Promotion to higher levels of qualifications, and you also have the Freedom to choose your own hours.

* With no minimum or maximum hours, you can work part-time around your family or your existing job ... or work full time in your home based business if you want to sack your boss.

The decision is entirely yours!

You may have a PhD in business or in rocket science or you could have left school at 12 years old – it doesn’t matter!

You can be living in New York or Prague, in Hong Kong or on a farm in Zambia in Africa - it doesn’t matter!

You can be black, white, Asian, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, male, female, young, old, vegetarian ………….. absolutely none of that matters to you achieving enormous success in this business.

Our income qualifications plan says “Those who do the work, get the pay”

“It is never too late to BE what you might have been”
- George Elliot


I have a friend, one of my sponsors in the Herbalife business, a chap named George Knight. He has a good story and you can read it on this site but for now I’ll just say that he is a multi millionaire and that he earns over a million dollars a year in passive income from his Herbalife business.

Recently George said that he had been looking at all the people he has known over his business life and thinking about them.

Some of the very best people he has worked with, the nicest, most skilled, hardest working people he has known have just not been financially successful.

They do the hard work and plan and try hard, but at the end of the day they are still pushing just to pay the bills.

Do you relate to that? Good skills, hard worker, but the money just doesn’t match up to the expectation?

George has been puzzled by this and he has realized that the answer is not in the work ethic and the skills of the individual. The answer is the person has just not found the right ‘vehicle’!

We have a business that is able to be molded around your life style.

If you are looking to build wealth and have a lifestyle free of financial pressures then this industry is the one to do it. I recently heard that Herbalife has more people working with it that make over US$100,000 a year than any other company in the world! You work for your money, but your boss is you. You decide what to do and when to do it.

If you know what you want and are prepared to work for it, then we are a vehicle that could take you there.

It's time to learn how to make this nutrition business work for YOU, just like it has for our team of successful consultants, like these:

“Because of the tremendous results on the products I became a distributor. As a real estate agent I earned good money but had no freedom. Working with the Herbalife products, I have freedom to travel the world and help others achieve good health and financial freedom.”

- Marie Menere

“As I began taking the products so many of my friends around me started asking questions, they all wanted to know where I got my energy from and one thing led to another and very soon I had twenty customers, which in turn enabled me to give the other jobs the flick!

I have now been in this business for close to 4 years, I've traveled overseas with my family and Herbalife and this year we're aiming for the annual reward which is an all expenses paid cruise with my family.”

- Jodie Rowan ID#05 597626

“So far I have lost 7kg in weight, 6cm from my waist and have heaps more energy to boot. Yes, I was so impressed with the results I went out and bought the company!

Well not quite, but I have become a reseller of the Herbalife products. 40 Million customers world wide in over 60 Countries can't be wrong.” - Jeff Stewart - ID#05618797

“Working part time from a little country town with a little population of around 800 people we have been able to double the income that I used to work up to 80 hours per week to achieve in my business.

Since July 1992 I have had so many holidays (many of which were paid for by Herbalife as a bonus for my team leadership) including Maui, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, and a week cruising the Bahamas.

My family has been able to come on most of these trips with me. I have been able to buy four brand new cars; but more importantly I have been able to make some wonderful friends and meet some incredible people from around the world.

As our income is based solely on getting excellent results with people’s weight problems and their general well being, whether directly or indirectly, the emotional rewards have also been incredible.”

- David Exon - ID#05 419314

“Having my own health challenges at the time, as well as being dissatisfied at work, I saw Herbalife not only as a solution for my health, but also as a potential career opportunity. I started immediately as a Distributor and using the product. Very quickly I started to earn $1500 a month working part-time, around my full-time job.

Within my first year of becoming a Distributor my part-time income almost equaled my fulltime wage, which gave me the confidence to pursue my Herbalife career full-time.

I’ve been able to travel the world many times over, live in a beautiful home, and have been able to run my business around my children as they continue to grow, and not miss a moment in their lives. I feel incredibly secure about my future and happy about the choices I have made in my life.”

- Andrea Williams

“Not only have I achieved a high degree of financial freedom, I am more excited about life than ever before. The most gratifying thing for me is that I have the freedom that very few men ever enjoy; the freedom to spend quality time with my sons. We enjoy life together, we travel the world and we attract incredible friendships constantly.

My friends who joined my team distributing Herbalife products have become wealthy, and I have built a financial wall around me and my kids which is virtually impenetrable.”

- George Knight

“We can help you grow your own business that will continue to pay you a generous income stream without you needing to be there on a daily or weekly basis. Doing some hard work initially to grow my Herbalife customer base and team of consultants brought me an income and increased choice that has changed my life.

For instance, I recently traveled the world with my wife and kids. I do not know anyone else who has been able to take a whole year off, when their children are young enough to travel around the whole world as a family.

The children’s personalities and schooling have been fundamentally altered by the year they spent traveling the world. They know who they are and what they want and they have no illusion about what is happening out there in the real world and how lucky they are to have the chances life has given them through my work with Herbalife products.

It’s true that you can be on the other side of the world, trekking in outback Namibia, and still be earning an income from your business.”

- Warren Tattersall

I’ve been in this business for over a decade now and am familiar with the questions people are asking. I have put together a few pages of basic information about our company, our products, what is on offer and what it means to you.

I suggest you take a very close look at what we offer by clicking the links below and reading the information laid out for you. You will then know if you should be taking the next step….

How we earn our income
Who are we and how do we support you?
World Wide Market
About our Products
Some Success Stories
What are YOU looking for?

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really HAPPY is something to be ENTHUSIASTIC about.”
- C. Kingsley


Here is some information about the quality of the products with a whole range of Indian scientific study and Indian result stories.

Your Next Step:

Since you read all the way through to this part of the page I gather you have seen something here that interests you. But it may also have raised some more questions that you would like answers to before you want to talk to us …..

Well, we have provided an even greater depth of online information about what is involved in building a successful health care career as a nutritional consultant promoting Herbalife products. This information is ‘sealed’ from the general public and is only available to the people who qualify to receive the links to that section when they decide that they are committed to learning more.

And in case you are have any concerns about the old-fashioned way of starting a network marketing business in ‘direct selling’ or MLM, we also have an informative free ebook download for you about “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing”. This book will really open your eyes about the new and better ways to grow your home based business… forget everything you think you already know about so-called network marketing, because this is a very, very different business method used in today’s world.

Filling in the form below will automatically trigger the download link to our gift ebook to you and also provide you with the link to the sealed “In-Depth” Business Development section which also should help answer any more questions you may still have.

Request for access to in-depth business section

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


We totally respect your privacy and would never annoy you with junk mail! This request form will only generate the email with links to the free ebook download and the sealed section of this website.

Late night legend, David Letterman, interviewed billionaire DONALD TRUMP not long ago on The David Letterman show.

Letterman asked "The Donald" what he would do if he lost everything and had to start over from scratch. Trump's response was that he would find a great Network Marketing company and get to work on it.

When he received some hisses and boos from the audience, he looked out at them with complete and total authority and responded, "And THAT is why I'm sitting up here and you are all sitting out there!"

In other words……

“SUCCESS is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while FAILURE is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.

It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either fortune or failure” - Jim Rohn

It's so easy to take the first step to your better life right now…..

After you have read all the business development information in the 'in-depth' business pages you will know if you should be talking with us, one-on-one, about working with us in our world wide business

Frankly, we do not make money in "signing up" distributors. We make our money by helping YOU to make money.

For this reason we are happy to give you all the information you want so that you make a decision about our joining our team of consultants based on knowledge rather then just on excitement.

This IS an exciting business but what we are looking for here are serious people who will stay us and be successful in our business long term.

Just complete the application form below and Warren, or one of the team, will be in touch with you to arrange a personal one-on-one consultation with you.

** NOW **


Application for a personal consultation:

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

If you told us on your Questionnaire form above that you would like someone to get in contact with you, but for some reason you don’t get a call within a few days, just go to this Contact Us form and email me to let me know you would like me to get in touch with you.

Congratulations on taking this next step. We would love to have you working with us.


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